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File pictures

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I fell in love w/ onee of my neighbor's puppies. I know I have 2 dogs already. Allen had told me the puppies where playing outside the other day. Marie hada litter of 5 chihuahua pups in Oct. The mother had been so protective of them,I haven't been able to see them.4 are a biege color & 1 was a black tan & white color. I asked Marie if I could hold him. When I looked @ him he reminded me of Taco, a chihuahua,Toy Manchester mix. He died of a heart attack a few C-mas ago. He had the same markings on his eye area Taco di. He started licking my face. The next thing I know is I 'm asking her if I could have him. Marie is very attached to these puppies. She wasn't going to give any of them away. Then I turn to my husband & ask him if I could have another dog. Our contract saids 2 dogs on our house.
I really want to have a puppy before I die. Allen never had a pup as a kid.Taco Jr been over 2 to visit. We wanted to see howGeorge would handle him. George is my very traumitzed Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mix . He's my Velco buddy. I had both George & Taco in my lap on the 1st visit. I petted both of them & let George know there is room enough for both of them on my lap.Taco is a liitle fur ball w/ the wettest tongue.
Sun.Taco came over for a 2nd visit. I think Allen held him more than I did. It had been a ? whether Allen would let me get the pup or not. Marie hadn't planned on letting Taco go for another month. I took pic's of the pup & Allen Sunday. This man amazes me s/times.He really got into playing w/this pup. He is usually "Mr. anylictal" coming to emtions. When I put the pup on the floor,he would walk over to Allen & stand up & scratch on his leg to be picked up. He would give Allen a face wash. He must had like somesmell on his face. He kept climbing up on his shoulder looking over.Allen bought him a puppy collar Sat. Taco ate a doggie stick in his lap. Allen saids while I'm in the kitchen,"he needs a chewie toy"
I plan on keeping him in a doggie kennel when I'm not around. I don't trust George when I'm not around. He still pretty small,almost 3 mo's old. Puppies chew on things,so I don't want him to get into s/thing. That is how I got Lady in Utah. 2 puppies had chewed on s/thing & got caught in the colon. The person didn't pay the vet bill. Dr. Parrish kept the 2 pups in his kennel for 6 mo's. His wife told him he couldn't bring anymore dogs home!We went to pick up our cat. My son wanted to see his animals @ the clinic. He let out Lady & I picked her up. He told me I could have her if I would give her a good home. He threw in the shots if I would take her home.
I'm stuck in the house for the winter because to avoid exposure to the Swine Flu. Allen never had a puppy. I haven't had 1 since I've been 8 yrs old. This is 100% chihuahua,so it should be intersting what charactertics of George is what breed.Iggies came jump like jack rabbits,so that's not Chihuahua. Taco ears go up like Radar,it's so funny. If he didn't look like Taco so much, I think we name

I DID IT!!!!

My neighbor Marie has a 2 mo. old litter of 5 chihuahua pups. She couldn't find any puppy coats small enough for them. It's been getting down to 26F the last couple nights. We have snow on the ground this morning. It's not to get above 40 F today.I love watching them play outside,they are so adorable. Sat.nite when I was falling asleep,an idea came to me on how to make them. I asked Marie to bring Taco over Sun. for me to measure him. I figured out I could make a flap type jacket. I took a flat pattern class @ Ricks College when younger. I cut a pattern out of brown paper bag. The 1st piece I cut out wasn't wide enough, I put it aside. I took a cheaper piece of fabric to cut out my 2nd proptype after adjusting my pattern.
Mon.after cooking supper, I went into my room. I stay stiched the proype top. I was waiting for Marie to come back from an errand to see where to attach the velco strap underneath. I didn't want the coat to get wet when the boy pups peed. My "I know I can do this" got to me. I want to see if I could really do this. I wondered if my machine would fit all all 3 layers would feed it thru. This summer it wouldn't feed the flannel thru when I tried to machine quilt my lap quilt. Marie had given me a fleece cover to use for the back piece. I had l/over quilt batting. Heidi,my dau. had sent me some sewing scraps. Rudi is the tinest of the litter. He needed a coat 1st. I decided I use the 1st piece @ add a small strip on the side to make it a little wider. I was really amazed that it took the fleece w/ the quilt batting on it.So I tried stiching all three together. It worked!!!I sewed the velcro on for the strap.
Later Marie came over w/ Rudy & Taco. We kept having to trim the fabric down for him,he is so TINY!! He is all wrapped up in it. The protype for Taco worked. I went into the room to sew the 2nd piece of velcro on for Rudy's coat so he could have it Mon. nite. I thought hmm! I better cut out Taco's coat while my hands will let me hold a pair of scissors . This storm may really knock me out Tue. I cut out & sewd his jacket in an hour! I gave them both to Marie @ 7:30. We see how the coat fits on him thru the nite. I have 2 female coats & 1 more male coat to make. Marie is going to help cut them out for me. Taco & Rudy got green sewn stripe fabric. I have enough apple fabric for 2 girl puppies & Mamma's coat. The last male will get a blue plaid coat. The fleece is a bright green color.
My flat pattern teacher @ Ricks would be pleased on my inguenty. Necessity is the mother of invention.I'm so tickled I pulled this of!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

3 weeks this Sunday

Laura,Forest, & Jenny ,my DIL walked in the door @6pm 3 Sundays ago to give me a big hug. I haven't seen my son in over 4 yrs since we moved to El Paso. He is so tall & mature was the thoughtI felt when I hugged him. He drove his sister out with them She lives in Arlington & picked her up on the way out of Ft.Worth area. It was nice to be able to hug Jenny my DIL & let her know she's part of our family. They brought a queen size air bed which they put in our L.rm @ nite. It was nice to have them here for 3 nites. they ate breakfast w/their dad. We watched DVD's he brought for us to watch. We had time to catch up on stuff to talk about.


I never thought I would hear this from my DD Laura,my youngest. She was the biggest junk food eater of all 4 kids. She would climb up into the cupboards in Utah when I was asleep after school.I caught her many of times sneaking into the cookie jar since I would hear the ceramic lid clinking. They had after schools snacks to eat When Allen payed her to mow the front yard,she came home w/ junk food from the vending machine@ the middle school.She would be on a sugar high & then plunge down into a crabby girl. She had low blood sugar & I pulled teeth trying to teach her to eat better.
I was totaly shocked when she turned down a piece of chocolate cake. I was so tempted myself it looked so good. I'm on a gluten -free diet & this was even hard for me to turn down. She said if things are too sweet ,they hurt her teeth. She even turned down ice cream!!! She used to work @ Braums in Ft. Worth area,& always was bringing home ice cream for her & her dad to fill up on. She had a stash of food in her room.She wasn't supposed to keep food in there since it would attract the roaches. That was until she woke up once w/ a roach in her face. I made her clean up her room super through & put roach traps in her closet. That stopped her from keeping a stash of food in her room. She would do any chore @ times if she knew she would get chocolate or some treat in return. It was a carrot I could use for years until she had spending money.
She did eat the last piece of pumpkin pie.
She seems to have settle down & appears more mature. She was so good w/ Toby. She was so patient changing his diapers & pulling his coveralls on & off that didn't have snaps to open them up. He just adored his aunt Laura. She always been good w/lttle kids even when she was younger. I wish she would go to school Or find s/thing to do w/ kids. Instead she still works @ Blockbuster w/no benefits. She relly needs to get in & get her teeth checked out.
She is turning into such a beatiful young women. She didn't go to the show T-giving nite. She stayed & played the WI & talked to me when I wasn't sleeping in my recliner. She even spent time w/her dad looking @ a photo album of her gr-g-mom's pic's. She has never been interested in the past w/family photo's. She was a daddy's girl when younger. It was nice to have her spend 1 nite here while waiting for her twins sisters to come from NC.She shared a room @ the motel w/ Jan. They left early for Heidi to put the kids to bed. I wouldn't see them until late the next day since I would get up early & them go back to bed in early am & sleep in since I would be tired out from the previous day's activities.
She has a handsome young BF,going to UT in Arlinginton in marketing. They have been dating for over 8 mo's. He's motivated to go s/where which is good for her. It was really good to be able to see her & give her a big hug again
She did like her photo al;bum I made of her baby pic's. I also made her a ice cream float from the last Braum's mug we had when I made candles last spring. She asked where they had gone to when the twins left. so all my hard work she appreciated. Now she has a memory of her years in Ct. in photo's of her Nanny Gert, Poppy & her Uncle Mark who all have died.She was dearly loved by them & the pic's show their devotion to her.

Toby,my SILLY BOY!!!

I only had seen him 1 time @ 8 mo's old. He's now 2 yrs old. He's all boy!! He loves to run around the L.rm @ nite in the circle playing tag. His shrill was ear piercing @ times. He would run up to me & tag me ,yelling & runnin another loop around. His 2 sisters were in hot pursuit after hime. He shrieked in delight w/this. U got retagged each time he came around.Sadly he fell & hit his head the 1st nite. Offto the motel in tears.
He cracked me up in the German cafe. We ate their for lunch Tue. @noon.They served us soup,bread & salad while we waited for our food. Their were 11 of us for lunch. S/one took us a pic of him stuffing an oversized piece of bread in his mouth. A true Grabert male!! They had a habit of piling their plates high & seeing how fast they could eat it.They are German,so that's why we wanted to have German food .
We had them Fri. am before they left on the palne forN>c. I had allen get out his matchbox cards for him to play with. He was the 3rd generation to play w/the. He has a name for them I don't remember. He loves the trucks & fire trucks ones. The nite Jenny gae the kids her C-mas presents,he became very insistent. She had given him a small backpak as a gift. His mom said maybe U could put Ur trucks in there.OOPs!!big mistake,he started crying to go to the hotel to put his trucks in their right now!!!He became very UPSET,he wouldn't quitet down!! He carried on like this to the point they were about to leave early then he quieted down uot of the blue.
He love the ice cream so much @ l/time,he licked out the cup to get the last drop.I let him eat the animal cracker crumbs out of th bag. I had empyied them into baggies for the rest of them to go in their b/packs to go on the plane. H e didn't wast a crumb. He has the sweet tooth of the 3 of them. When Jan babysat them when He wasyounger. He knew the candy was on top of the frig. He knew his snack was in the pantry,he got 1 a day. He also got upset when Jan didn't give him more ice cream when he finished his up 1st before the girls did.I did let him have a little bit for 2nds. The girls turned down 2nd's on ice cream.
He was a little boy after grandma's heart w/his funny antics.
I was lucky i had the energy to play w/him 1 nite. The girls were in the kitchen fixing dinner after we came home form the petting zoo.He wanted his mom's attetion @ 1 point. I asked Jenny,my d-law to put him on my lap in my w/chair. Off we went for a ride around the circle. He beep-beep when ever we go around the corner. When we come into the L.rm he wave & say hi to e/one. I make a loop & go back into the hall. I got him to say w/me going into the kitchen,lady driver coming thru.He thought this was great fun riding in g/mom's w/chair. He was laughing & talking up a storm. I was so grateful to be able to have the air to propel my w/chair for a few laps. This summer my asthma was so bad I was gasping for air.I have such wonderful memories of being able to play w/him & hear his laughter & chatter. I'm so thankful to have this chance to get to know Toby.

Emma,my love bug.

I haven't had the opportunity to see Emma as many times as Katya. Last time she was only 3 yrs old. They have been in NC for awhile. When they lived in Colorado,Jan lived in AZ ,I saw Katya more often.
She was the one who would run into my arms w/ a big hug & her trademark big smile. They were here 4 mornings. She always give me a big hug in the morn & when they left for the nite to go to the motel.
She loved working in the folder I gave her. I d/loaded items for the girls to color,word searches,mazes etc. I noticed in walking by her on a word search she could read all the words in a weather search. She started K this year & is in the same gifted Magnet program Katya has. She is in some enrichment programs this year.She loved the extra long bright pencil I found for them @ the Solar observatory. I had little treats for their folders each morn. to use. She seemed to enjoy them the most. I also found her a pony book to read @ nite time. She is pony crazy.
She seems to respond to animals the best. She & Toby couldn't get enough of petting & hugging Fluffy.@ 3yrs old she would quietly go up to Fluffy,gently petting her. She like petting the mini donkeys@ the petting zoo. The Shetland ponyies ran away from us. She loved scraping corn of the ground to feed the donkeys w/Katya.
Fri am we b/sat the kids so we could play w/them. I let the girls use some of my stamps & paper to take home items to make cards for their cousins. I also let them go thru some of my stamped image folders to take home to use for their card also.Emma stayed w/ the stamping longer than Katya. She would later send me a letter using some of these, thanking me for my folder I gave her. I was so ticked w/this, it sits in my room. The letter is on my bulletin board. Her stamped images are in my windowsill. @ least another generation know how to write thank you notes.
I loved getting to know her personality better this time. She has a different tempermanent than Katya. She is quieter,maybe more of a people person. She has the flaxen hair like her Dad.

Katya is so competive

She is now 7 yrold. She wasn't into coloring w/ the sidewalk chalks I got them.Emma spent more time w/ her folder of items to color etc. She was doing Sudoku w/ her aunt as her tutor. All my girls brought their WI controls w/them. They were bascially lined up on the futon having competions. Katya had to join them & complete w/ her aunts. She probably knows more on the computor than I do. She plays 1 adult game there. She also had to play an adult card game w/them. There is a pic w/her holding her cards on the side.
She is so LIKE her mom,Heidi. She was so competive herself ,she challenged anyone.Heidi graduyated @ 16 from HS as Saluatorian. Got into a Womens science program as lab assisant. Only 26 women were chosen @ UO Utah. She grad. w/ a BS in Biology @ 19 yrs. old. Heidi has her hands full,Katya is more computor savy @ a young age. In 1st grade she can read anything she wants to now. She is in a gifted program @ magnet school in NC.
The two girls love playing & rough housing w/their brother.They love playing tag @ nite by running around the circle goes thru the & L.Rm. I can still remember their voices as they ran silly until Toby fell & hit his head.
It kinda of sad she grown up so fast. I miss my little girl who would chatter w/me on the phone. She has her own e-mail account. I guess I have to send her moree-mail to stay in contact w/her. I do miss her voice saying "well this"" she has such a good memory, she could give me very detailed accounts of activities in the past

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blogger harder to upload pic' on my blog.

Finally I figured out how to upload my pic's of the kids on my blog.They won't let U upload more than 1 of the pic's @ 1 time. I decided to do it on my side panel. On my blog I have to do an entry for each one. on Flickr I can rotate the pic's up above the pic. I have other pic's but they are turned to the side. I took the pic's that way to get a better pic. Facebook lets me make my own albums.
I had to play w/the application buttons to figure out how to get them all on here. It takes longer here since I had to upload them 1 @ a time & keep going back to new gadget to get the next pic.

another storm coming in?

This will be our 3rd storm in 2 weeks. Last week we had 2 snow storms,which is unusual for El Paso. We generally get just snow flurries. last Mon. as we came out from a dr's appt, our car was covered Allen had to get out the scrapper. We haven't had that much snow on our car in maybe 9 yrs here in Texas. Then we got another s/storm. We had the most snow in El Paso in the NE area. Boy has it done a number on my FM. I'm stiff as a board!! We went from 80F T-giving week to 26F one nite. That rapid temp. change has thrown my muscles into spasms On top of it I had 4 appts I couldn't cancel. My PC dr.which I need my drug refills, dentist appt to put on my perm crown ,3rd appt, going to my DC to put my back & hip in,& a eye appt to dilate my eyes. I finally got my Swine flu vaccine,almost missed it. Mon. I got one of the few left that came in on Fri. I have been calling almost daily for 2 weeks to see if my lung dr. had it in.
I finally got my 2nd s/ment of cards out to Iraq Mon.These are for the Gi's C-mas
day. I got to take a few days off to rest to get this pain under control & ride the latest storm out. I need to blog about my kids trip here before I forget items. I also have my C-mas card to go out to family & my Swap bot friends. I have 2 s/booking projects to start. One for Allen & the twins ones of vacations we took when we lived in Conn in the 80's. I have 4 more pages of Forest b-days to finish up. Jenny,his wife took home 10 b-days she put them in an album for me.
i did get baked a gluten free choc. cake for me to eat plus cooked black-eye peas for supper last nite. I made a 2nd batch of pumpkin custard to eat. I didn't eat the pumpkin pie for T-ving since it had milk in it & pie crust which isn't GF.

Monday, December 7, 2009


I have my 2nd sment of cards to go in the mail this am for Iraq GI's for C-mas day. I couldn't have done this w/o my Swap-bot buddies. I was able to trade some items forC-mas paper which i didn't have in my stash. also an "angel" sent me a box of much needed paper scraps. I have used up all of mine on projects.
i made the deadlines to get both Forest's & Laura's presents into their hands. Laura liked her photo book w/ 110 baby pic's etc.Her sisters also looked @ them. I let her open it up early so other people could look @ them. Jenny took home 10 of Forest's b-days. She put them in an album for since I don't have money for one. I still have 4 more b-days to scrap. I put my ribs out & they went into muscle spasms on me. So MOn. & Tue I was into much pain.
I had to get started on preps. for them to come. I cooked a double batch of tapoica pudding for him for his late b-day cake. I made him a frog b-day card. This idea will get made up into b-day cards for GI's in Iraq.
I mamage to get both b-romms scrubbed up. allen took old computors to Goodwill. I emptied off the card table in the living room for the kids to eaat on.Allen helped me put together a big pot of turkey vegetable soup for Sunday dinner. He also cooked a turkey for us to have sandwiches for lunch. all the girls helped make enchilldas for Wed. nite dinner.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Trouble downloading pic's on my blog

Kids pic's

Grandkids came

Everyone came ,starting Sunday Nov. 22nd!! We had 11 people in our little house. The weather was great,we had sunshine everyday. thisweek Monday we came out of Dr's office w/ our car covered in snow. The most we have seen on our car in years. It's upposed to be down in the 30's for thererst of the week.
It was nothing short of a small miracle we pulled this off.I got to play w/my 4 g/kids.I managed to clean up the house with Allen. It was a good thing I cleaned both b-rms. Wed. nite the main toilet overflowed. the rental office was close til Mon. We had to use my toilet,so it was a good thing I had scrubbed it up.
We had a stash of paper plates,cups & bowls which saved alot of d/washing. I can't believe e/body pitched in & no complaing.
No heart problems for me. I did have to take time outs to crash & sleep. I made it out to 1 activity for activty. Others I sat out on & rested .

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Can't believe this!!

Don't understand why other blogs offer blog candy & ask U to click as a follower,people sign up. I'm offering handmade cards as a set, they will go for $5 or $ 6 if I was to sell them. My cards can be seen on my Flickr clip here.


I looked up the 500 th vistor I looked up on my traffic feed blog. I found the person had come from Swap -Bot. I went to the forums,stating what town I was looking for someone. I just found a thread asking ?'s about me. I was shocked !I was trying in good faith to find the person to give them my blog candy.
A lot of people have come here from Swap Bot. I'm not going to post another notice on Swap Bot & have my intensions questioned.!!
Instead I offer to the next person WHO COMES HERE& CLICKS ON AS A FOLLOWER,&LEAVES ME A NOTE IN MY CHATBOX,I WILL SENT U A SET OF CARDS.Please leave me UR e-mail addy so I can get UR address.
I have won blog candy& it never was sent to me. Or there is so many people ,it's like a million in 1 I get it.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

An angel on Swap Bot

A good thing came about posting on theForum on SB. 1.the flaker will be known,2 I was invited into a group which I couldn't get into till I had swapped 5 swaps w/ 5 rating. S/one read my comment I had been flaked 2 in 1 week. 3. Someone angel me Sat. I got an e-mail saying a package was coming. It came Mon. It had a red Sharpie in it since my red marker ran out. I got a charcoal Cat Eye which I like to use for my cards edges. A bunch of snowflake stickers which I can use for my winter cards for Iraq G's. Plus it had other goodies in it. The envelope was packed full of items.
Plus I got my $ 1 swap from Newfound. It had a NF postcard in it. Plus a bunch of Hello Kitty & teddy bear stickers in it. I was outof both of these. H.Kitty stickers are hard to find here. I have 3 DD & 2 g-kids who luv those.
I think I'll stick w/the sticker,smal s/bk items & p/cardswaps there.

FINALLY!! Laura's baby pic's done

I finished the book Mon. pm. II t took me longer than expected. I started journaling the pages in Oct. a few a day sinceI can't hold a pen ve y longto keep my h/writing legible. I had 110 pic's to journal. I put ribbon on it Sat.I decided not to distess the edges w/the Ranger Walnut Distress ink. It was going to be too messy. The ink from the pad was getting on my hands & I didn't want it on my pages s/where smeared. I used up alot of my ribbon scraps,esp the small pieces.This is a big relief to have this done. Allen helped me stamp the last 6 strips w/the journal stamps. That saved my hands.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Laura's book

Her baby pic's are about 2/3 done w/ journaling. Used up all my old baby stickers,girls & words on the sides of the journal block. Got to cut out 6 more strips. Have to have Allen stamp the journal block this time, Last time it put my hands out. When I got my hands adjusted it took 2 days for my hands to stop hurting.Debating on whether I want to put Walnut distress ink on the edges.

Stampscape Media Experiment

Hmm it was playtime finally w/ my various media. I'm learning don't wait to try out new techniques befor U need it. I lost Sept. because of my hospital stay. Oct. was catch up month. I have 3 big projects due for Nov. I'm working on all 3 of them
I've been afraid to try out my new unmouted stamps. I tried using 3M double sised tape on my acrylic block. I also used Aileens Tack It Over. The cling mounts are too expensive for me right now.The lighthouse stamp is too big for my card size right now. Plus it's going to take some playing around with all the pieces. So I'm using the Chapel in the Woods Stampscape one for my C-mas cards for Iraq. They need to be in the mail by the 15th so they can send them to their families.
I made alcohol ink b/grounds w/ 3 colors, the oregano,pesto & bright yellow for the grass. The denim & bright blue for the sky. The copper,gold & pearl for the middle section where the church is to be stamped.I stamped it in Momento tuxedo black. for some reason my Stazon black ink stuck to the card & smeared it coming off the glossy c/stock. The jury is out on this look. I wonder if I should cut out church in Sephia & mount it on the alcohol ink b/ground instead.
I stamped the church in Verafine sephia on white c/stock. I mat it w/ brown.tan c/stock on an ivory card .I like the monchromatic look of this style.
I embossed the church w/Colorbox black & embosssed it w/clear powder. I also did it in gold embossing powder. I went back & colored it in w/ chalks to make the gold stand out a little more.
I tried my markers, either they are not wet enough or the wrong texture for the stamp.
Next to try out the brayer which I have never used. I have dye inks for the glossy c/stock.


I've been FLAKED twice this week!!!! I'm a newbie ther, have to do 5 swaps to get a good rating to get into some other swaps. I like mail & being able to trade items I'm not using for s/thing new. The paper one wasn't a big deal but the 5 new items was. I was hoping if I traded some of my floral items that I won't be using for my Iraq card route. I wanted s/thing new to play with.THIS SUCKS.

Saturday, October 31, 2009


New title is Grandmabear49,too many grandmabears!!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yea! I 2 pages done

I finally got to s/bk my son's b-day pic's. I got 3rd & 4th bdaypic's s/bk. I got to do 2nd & 5th b-day next. I've lost his 1st year pic's. My MIL is going to send hers to me.
I've been working on journaling Laura's baby pic's .I put my right wrist & hand while stamping the journal stamp. I'm maybe about a 1/3 through. I have to cut some more cardstock for strips to journal on. I'm debating whether or not use Distress ink on the edges
These are their Christmas presents,I need to have them done early. All my kids are coming for Thanksgiving. I want to send them home w/them to save money on postage.

Stampscapes ,finally!!!

I finally got out my Stampscapes stamps Wed. pm. I have to play w/ the Lighthouse set. I put Aileen Tack IT & over on some of the pieces. It takes a while for the glue to set up Boy is this stuff sticky & hard to get off my hands. I tried some pieces w/ the Scotch double sided tape. I stamped up the church in the woods one on the alcohol ink backgrounds I already did. I tried out all my new ink pads.I got alot of more playing around to do. I think I going to do the chapel in the woods for my GI cards. It will be easier to do mass produce for them. I reinked my Staz-on ink pad. I really like them in the monochromatic look. I want to experment w/ them w/ color pencils.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Free Chandmade Christmas cards!!!

If you are my "500 th person" to show up on my blog & UR a follower . I will make U a set of handmade cards,my choice to celebrate my blog count. Being a nongeek,doing this blog was a major milestone for me!!! Leave me a note in my chatbox & watch my counter. I'm starting to make my C-mas cards to go to Iraq. this week.
I hate this when I hit a wrong key on the computor. 2 least I didn't lose my entry. I was trying to type in my labels & hit s/thing on the keyboard.


I luv SWAPS!!! I got my 1st swap of stickers. I got some 3-D ones I can use on my cards. i set out 2 more swaps Sat. I need to do 5 swaps in order to get in some of the nicer swaps & some of the groups. I sent out some 8x8 cardsstock. I misread the part where U could only send 4 coloredpieces out of the 10 pieces. That's all I hadso I sent out 8x11 papterned paper w/ it to coorindate w/ the solid colors. In return I should get some new 8x8 cardstock next week
I also sent out 5 new embellishments. I gotten these free from my Fl. e-friend when a LLS went out of business. I don't like using fabric flowers on my cards etc. so I sent them out. So I have a surprise coming in the mail that won't cost me any money.
3 swaps coming up are anothe sticker swap,ribbon & button one,$1 store trade which U pick 1 item from a list & U send to to 3 people for Nov. This will give me s/thing to look forward to come in the mail Dr's orders I have to stay in the house & out of crowds because the flu is so bad here. With as bad as my asthma as has been I'm @ risk. As it is my lung capacity has been comprised,so Ihave to be careful when I go out w/ a mask etc.

My hands hurt!!!

For 2 days my hands really hurt!!! My D.C. had to adjust my hands & wrists . I put them out working on Laura's baby book. I sorted out her baby pic's from the rest of our pic's during the heat of the summer. I decided to reuse the photo album since the rings were in good shape. I recovered the book in some wild zebra paper. I distressed it w/ Ranger Walnut ink. I then used some of Allen's silver duct tape to bind the paper to the cover. She likes wierd things. I modPodge the paper so it it will wear & not tear. I had to cut strips of cardstock to fit the album so I can journal the pic's. It will hold 3 journal stamp entries. The wood stamp is pretty big for me to press down & stamp. I have over 80 pic's to journal. I got about 60 of them stamped before my hands couldn't take it anymore.
I am making this for her C-mas present since no money for C-mas this year w/ HP salary cuts
I 'm starting to journal some of the entries a few @ a time. I used some old baby stickers I found in my sticker album

3rd box of cards to Iraq

This box took some time to do. I found a stash in my project basket. I must have been reallybeen out of it .I had put my colored botanical flowers on colored c/stock. The problems was I had runned out of blank cards.I was also out of money to buy some more i sold my 1st piece of ceramic Southwest votive candleholder. It's also my last piece I'm doing. I'm giving up my ceramics because of my hand strength. I later bought more blank cards with this..I had spent so much time coloring these flowers this summer I had to finish up the cards. I had to make paper hinges to put the 2 separate pieces of cardstock together. Some were over sized so I had to make envelopes out of 12x 12 paper.Now I have blank envelopes to fit my card template. I'm having to make my own cards to save money so I can make more cards to go to Iraq. There is a learning curve involved in this since I have always used blank cards .
Digging thru one of my bottom drawers I found a stash of old C-mas cards. I have been making my own for 7 yrs so I have no use for them. I jazzed them up w/ my Stickles & inked the edges of the cards for the G.I's to use for C-mas.
I found some more free digi stamps for C-mas & my winter cards.Since there isn't anything I want to watch on TV Mon.& Tue. nite I got out my Prism c/pencils & starting to color some of them. I luv these freebies it helps my limited budget w/fresh material.
Hopefully I can get out my stampscapes lighthouse stamps & play w/them. I guess I'm afraid to try them .They come in piece & U build Ur own scene. Plus I have to try them out since they are unmounted,which is new to me. I do have Aleen's Tack it over & double sided tape. Plus I have new ink pads to try out,

Saturday, October 3, 2009

cards up on Flickr

I got new cards up on Flickr w/ our new digital camera

I went DIGTAL!!!

I finally got to use Forest's camera he gave me for my B/day. It's awesome. I can really zoom in & get the whole image of the card in the frame. this is our 1st digital camera. Now I can post my cards as I make them. I just had sent my 2nd s/ment of cards to Iraq. this was my biggest s/ment .Today another s/ment going out to a swap buddy in Florida for H/ween cards.
This is my 2nd batch of Dustin Pike's digi's colored images. This is the 2nd time I have printe dthese off. I need s/thing to color in front of my bdrm a/c unit. It was a very,very long hot summer here.I found these digi's while looking for s/thing else to color.This time I printed them off on GP110# c/stock founf @ Sam's. Allen didn't think I could print c/stock on our printer. On a thread on s/bk site I had seen s/one using a Cannon printer. I played around w/ the printer settings & figured out how to place 3 images on my paper. Not to bad for s/one who's not a tech geek.
I was so TICKED because the Prism pencils didn't SMEAR. I colored all these last Sat. to my heart's delight. I luv my Prism pencils,they lay layers of color down so smoothly. I luv the britilant colors.
I don't have pic's of the Botancials cards I sent to Iraq.I'm still getting back on feet from my asthma attacks & my hospital stay. I did post images of some Prism colored flowers that are in progress on my desk.on my Flicker site.Also Dustin Pike H/ween cards. I will have to go back later & type in my tags & descriptions. I get tired really easily. I cooked hashbrowns etc for Allen & I for breakfast this morn. It's actually cooler so I was hungry this morn.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wouldn't let me post

I couldn't post my labels so It wouldn't let me publish my paragraph

As U can see I experimented w/ al ot of different media this summer so I could save my sanity sitting in front of my window a/c unit during the heat of the day. I' starting to put some of these together for cards.
i also used some of my b-day money to buy new colors Prism has putted out. W/ Allen's protests I also replaced some of the colors I really chewed up. Dick Bik had them for.95. HL didn't have some of these colors. Their pencils have gone up to $1.49. I had to pay s&h so I want ed to order only once. I had Laura go in w/ me since she couldn't find scratch board. That cut my s&h down in 1/2 to save money.
Now if I can only get some more energy & it cool down I can get my floral cards & finish up my Dustin Pike cards for my swaps etc done then I can start on s/bk projects. Since Forest & Laura have b-days coming up this fall, I can save money on postage if I finish their gifts. Forest will be his b-day fro m 1 to 15 yrs old. Laura's will her baby pic's when we lived in Conn. It will have pic's of her g-father,gr.g/mother & uncle who are now dead holding her as a baby. i just hope my health will hold out so I can record these events for my kids to have. My biggest fear I have brain damage etc, I won't be able to remember the stories behind the pic's. Besides money for C-mas is non exisent so I need to come up items I can make w/stuff here in the house.

3 1/2 mo's in front of bdrm a/c unit

This has been the longest hot summer for me in 5 years. The other one was in the duplex we moved into in Richland Hills after we sold our home. The Central a/c wasn't efficient & it was a hot summer in DFW breaking records.
I maintained my sanity there by coloring w/ my Prism C/pencils. I will later drag out all my markers,gel pens, Glaze pens & Souffle pens. I colored a lot of Botanical flowers from Dover on c/stock Allen copied for me @ Kinko's. I also have colored graphic floral designs, a lot of Mary Engrebreit coloring pages & now Dustin Pike Halloween images, other free ones on his site.
i finally got my 1st s/ment of cards off to Iraq w/ the botanical cards & other items. They turned out real nice. I luv the how the Prism c/pencils lay down such a nice layer of color. I learned how to layer lite colors down 1st, add them on top & use a stump to blend them. I colored so may pic's I really ground down some of my pencils esp. my green ones. I have followed tips earlier on what colors to use for what & twisted Allen's arm to take me to Hobby Lobby to get some more in bulk for the summer .
I even experimented w/ oil pastels that Laura gave me pieces of she had left over from art. One day I got so bored I started making my own scratch board by coloring layers of color over top of each other & putting a black layer on top. I remembered doing this in grade school & loved doing it. One problem oil pastels stain UR hands & I had plenty stuck under my nails for awhile. The 1st one I put up in my room matted to remind me to keep trying new media & experimenting. Later I got brave & etched the other 4. @ are in the kitchen, the ones that turned out the best. @ are in my bdrm. One is behind our bdrm door, I only see it when I have the bdrm door close. I can't use a fixative since the spray makes me sick. So I decides the put them on our walls since they are bright.
Now I'm working slowly on getting a 2nd s/ment of card ready to go to Iraq. some of the floral designs are bigger than what card stock I had. So I'm having to learn how to do paper-design
card hinges. I'm also working on a Pansy set that has pansy quotes in a vintage 100 yr old little book my swap partner gave me this summer plus I'm working on some of Dustin Pikes digi Halloween cards.
Since I've been getting up early in the morn. since I couldn't sleep because of muscle spasms from having my pillow wedge up high so I could breathe, I've been surfing the web. I like to read the forums threads on several sites for s/bk,c/making etc. I kept running across threads where people would say they had all these brads & fibers sitting in their stashes. I decided why not offer to swap someof my cards for what they had. I'm low on fibers & like them for my collages I like using the brads to attach them to cards etc. DH is so stressed out on money, I get the riot act if I ask for s/thing. So far I have gotten 3 takers from posts on 2 forum will givemes/thing to look forward to in the mail. Being h/bound time drags on & it get's really boring some days.

The O'clock cafe

We went there for allen's 4th ofJuly brft.It was to hot in the L.rm to write about it. It was like going back to the 50's. I remember places like this when I was a kid. Where people would go to have a cup of cooffee to catch up on what was going on in town. Where the waitress knew who U were. It reminded me of where Fonzie would hang out.
Somehow I mentioned it was Allen;s b-day. The young waitress whispered s/thing to me. Later on a bunch of them came to the table & sang him Happy B-day in front of everybody!!!They even brought him a piece of choc. cake Allen was embrassed since he doesn't like attention drawn to him. That was our 1st time there, yes we will go back again. Our b-fast got delayed,23 people came in 1 group. The waitress told us of the delay,she brought me a glass of apple juice since I'm diabetic & I wasn't charged. People were so friendly there, we had a great time. I will defitly bring all of our kids for brft there when they come out. the food & service were great.

Lung Dr's report

My follow up w/Dr Q was this,my asthma is an inflammatory process. My lungs may be thickening up which isn't good. I've never gotten up back on my feet from the 3rd asthma attack.
I'm to to turn up my 0-2 to 4 liters for a shower. 3 l's for me to move around the house to get moving again. I have had to much fatigue upon exertion & dizziness @ 2 l's. I stay on the Spirva& Xopenx. I'm hoping if it cools off enough I pace myselfI can eventually get off the Xopex again & just maintain it w/ My Symbcort.
I know I have lost ground .I can't walk around the house @nite w/ my 0-2 line w/o getting dizziness & have a hard time keeping my bedtime r/line in order. i 'm getting wiped out too easy trying to do r/line items. I forget what I'm doing when I get tired. I slept for almost 2 wks after coming home from the hospital. I haven't been able to read books this summer like last year. I only made it to the library 3 times &Allen had to take me. Last yr. I rode the Para transit almost every Wed. for 3 1/2 mos' to cool off in the library.
It's been a very frustrating time. My girls,3 are in denial in what is happening to me. No cards,phone calls to ask how I was doing. My son is the only one who will talk to me.

Good RN's @ hospital.

My 2nd time in the heart unit @ Las Palamas in El Paso. The ER dr's are good here, they recognize my problems w/ Ehler-Danlos which is a gentic d/order. It causes a lot of organ problems since it;s collagen defect. it also causes my joint laxity problem ,which is why I have to wear all the bracing & shoes I do. it'sis arared/order alot of DR's in other hospitals haven't been aware of. For El Paso I'm surprised so may Dr's are aware of it. It does cause complications.
I had good RN's. Theone in the am ordered me new brft try when it came up w/ 2 bites of eggs, milk.cereal I can't eat. I'm on a gluten-free diet & shee ordered it as that. She even had them send up some extra boiled eggs for me to eat to have extra protein since I'm now diabetic & eat small meals.
The nite nurse was really, inventive. Early Wed. am in the ER. My calf muscles went into terrific muscles spasms& triggers. I turned the morphine down since I get very disoriented w/ it.
On the floor, Mannie took some of the bath wipes & heated them up in the M/wave. I covered them up in the sheet & put them on my calves. I was finally able to go to sleep w/ the heat on them. He would do this for me 2 nites for me so I could give me some relief. The Valium the Dr ordered was cutting it
Allen brought up my calcium & Magnesium citrate for me to take also to help w/ my muscle spasms. These occur when I have adrenal attack start. My body was under a lot of stress,so My adrenal system was probably acting up to
I was nice a/to be able to sleep w/ a/c on. It took about 24 hrsfor a/cto hit my lungs beforeI felt better breathing wise. I finally felt well enough by Thur's am to turn on theTV. Thatwas atreat for me since our L.rm been too hot for 3 mo's for me to watch T.V. They had cable which we don't have. One morn. I watched some cartoons,it wasbetter than the news talk shows. I got to watch White Fang movie,even thought it was in Spanish. The action,dogs & the senery were enough for me to enjoy the movie. I read this when I was in 7th grade & made me a lover of Jack London's books . One nite Allen & I watched SUV & some Nat'l GEo shows. I'm a big fan of Nat'l Geo.
I know I end up back in there again some time. @ least I know I will be be in good hands. I handled this visit better than the last 2 ones. I know my body is wearing out.

Shower triggered 160/100 BP

I have had problems w/ showers for awhile. It takes me all day to rest just to have energy to take one. Allen has to help me since I have to take all my bracing off. I no longer have strength in my knees to get off the bath stool since I have lost muscle strength because of my post polio. I'm really wiped out from 2-4 hrs a/wards. I have been getting dizzy from the shower @ times lately & tell allen to get me in & out quickly. As it is I'm down to 1 shower a week. Thank goodness for baby wipes ,sponge baths etc. when hot.
I decided after the 1st day in the hospital when I slept all day, I ask for help w/ a shower. I had a good nurse's aide. I was behind on taking a shower because I didn't feel good. I told Alllen if I ran into problems I was already @ the hospital. After I got out of the shower, we used my w/c to take me to bed ,I didn' walk back to the bed. I told her I feel really dizzy,U better take my BP. I had warned her before hand I had been having problems & would be really wiped out & I would need her help. Luckly the other aide was coming around taking them. It had soared up to 160/110. That am w/ my new BP med it was down to 115/84. Needless to say they wouldn't let me up for 3 hours out of bed. They made me use the bedpan. This time a heart Dr. came in, shortly, a new team this time,he saw what was happening. Finally s/one saw the problems I have been having.
An echo was ordered,which later came back good. My valves aren't leaking ,which happened 5 yrs ago w/ my 1st trip to the hospital. My pumping capacity is @ 59 % which is better than 5 yrs ago @ 30%. He later told me my high BP is a result of my lungs not getting saturated enough w/ 0-2. If we don't get the BP under control it will affect my kidneys next!!
I left the hospital w/ Spriva,a broncial dialtor,a new BP med. TheRN told me to turn up my 0-2 to 4 l's while taking a shower.

2 1/2 weeks of bed resting,BORING,BORING!!

Finally I can move around a little more around the house. This summer has been the worst for heat. It's now the middle of Sept. we're finally getting cooled off. It's just been the last week I've been able to come into the living room. The heat & the asthma have taken a big toll on my body. I never recovered from the severity of the 3rd asthma attack.
A Thur. nite I was trying to get ready for be in my bdrm, I've to take off my 0-2 to clean my face etc. I started feeling really bad, then dizzy. I 'd been in my a/c bdrm but just hadn't felt good that nite. I finally told Allen to get my b/p cuff. My b/p was 160/100, I didn't wantto go to ER. I wasn't having chest pains. I told Allen I get in bed, put my c-pap on ,get on bed rest. The next am My b/p was down. I spent the w/end resting in the recliner w/ my feet up. Mon. I went to the my D.C. to get my back adjusted to see if I have a/thing w/ my lungs or heart pinched off. I was out in the back & had some ribs out of place. Tue. I rested most of the day, part of the time in the time w/ my feet in the recliner. tThe ATENA nurse chewed me out for not going to the ER. Allen came home late for supper. I had managed to cook chicken breasts that am for chicken salad. I went in to help tear up the lettuce for salad. I started feeling real bad & told Allen I;m going back & put up my feet again .I took my BP,it was160/100. I took my BP med.,told Allen if it wasn't down in an hr. we go to ER. When were finishing up eating our salads I got feeling worse. I was getting really dizzy,bad h/ache ,getting disorietened& my legs & R arm was beginning to feel funny. My BP had soared up to 170. i insisted he take me to ER,I knew I had donee/thing Icould @ this point. I didn't want a stroke. all my kids FINALLY decided that they would come out here for T-ving. Last time was 1996 since we all have been together.
I didn't start having chest pains till going to ER from probably have to extert myself getting out of the house trying to get to ER. The admitted me @ 3am to the the Heart floor for observations. I would end up spending 2 1/2 days there. I was really surprised they kept me. Last time I had a hard time getting Dr's to believe me. I have different dr's this time.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

60 th birthday gifts

I hadn't had time to mentioned the gifts my kids gave me. Forest gave me a digital camera to use. Now I can post my cars on Flickr. Allen will have to upload the pic's since the memory chip is a tiny square. He's excited since it's a new tech. toy to play with.
Jan gave me Stampscapes early as a surprise when I went down w/ my 3rd really bad asthma attack. She gave me every stamp on my wish list!! I got all the pieces to do a Lighthouse scene for my C-mas cards. Plus trees & the country church to play with. I got alcohol inks & dye ink pads for the background to work on later. I almost didn't see my 6oth b-day w/the severity of that attack. She sent me a $5o check in my b-day card as a bonus!! With HP cutting our salary there is no extra money. I went to the Copper Butterfly in Cloudcroft & bought a blue ceramic piece SW design w/ cutouts on it. It will go w/ my blue Fiesta ware on my shelf. If it cools off enough I can finish the other 2 pieces of SW ceramics I started this spring. Also we had money to go out to eat for my b-day dinner. We ended up @ a new M.E. restaurant on the West side.I had hot stuffed grape leaves w/ lamb & rice which were delicious. They were some of the best stuffed grape leaves I have eaten.I had the chicken kebab,Allen had lamb.they gave the eggplant dip instead of the tabbouleh since I can't eat wheat. The flat bread was fresh & looked so good, I restrained myself & didn't touch it. I have been gluten-free for 6 mo's & don't want to blow it.
Heidi gave me a gift certificate for Ross's. I'm going today to see if I can find a new summer nightgown. A trip out of my bdrm.yea!!! Plus a box is supposed to be coming. Hopefully I will have some fabric scraps for my cards.
Allen gave me a pretty pink flower similar to my African violet. Plus a card that has a smoke alarm sound that goes off when U open it up. Plus he drove us up to Cloudcroft on my b-day & took a day off so we could get out of the heat.
Laur sent me a funny card as usaul poking fun @ my age.

A full nite of sleep in 2 mo's!!

I slept thru the nite the1st time in 2 mo's. Cloud cover came in Fri. pm & cooled us off. 1st a/noon I could rest in my recliner. Yea a day!!! I didn't have to rest in front of my bdrm a/c unit in the a/noon. @ least 1 day's reprieve from the heat. I even got to work in my craft rm. for a short while cutting up my colored images to make into cards. ME colored images will be usedfor my church's mail route. Hopefull I can get my cards off to Iraq soon.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

We saw ELK, ALOT @ THEM @ 9,OO FT!!!

We got a late start out of the door. We went to the shops on the b/walk 1st since they close @ 5 p.m. We ate supper in the car since my knees hurt so bad since some of the shops had steps to get into. The area where the Copper Butterfly is more w/accessible. I was so glad I had our curried chicken salad in the cooler. I was starved,it tasted so good.
We went for a drive in a different direction. We headed up the road to an observatory. along the way there was a turn out we stopped @. I almost didn't get out, my knees hurt so bad from walking. The sun was in the way so we couldn't take a pic. They had some benches there, & I sat down to rest. The West has so much open spaces!!! This was such view,U could see literately see for miles & miles. The mtns seem to roll in wave after wave into the horizon. Massive rows of trees dotted the foreground in greens & browns. I soaked it all in to remind me when I 'm going crazy in my bdrm. Breeze blowing in my face,sun setting in the horizon,peace & quiet.
As we were driving higher on the right we saw what appeared to be deeer grazing. We couldn't stop since a car was behind us.We got up to 9,ooo ft, where the observatory is. We drove into one area about 4 or 5 deer were grazing on the grounds. It was closed, so Allen walked around. He found a piece of bear's bread growing on the tree. The last time I saw that was in Sitka, Alaska on my mission in 1974. It's a fungus which bears like to eat
We turn around to head back down the mtn,it's dusk. On the left, Allen stops & sees what is an Elk. She's too big for a deer,not a horse. I haven't seen an elk since I was 19,20 yrs old in Wyo. or Y/stone.They have a darker brown color up on their shoulders . We drive a little further down the road there is about another 4 or 5 elk grazing on the left.Allen driving ,all the sudden he saids WHOA!! There is this elk w/ a massive rack of horns out in the clearing. I haven't seen one this close up ever w/ this big rack of horns. My father would have loved to see him. He was a hunter,this would have put meat on the table when younger.We drive down the road looking for the area where we saw deer grazing earlier. It was a big herd of elk grazing maybe a dozen of them in this lush green valley.We didn't have a camera w/a telephoto lenses,just a d/able one. It was dusk so the light was bad, plus they were in the distance. I have never seen this many elk together @ 1 time even @ Yellowstone Park or in Wyo.
We're driving down the road, I'm looking @ the side window, when Allen quickly stops, right in front of us,an elk is climbing up out of the brush coming onto the road in front of us!! Elk are big animals U don't want to hit UR car!! She doesn't know what she wants to do. We wait for her to make up her mind on where she wants to go. I couldn't believe how close she was to us. I don't
think I have ever seen an elk up this close before. She back tracks down where she came from.
It's like God pulls out all the stops for me this day to have a wonderful view of his creations for enduring the last 6 wks before my 6oth birthday. THANK YOU GOD!!! for this w/ful feast I saw w/ my eyes & to savor in my memory of UR creatures. What an impressive b/day gift.I can't believe the range from desert, to mtn's full of lush green forests w/ wildlife only 2 hrs away from each other.
All good things have to end,we're back in El Paso where it's warmer. We had almost too cool a breeze @ lunch w/ cloud cover. It's so wierd knowing it could be so cool to eat o/doors in August. Luckily gas is cheaper this year so we could make the 3 trips we did this year. I don't know what next year will bring,it;s a day by process w/ my health problems. It's nothing short of a miracle I even made it to our 31st anniversary in June . W/ the severity of this 3rd asthma attack it has taken over 3 wks to get back on my feet,this trip was a big bonus.@least Allen will have some warm memories of us when I die. Couldn't do w/o his help. We have to take 2 cylinders of 0-2 w/us plus my p/able tank for when I leave the car. He has to put the new tanks on for me in the back seat of the car, open up the valves etc. A VERY GOOD BIRTHDAY,NATURE @ IT'S BEST!!,

6oth b-day, I made it!!!!

We made it to our trip to Cloudcroft N/m. on my b-day!!!I t was an impressive feat getting there. I have had 3 major asthma attacks in July. the 3rd one was the most severe I have had in 5 yrs. It has taken me over 3 wks to get back on my feet from this one. It has taken alot of effort just to make it thru the last 6 wks of the 100+ days here in El Paso.
I managed to pack of cooler of gluten -free food for us to take by doing s/thing small each day.
It's such a relief to know I can still walk around. The cool mtn. air really helped. I have had muscle spasms so bad in my calves the last 3 days from not even being able to walk around the house .
Thanks to my dau. ,Janevieve who gave me a generous check besides Stampscapes stamp earlier, I had some spending money. W/HP cutting our salary theere no rm for extra's. We went to the Copper Butterfly,she has b/ful ceramic collection from local artists, Indian items, rocks,SW items,jewelry etc. I luv the rich colors & shapes of the ceramic's. I had a hard time picking out s/thing. Price wise ,space wise ,I had alot of items to chose from. I got one w/ cuts on
it in a S/w theme. The blue w/ go w/ my Fiesta ware collection. I used to do ceramics, my hands are loosing hand strength & dexitry. They must be using glazes that have bit of glass in it that melts & runs down the piece
We ate lunch in the picnic area,in the town square,there was a good cool breeze blowing. It was so great to be able to sit o/side & eat on a picnic table & stilll be alive. It was such a contrast to being cooped up in my bdrm w/ an a/c during the heat of the day. IT'S BEEN THE LONGEST 6 WKS TO GET THRU THIS HEAT FOR THIS TRIP.!!!!! I luv being able to sit o/side & have the wind blow thru my hair eating my lunch & being alive!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

TOO HOT!!!!!

Can't type on my blog,too hot in l.rm. Get up in early am to check e-mail.Having to sleep up in bed just trying to breathe@ nite. Have to let it go for awhile. I just want to make it to my 60 th birthday w/ no more attacks.

3 major asthma attacks

IT HAS BEEN MY WORSE ASTHMA YEAR IN 4YEARS!!!!!!! THE LAST ONE has taken me 2 wks to get back on my feet. It will be 2wks ago that it hit hard & fast. i had been working in my craft rm. I had to take my laxative that day. the brm is right next to my rm. I had left some hummus in the food processor to finish up. i had to add some garlic etc,scrape the bowl out etc so I could get out the blender. I also had truned on my hot backs since my back had goen into muscle spasms. I wanted to make a protein shake since I was hungry. The kitchen is really hot in the a/noon. I can tell if it's getting hot in there@ 9-10 am,we're going to have 100+ day.
There was a knock @ the door,the p/man had left a pkg @ the door. The dogs go crazy when the p/man comes. They ran out the door as soon as he left the gate. I went back into the kitchen,then it dawned on me he didn't leave any mail. So I went back to the door,George was going crazy barking. It was hard to get them back in even w/ shaking the dog biscuit box. So I was yelling @ them, which was causing exertion w/ the heat etc. I hit the hot kitchen,I couldn't think clear. Do I stay here & make my shake or go to my bdrm. I grabbed my inhaler & took it. I made a mad dash for my bdrm in my w/chair. By the time I got in front of the window a/c I was coughing,gasping for air. @ that time I thought I was wheezing now I realize I was gasping for air. It has never been this bad for me. I may have sat ther 20-30 min's coughing & gasping for 4air. It would take 45 mins. before I could breathe in & calm down. I made a mad dash to the kitchen to throw my shake together. I sat in front of that a/c unit for 4 hours breathing in a stream of a/c air into my lungs.
I did'nt even get to open up my box,a swap that I had wait for 6 wks until I could get my breathing under control. I swapped out things I wasn't using & listed things I wanted. I got alot of ATC's that I can use for quick cards this fall. some wierd ones will work up good for a set of cards for Laura's b-day.I would had liked some vintage PP,but didn't get any. A Stampin Up c/log kept me company looking@ it in front of the a/c.
Last week was another100+ wk. Just moving & any exertion would leave me breathless. We ate alot of salads,deviled eggs, nuts etc for snacks.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Did U know?

1.That the author, of a BED of RED Flowers is a ''blue eyed'' Persian.!!! I have brown eyes & an Anglo of English mix.
2. She wore French design clothes before the "Taliban clothes" police came.
3.The burqu was not normal for most Afghan women to wear. It came from rural culture.It was seen as as a tool of women suppression. In 1959 women no longer had to be veiled. so she grew up wearing what she liked to wear as for fashion. They had a lot more freedoms before the Soviet invasion & the literal takeover of their lives & the Taliban.
4. Her father was a doctor, her mother a school teacher. The king provided free education for all children before he was ousted. She was very well readed esp. in Persian literature.
5.When the soviets took over the schools, changed teachers,classes etc. One day they brought Soviet made dresses for the girls to wear. The dresses were so ugly after they left. They commented they had no style, they refused to wear, they were used to Western design clothing. Some of the girls burned the dresses off school campus in refusal to bring them home.
Supposed to be 101F today,too tired to type more.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

El Paso,friendiest town

The summer heat will bake U & cook U. The people are some of the friendiest I've met . I won't go back to DFW area. Won't be able to type for a few days because of muscle spasms in upper back. Wll write later on on our fun brk,trip & book review. Time of the yr L.Rm gets to hot to stay long on computor. Please be patient,my blog is my link to the o/side world.

Back in muscle spasms

Wont be able to type for a few days. Want to type my book review on the Bed of Red Roses. Hurt my upper back when I came home from the Reclast IV Tues. Tripped on the door mat,must gotten dizzy when I got up from my w/c. Tired from our trip to Ruidoso. Went out to brf. on O"Clock cafe good & fun place to eat on the 4th for Allen's b-day. Got to rest so I can get out Sat. for our hmg mtg. @ RS Sat. am. on Provident Living.

Monday, June 29, 2009

My opinion of the role of women

I want to talk about this issue since I want to talk about Afghan women roles in a book I read. I think my father treated his horses better than his wives or kids. In his opinion women were made to wait on him hand in foot. Jump when UR told to jump & high how high on the way up! My parents divorced when I was 12 yr. ol. By the time Iwas 13 yrs, that summer I had to learn how to cook for a haying crew. Iwas told not asked. I was also responsible for my 2 bro's 5& 7 yrs, if they got in trouble I got in trouble. I was responsible for the laundry ,cleaning the house, plus mantain my grades in school. I was allow to voice my own opinions, talk back etc or I get a swift kick or a slap in the face!
After I watched my g-mother,g-aunts wait on the men etc. I was determined to get a college education. I didn't want to live my life this way. I married Allen when I was 28 almost 29 yrs old. I married a man as different as my father as I could. We have been maried 31 yrs this week.
I feel women should have a say in the house,be an equal partner in the r/ship. women are not sex slaves,property to be owned,dominated or abused.

thank goodness for Elana' Pantry

http://Elana's PantryAm I 'm grateful for this gluten free blog. I finally got to bake my brownies w/ the almond butter. It takes a full pound. I had to use a mixer because of my hands. U will have to use a spatula to take the excess off. I cleaned them off 1st before I put the dough in. I also made her flour less choc. cake. I luv it ,Its so choc. flavor,it's has a mousse like texture . Use fresh bananas,not frozen ones or it will be too soft. Now I have brownies in the freezer when that choc. carving hits, its hard for treats when U can't have any cookies or cakes.

It finally rained here,all night. I got up @ 2am,the computer was slow? I realized I probably wouldn't get another cool am. like this. Sat. it was 90F in Liv. rm. Camped out this w/end after 2 pm in my bdrm. Had the kitchen door open w/ fan sucking the oven heat @

Every recipe Elana has posted I have tried has been good,Allen even eats them & no complaints.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Talk allen to going back July 4th

The Apache's are having a rodeo July 4th w/end. It's only $5 which is cheap. U probably see some of the best c/boys 2 the rodeo. Indians are known for their excellent horseman skills. It starts @ 1:30 pm don't know if my asthma will let me sit out in the heat? Ceremonial dancing is going on in the afternoon & in the evening. I have to talk Allen into this. It will be his b-day. This will be a good cultural event to see the different types of dancing.
Also I would love to eat lunch by the lake & cool off from the heat. I made a cold salad from a recipe that had the kitchen sink in it ,it really was quite good. I luv cold salads in the summer. Going gluten-free I'm having to look for new recipes since I can't use macaroni anymore. I would love to take this salad,grapes cantaloupe etc to eat up there.
I saw a model railroad shop when Allen was turning around. They were close for the day,so we have to go back to Ruidoso to check it out. I have a 60th b-day coming up so maybe Allen take us up there again. He hasn't been able to find /thing around here for his l/out


Allen drove out of Ruidoso,saw a sign realized the lake was closer than he had been told. We already eaten supper @ a Chinese buffet. We get to the area & we had been driving down a narrow dirt road. ( Which is all the ranch roads were) I was looking to the left when Allen hollers look. @ 1st I didn't see them they blended in so well w/ the ground. There were 4 does,they didn't even run away when we stopped.They were so gorgeous, I haven't seen deer this close in years. they kept eating the grass. We had come when it was feeding time, deer come out when it cools down from the heat. I luv their eyes. I told Allen I quit hunting in 9th grade, the eyes did me in. If the deer was dead,then I help my father skin it,cut it up to go in the freezer. Then it became food to eat which we appreciated since we live on a teacher's salary .
I kept looking @ them to observe their coloring. Oh I wished I could draw them grazing, the image is so vivid in my mind. I really want to put the feel of what I saw @ the lake into a set of cards. I looked @ the pine trees against the lake shore ,the mtns, up close,the silhouette the trees made, the contrast of light & dark, looking @ the colors etc. The closest I can come will be Stampscapes l/scape stamps. I need more greens in the Prism color pencils to do the trees. This is a tech. I need to learn.
Down the road we see 2 cotton tail bunnies playing & eating. they were so adorable. Yes I did observed their coloring grey w/ some brown on their back w/ a white puffy tail .We had seen a jack rabbit the other day in El Paso. He was skinny,not a puff ball like these rabbits were. It was time to head home to El Paso, about 2-2 1/2 drive,it was getting dark. As Allen was about to hit the main road, 3 deer run out in front of the car. @ least Allen was going slow since a stop sign was ahead. Deer can really mess up Ur car if U hit one. These 3 deer were afraid either. They started grazing grass as soon as they crossed the road.
I observed how the sun was setting in the sky,where the shadows were, thesiilhouettes it created. I'm trying to keep these images in my mind as the house heats up & I have to rest in my room or the recliner. I'm so grateful for the beautiful earth & its creations God has given us. Grateful for portable 0-2 so I could get out in nature. I wish my body would let me go camping for a few days.
as it was after I got up from my nap in the recliner i had a hard time going to sleep,getting the pain under control from too much walking, trips to the potty etc. I have to get my bracing off or I would had stayed in the recliner.

My knees hurt.

I overdid it. @ least I know w/ the cooler air I can move around better. The new leg brace didn't give me any hip pain as I walked around. The problem is some place were too small or narrow to get my w/chair in so I had to walk. Of course we had to have potty stops, I couldn't make Allen haul out the w/c each time out of the trunk for me.
I crashed in the recliner to rest w/ a hot pack on my muscle spasms. Then my knees felt like they were on fire. I grabbed a big wrap around ice pack to put on my knees. so I have been putting it on for the last 2 nites to take some of the pain & swelling away esp. on the left knee.

Scrapbook ADDICT on board!!!

We were driving by the area that has small little stores in Ruidoso. I spotted one that said scrapbooking. I hollared @ Allen can we turn around,I want to check it out. He actually did it!! He pulled into a small parking lot which we couldn't park in. So I get out w/ my 0-2 tank & purse. He has to find a parking space. I wanted to check it out since it was getting late. I found cowgirl patterned paper there. I'm going to have to come back & get so more horse paper for my RCMP pages for my mission s/bk. We found a way to extend my s/book w/ out extra posts for my mission album. They were 1/2 off,plus some advice to split up my 100 pgs into 2 albums. I also got some more emb. floss to sew & use as fibers. I also found some SW stickers, one has the pottery on it. I have never seen these. To think I had to go all the way to Ruidoso to find horse paper, wished I had found it earlier when I was scrapping my ranch years as a t-ager.
We are going to have to come back. She also has a beading section I saw a set of orange & green agates pieces I luv to have as a n/lace. i have my orange capri's etc they would go with. They were only $12 for the strand. Alot more afforable than the Indian store.
I got to talk about what products I like & what the s/bk boards are saying. The owner appreciated since she has limited space. I luv the fact that people are so willing to share ideas etc. back w/ s/bk & c/making. It was so nice to get out & talk to people. I have had to stay in because of th Swine Flu.

Real RAIN & it was so cool!!

My FM kicked in so we were late getting out the door. The weather & the pressure had changed that night,so muscle spasms woke me up early in the am. I had to go back & get 2 more hours of sleep. As we turned off on the road, the clouds were getting heavy. We did get to have our picnic,but it was a quick one. We were headed next door to pick up my pistachios when it started pouring rain. We looked around for a little bit while it rained. Then we went o/side to sit on the benches & just watch the rain fall. We have seen so little rain this year,it was so peaceful to just sit there & watch it rain. Allen & I don't get many moments like this. It was our 31st anniversary. We were lucky we got this year because of my health problems.
It rained pretty good as we headed into Apache reservation land.By the time we got into Ruidoso it had stopped. The town reminds me of Jackson Hole,Wyo. when I was younger.
We stopped @ a Indian store. Rather I made Allen turn around. I had the biggest selection of various tribes work in it. They had Navajo rugs including asimilar one from my c/hood which I called the Corn people. My father owned 2 big Navajo rugs,1 was a grey,black & white design,the other was more colorful . There was an interesting board w/ what plants they used to dye the wool . For some reason Apaches in that area don't do much work so I didn't get to see any Apache art. There were 3 chief head dresses. One was was a full one to the ground. Must of have seen too many Westerns as a kid, I could see an Indian chief sitting on his horse wearing one. Or him sitting smoking a peace pipe wearing one of them or posing for the camera in the full h/dress for Nat'l Geo.
There were alot of jewelry in display cases which I can't afford on HP's paycut .Some of the work was Zuni & Navaho pieces. One case has some carved small pieces in it. 1 was a little bear holding a fish in his mouth. It was carved of Alabaster,sticker shock, $69 He was so cute but that could buy a bigger set of Prism color pencils
The place was more like a musuem the way the items were displayed,probably the best collection in one place that I had seen
We took 3 cylinders of 0-2 w/ us plus my portable tank. allen was so good to help me w/ all my potty stops, hooking me up to the cylindr when we got back in the car etc.

Lap quilt finally done!!

I finally got all the edges bound up on the lap quilt. the 4th side was the most difficult, I had a hard time getting it even. One early am I ended up ripping out alot of the flannel that got caught while attempting to sew it w/the batt on the machine. I knew later on I be moan the fact that it was a big mess u/neath. I ended up taking a row off of the top of the scraps since it was a straight stitch row. I used buttons to anchor the batt to the fabric since my machine wouldn't take the flannel & feed it thru right. I also appliqued some of the seagulls cut out from my dress fabric on the cover. It's narrow enough it won't get caught in my w/chair or my recliner. It's not as neat as I would like it, but 30 yrs ago I wasn't wearing a hand brace & I'm losing small hand coordination . @ least it's done & in the closet, I practised Provident Living by using up my fabric scraps,& made it into a lap quilt. also I won't have a hot quilt on my lap while sitting in front of the a/c trying to get cool!!
My Relief Society Pres. has invited me to a July homemaking mtg. on Provident Living to bring my quilt. I'm hoping we can have some basic sewing classes to teach the younger sisters how to mend clothes,make UR own curtains etc.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My 1st swap just came in the mail!!

Yea,Yea , I did it, I participated in my 1st swap. I got a charming h/made stuffed bear. It's so darling. I luv it w/ the buttons. American Homemaker sponsored it. I gave her a green chunk candle,vintage 4th July cards & some botanical cards w/alcohol b/ground. Plus she gave me an old book for the vintage part. This was swap I could afford since I could make the vintage & the h/made item.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

The car tithing bought

We had the sonata last week @ Harry's auto trying to find out why the sensors kept coming on. We had to get the car ready for inspection. Allen had to work from home,since the car was in the shop for so long. We were very fortunate Harry is an honest man,he refused to charge us for labor since he couldn't find the problem. Allen called the dealership to take it in. I was sound asleep when he called me it was going to cost $2,500 for repairs.Sticker shock!! More codes turned up & a leaky gasket. We don't have that kind of money esp. w/ a 5% pay cut still in effect.
I called our Relief Society Pres. to ask her if anyone had a used car for sale in the ward. Still kinda stun I commented we have paid our tithing & I just finished my June's VT route.
I was kinda out of it that day,it was cloudy,summer slows me down. I was sleep in my recliner when Allen called from the dealership in the afternoon. He had gotten online to check out cars online w/local d/ships.
I can't believe it he found a Taurus,5 yrs old.We still have a 5%pay cut still in effect. @ 1st the payments came in @$185 a mo.,later the no. came in @ $150 a month. We don't have room to spare w/ medical bills & meds etc. for me. The only way we could have gotten that car is we pay our tithing faithfully. The car had been marked down $ 3,ooo for a car sale last weekend.


I want my plate on the table not on the floor,is George's latest demand. Also where is my high chair,I want my seat between both of U. Kids demands today,oops,dogs . George is the most insistent dog we have had. Those eyes of his, too bad I don't have a camera so U can see. He very good @ pawing U to get UR attention when UR eating.
I went for a quick drive the other nite,I left him in the yard. He was trying to get out the gate since he was mad @ me for leaving him. When he came in he acted like I had been gone for a week. He was in my lap up on my shoulder wanting to be be hugged & petted. "Mama U went off & left me"

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Vancouver,British Columbia vistor ,who areYou?

I like to know who you are. U have visited my site couple of times. Please leave me a comment. I lived in B.C 1973-75. I was in the Vancouver area twice. I luv going into Vancouver when I 1st came to B. C. I remember my trip to Hudson Bay Store,walking thru the streets.
Also my 1st trip to a bakery & having a hot sausage roll.A s a Texan @ 23 yrs old this was a culture experience I have never forgotton. I luv the Canadian people. This experience has been a highlight of my life
I'm currently scrapbooking those years with pic's & my journal entries

Vancouver,British Columbia vistor ,who areYou?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 23rd countdown,31 yrs

A carrot for me to get through the heat in June is our anniversary on June 23rd. We get to go for a drive to Cloud Croft N.M. It's up in the mtns,& its 20 F cooler. I hate the hour drive thru the desert,it's all flat!! But I luv the climb up the mtns. It reminds me of Zion withs its rocks. I luv the mtn.climb up. @the top is the old part like Park City ,Ut. It has board side walks w/ an old Hotel I like looking@ the old pic's in the hall. there is 1 shop I like looking @ w/the ceramic items etc. We usually pick up my cinnamon pistachios @ 1 place. There is another place we stop
@ that has picnic tables to eat on. We pack a lunch since the food is too expensive to eat up there. It's so nice to eat out in the cool air. I miss our picnic's in American Fork Canyon ,Ut. We go there when it was to hot,& go there to eat to cool off.
It's interesting to think what different b/grounds Allen & I came from. We met @ Brigham Young Univ. I'm a Texan who grew up in small towns,spent my teen summers working on my g-father's ranch,&lived in various states.Allen comes from a blue collar family,he's the 1st to go to college in his family. He always lived in Conn,til he went to Utah He lived in Danbury & Bridgeport ,Conn. He's the analytical one, a programmer, my degree is in Early child,Ed& Elem. Ed. He is very intelligent, I've gotten thru life by the seat of my pants. We have 4 children,twin girls will turn 30 in July,Forest & Laura. We have 3 g/kids that live in N.C.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

My desire

A talk by Elder L .Anderson touch ed a spot.He commented how he wanted he would like to be like, Elder Joseph B Wirthlin,"a a spirit void of any desire for personal attention,willing to go anywhere & do anything the Lord's prophet would have me do,applying my full consecration in testifying of the Savior & building the kingdom of God until my final breath"
This is what I hope I can do until the very end!!!!!
"I might be willing & moldable to the Lord's tutoring & corrrection" This is the hard part,as Elder Maxwell said, extra courses in enduring & suffering are hard classes to take!!!!

Faith in Adversity,Elder Rafel E. Pino

again I quote on the topic of adversity,a topic I know too well.
"the only true source of comfort is God. Peace I leave w/ U,I give unto U ;not as the world giveth,give I unto U, Let UR heart be troubled,neither let it be afraid" John 14:27
" The important thing is is not how a man dies but how he lived"
Pres. Howard W. Hunter" If our lives & our faith are centered on Jesus Christ & His restored gospel,nothing can go permanently wrong. On the other hand if our lives are not centred on the Savior & his teachings no other sucess can ever be permanently right"


Those of U who know me My life has had it's share of adversity. Iwould like to share a talk by Pres. Henry B.Eyring from the LDS church.
It's actually an opportunity for us to face adversity & affliction. that H. Father & the Savior love us.we must prepare for a great trust from them by "passing through trying & testing experiences in mortality." ....."He knows from experience how to heal & help may still test your COURAGE & STRENGTH TO ENDURE.
The disciple who accepts a trial as an invitation to grow therefore qualify for eternal life can find peace in the midst of the struggle.
In Alma 34 the humble poor ,"were sent to do for others what they may have thought was beyond themselves & which they needed themselves. They were to to give others what they would have hoped he would give them."
"Age & illness can test the best of us" that is my daily battle I wage. "endure afflictions,I have fought a good fight I have finished my course. I have kept the faith.......I know from my experience that He can & will give us strength to rise thru every trial"
This i s s-thing I pray for each day, to be valiant in my trials w/this body of mine.I really don't how I'm here, I know I have been watched over. That is the only thing that keeps me going @times.


I don't know what it is about me getting my Hummus out to eat. George is right there by my side waiting for some. He waited so patient today to have some on the spoon to eat & lick the plate clean. It has no real smell compared to meat. yesterday he kept scratching me when I was eating my Mango. I offered him some,he quickly turned away!! The other night I had an Oriental salad ,he started pawing me,I showed him the dish,he started lapping up the dressing. It had vinegar in it,I didn't want it to upset his stomach,I took it away from him. He's the strangest dog I have ever had when it comes to food.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Coloring time

I'm getting out my Prism color pencils,w/color pencils,& my clip art to color in front of the a/c unit. Laura sent me some of her old oil pastel crayons. They are expensive new. this is a media haven't tried. I was up early this morn. needed s/thing to work on. I started coloring on s/thing that I wouldn't care if I ruined. It wasn't until I got out the Q-tips to try to blend the crayon together did I see the effect. The friction of rubbing must make the crayons blend together. This was fun to do.I also tried color pencils w/ them on some whimsical c/art by Dover .
I also tried Sat.,the Generals chalk pastel pencils. They work good on printer paper where I can't use the w/color pencils. the Q-tips worked great blending them into my colored pencil work. It softened up the look on the paper.

4th of July cards

I finally d/loaded my vintage 4th of July c/art & printed it out Fri. I did it w/out Allen's help.I made sure I got ones I could print from the site instead of having to save it & having to have it reformatted. This is what I wanted the color printer cartridge for. I used up the 1st on alcohol ink pages. Allen used a gift certificate as a surprise for me so I could have it for my cards.
I doing my 1st swap,I needed s/thing Vintage. I used my Ranger Distress ink pads along the edges of the c/stock. I used the walnut,new Fired Brick pad & remembered I had denim in my drawer.Even analytical Allen thought they looked sharp.
I used the Stickles,gold,silver,Starry night on some firecracker patterned paper. It really added a pzazz Ialso used an old f/cracker stamp that I embossed,used some Stickles on it for the spark. I showed Allen these,so he could see why I wanted some more Stickles. He wanted to know how I did the f/crackers.

Living in El Paso

This is an interesting town to live in. It's heavily Hispanic,also a melting pot of other cultures. Ihave observed how dedicated they are to their elderly parents. They are always there in the Dr's office w/them. Sis. Jensen,our stake president's wife is an excellent example of this. She is a tiny lady,her mother is in a w/chair. she takes her to all of the activities. Plus she's busy w/her daughters & g/kids. Her name in English means angel. I don't think you could find someone else who is an angel like her. I admire her for her devotion to her family. On top of it her husband is a Stake Pres.,this lady has a full tray. She was one of the 1st people to see me the C-mas I was in the hospital ER twice. She came & visited me in my L.Rm. The busiest lady in the ward took the time to come & visit me. This visit meant alot to me.
I live w/chronic health problems,my daughters don't want to deal w/them. My twins turn 30 yrs. old, this July,Laura is 23 yrs old. I'm only 59 yrs myself. In the last 7 yrs I have been on death's doorstep 3 times. The way the Mexicans take care of their parent's isn't lost on me. I just pray that Allen outlives me. I'll be SOL w/out him. No benefits,no insurance ,I get no SSD.I don't want to move,I don't think I can handle another move health wise.
The interesting thing is I worked w/ the Indians on my mission in Kamloops, B.C, Alaska,
Four corners, Utah I substitute taught in the H.S.,driven by the reservations in N.M. & Arizona. The prophecy that the Lamanities shall bloom as roses in the desert is being fulfilled. There are 2 stakes here in El Paso. There is a Spanish speaking ward that meets in our chapel. Juarez , Mexico has it's own temple,not us!
I find interesting after all these years after my mission, I'm here in El Paso. I have seen alot of poverty. We have aways to go to help them w/ literacy. This is their ticket to make a better living for themselves. The LDS Church perpetual education fund is a good start to help them became self sufficent,provide for their families& be able to stay in their countries.
I lost my blog entry on my 1st trip to a reservation in B.C. I'll retype it later.

Bloom as a Rose in a desert

Sunday, May 24, 2009

It rained

We had so much rain Friday Pm.hasn't rained liked this since T-giving. Good thing Allen was working from home, Trans Mtn. & west side got nailed. He had to take @ 9am to get my new leg brace & drop me off for a Dr's appt & lab work. We were as snug as a bug in a rug in our house when it came down. When it's beeen so dry, then when U get alot of rain here we do have problems w/flooding & the ponding effect.I luv to smell the rain It dropped down to 68F @ afternoon which is unknown @ this time of year here.

New leg brace!!

Yea !!!!! It fits like a glove,it's the most comfortable leg brace I ever had. It has the lightest joint ,the hinge is adjustable, I ever had. Hip pain has died down. I had a Dr's appt afterwards. I couldn't believe I sat in my w/chair w/o alot of pain. I even slept in my recliner Fri. early am. w/o any hip pain. I couldn't do that w/my old leg brace,the Swedish knee brace kept slipping on me. The hip socket pain got so bad,I went in to see Bryan@Precision Prosthetics here. My old custom brace is 18 yrs old, I only wore it @ night to go to the bathroom. I had lost so much weight the Swedish knee brace kept slipping. They didn't make a smaller size. I had to make a decision to go back into custom bracing. Bryan worked wonders, the joint is the lightest I ever seen on bracing. He tailored it go w/my ortho shoes when I wear them. Also he put extra Velcro on it so when I wear my Nikes around the house in my w/chair it fit so snugly. When he casted my leg for the brace, it almost fit inside my old leg brace. I have lost so much muscle mass from post-polio & the rapid weight loss. Even w/the rain that came it Fri.& Sat. the hip pain was really down.


iIwas trying to finish up my lap quilt which the top I made in Oct. from fabric scraps. It's been laying on top of a box for a month. the problem was the top is made from strips of fabric scraps from 3 sewing projects. It needed to be squared off,I can't cut straight. I went & bought a small battfa mat. I have tried to sew on applique Seagulls on the cover. What a disaster,I can't hold the needle because of poor hand coordination.Pain in the butt!!!!! I broke 1 wooden embodiery frame,the other one got bent. My stitches aren't as neat as when I was younger. GRRRR!!!!!!
Sat. I decided I wanted to sew it on the machine. MISTAKE,the flannel kept getting caught underneath. My machine is getting old as I'm .I hate ripping out stitches,now it's even harder to see the small stitches. I gave up on that. I took it it in the bedroom to work on it,so I can sit in front of the a/c. the lap quilt is getting hot on my lap. I try to sew some buttons on it ,to hold the batt in place. Again the needle & the button w/the quilt, is a problem for me to coordinate. I finally gave up on trying to keep the flannel straight underneath since I'm struggling just to get the needle in the buttonholes on the quilt. Needless to say this is the LAST HAND SEWING PROJECT!!!!! AT LEAST I DIDN'T THROW IT AWAY!!!!!!!!! It's really sucks,it's isn't as neat as it would have been when I was younger. I will have a warm lap quilt for the winter.

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor