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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Go to

She has blog candy posted. She is a Swedish c/marker living in Malaysia. It's a bright c/ful site w/music.
Interesting people I can meet on the web,sure is good therapy for the soul!!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Whipped wax

No more whipping wax,it makes too much mess & hand strength. I did have fun making more wax chunks. I have 1 bunch of candles w/ chunks in them .
I did get to clean put some of the boxes that have been packed away.

Back to my s/bk table Monday!!

I want to make my g/kids their Easter cards. I need to cut out some circles I have stamped w/ small spring @ summer stamps . I haven't done any LO's in awhile on my s/bk project.
We're supposed to get really nailed w/ a really bad sandstorm Mon. It looks like I really pulled it off getting my candle making & greenware cleaned o/side before the sandstorms hit.
The Lrm corner is full right now. Later on I will have 6 boxes out of my closet & Allen's office. I hope to go thru some boxes of books in his room. We don't have room here for more b/cases. I found GEMS, a scrappinliteracy group I can donate books to.

Greenware NOT BROKEN after 7 YRS!!!

I got 2 more boxes out my closet. G/ware has been packed away when we put up our house for sale in Ft. Worth. A shop was closing down & I bought some Southwest pieces. Amazing after being moved around in 3 places & on a moving truck out here,they were intact
G/ware is fragile. Case in point, I forgot to put n/paper on my table. I had wet a piece to put stars in it. The bottom came off since it had absorbed the water.
Ceramics is on its way out too. I had Allen to set up a table o/side for me to clean it up because of the dust it creates. I had on my face mask for the dust & the mulberry tree pollen . My hands & elbows hurt from all the strain from engraving my designs on them. I stayed o/side most of the a/noon working on them. I picked a real nice day to be o/side. I wanted to get this done before the major sand storms hit this week.
2 of them are votive c/holders. I designed them to look like Franklin Mtns. theme The 3rd piece is a Southwest Wedding jug. I was trying to look@ some pic's I had saved to think of a design. The tree next door I was looking @ jumped into my mind. One side of the jug has the tree etched into it. It represents the tree we planted 30 yrs ago & has grown. The other side has our initials w/a diamond triangle separting them. The top part w/the handle will be glazed. The other parts I'm using Duncan s/west underglazes .I want to show the contrast between the 2 of us who have made this 30 yr bond.
This will be my last ceramic pieces. This time I will keep them for us .I have given away many of my projects as gifts. I started doing this in 1976 as a creative diversion from stress @ BYU.

4 candle pours this week.

I poured candles,Wed. being my last day. I won't be making candles a/more. I'm on 0-2,Allen had to melt the big kettle of wax. It has to be watched & melted on low heat so wax doesn't catch on fire. He also had to spray the candle release into the molds o/side for me since it's smell bothers me. I don't have the patience or the fine dexitry to thread the wicks into the molds or to set up the votive molds(6 in a set.) I lost the Midas touch,my candles had pit marks on them which means I didn't get the melting temp. right
I made 3 container,12 molded & 24 votive candles. I also made green & red candle chunks to put into 1 pour of my candles.. I whipped some wax for 2 of the container candles. I made Laura a ice cream float using a Braums mug. She used to work there in H.S. It has a straw in it& the whipped wax looks like whipped cream on top.
Last night I got out the wax addtive for paints. I have 4 candles I poured clear for this purpose .
One has red & blue stripes,1 side left white,for July themed candle.Another multi-sided one has pink,purple blue& green colors w/ polka dots later added. The round pillar one I painted bright green. I later put a floral sticker border on it. I found some animated bug stickers on it. These will be fun for spring decorating in my L.rm. for small places. The last one I had some gold floral o/line stickers I put on Modge Podge to make sure they stay on. I added Diamond Stickles to the floral centers & a l/over blue jewel on a blossom.
All of my stuff is now packed up & ready to put up for sale. I want to sell it as a bundle,3 boxes of items. I need the money for supplies for my Iraq card project.

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor