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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dick Bick great products!!!!

My new toys came in the mail Wed. I didn't get to color w/ them till Friday pm.
I ordered white & cream from Dick,Blick,Derwent & Luminance. I want to compare how they lay the color down. I colored the toast on a digi w/each one. I can't tell the difference between the Dick Bick one & the Luminance.They all laid down a nice layer of color smoothly.Iwas able to do a light touch w/them w/ no hand pain
I luv my Derwent Colorsoft pencils the colors go on so smoothly. They also let me lay down layers w/o a wax built up .I had problems w/ Prism. I will replace my Prisms w/ theseI also liked their 5 brown & neutral tones in the tin. .
Dick Blick c/p's are made in Czech Republic. They lay down a nice smooth layer of color, no wax built up.They are 1/2 price of Prisms. Also they are better quality of a pencil than the Prism's they blended great.
D.B just came out w/ a color blender pencil. I luv these. They blend w/ less hand pressure than the Prism ones. No bad hand pain from blending after wards. It blended so well on the card stock I didn't need to use my stubb. This is a good product for 1/2 the price of Prisma. Their S&H is $10.00 so make sure U put in a big order. I will replace my Prisma's as I use them up w/ Dick Blick ones & Derwent.
I will upload pic's of some of my coloring later so U can see the difference

Bargain Outlet Catlog

This was the best order for my money!!! The bed cover was only $14. It is king size w/ watermelon stripes & bright w/melon color on the other size.I adds a nice splash of color to our bdrm.
My $5.00 skirt is lined w/ a brown & green vine color. It's a size 16,which is hard to find in El Paso
The double sheet set had 250 thread count. They are nice & soft. I needed the fitted sheet for my futon. The dogs shed fur sheets are washable
I will order from them in the future. Their quality was a lot better than Old Navy's. I could shop easily on their site & checkout was easy to do. I'm not a geek,I appreciated sites that are easy to use

Old Navy order returned

I didn't like the quality of the order. The men's polo shirts were too thin. I thought a man's medium would be bigger than a women's. I was afraid upon washing they may shrink on me. My used polo shirt that I wear as night gown is thicker than these, & it's used to start with!!
DD's long sleeve t-shirt seem thin also. but I needed to send her a gift,so I sent it.
I replaced the men's western shirt since it was a little snug around my stomach & not much of a tail to tuck in.
I ordered a women's blue chambray shirt in extra large,a exlarge Old Navy flag t-shirt & another snap shirt in large. I see how the quality of these items are.
Their quality is poor!!!! I can get better quality of t-shirts in the thrift store for fraction of the cost. None of mine have holes in the or have shrunk

Christmas this week!!!

Tue.Bargain Outlet order came.A new watermelon striped cover in King size,$5.00 vine green skirt in size 16,a double set of sheets.

Wed. Old Navy order of 3 mo's pastel polo shirts,long sleeve women's t-shirt.
DICK BICK came in the mail. A set of 24 Derwent color pencils,Dick Blick & a Luminance color pencils. 2 sets of scratch board for DD's b-day

Thur. Organs wise-kids education summer kit w/ DVD's,coloring books & 2 stuffed animals . this teaches about the organs of the body in cartoon style. I won this in a drawing on a blog. I'm sending it my GS for a late b-day gift.This a great teaching tool.

My colonial candle order came. glad I got Bamboo garden in votive only. Too strong for me. The apple cake smells yummy. Will burn it today. the pillar is a recycled one,not much scent. Will see how they burn,hopefully longer than the ones I have had.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Old Navy review

This was a frustrating experience. I had $50 g/card. I hoped to buy a red shirt waisted dress.The reviews said it was too short.I was taller than the women listed.
I looked @ women's T-shirts for DD b-day. the reviews on the ones that were on sale were bad,holes or shrinkage upon washing. I had to spend extra time reading reviews to get a good product for DD.
I was stuck trying to find s/thing in my size. I didn't want hoodie since it doesn't stay cold long enough here. I ended getting 3 men's polo shirts.If I bought 2 of them,I got the 3rd one for $10. so i got 3 shirts for the price of 2. I wear men's t-shirts in the thrift stores. They are longer than women's t-shirts.They seem to wear better.
I had a women's shirt w/ snaps on it. I happened to check the men's western shirts, Almost a $10 difference in price!!! I got that instead in a short sleeve.I don't care if it snaps on the other size.Why is men's clothing cheaper than women's @times?????
Pain in the BUTT online problems. DH had to open a new account for me,it wouldn't take my p/word. I write my p/words down in my n/book so I remember them.
i spent more time on their site trying to find what I wanted.
WILL NOT SHOP OLD NAVY ONLINE!!!!! I give them a :D" for online shopping
I wanted to try co.'s I hadn't shop @ before w/ my g/cards.We see what my order is like when it

First pkg came fromBargain Outlet!!!

I now will have a bright w/melon cover on my bed.It will brighten up the bdrm. got the king size,no queen.Also a set of double sheets,the fitted sheet will go on the futon.The dogs shed fur etc,so we can wash up the sheets to get rid of the dog hair.
My $5.00 skirt no problems,in good shape. The color will go great w/ my beige blouses for the fall.

Frugal living community this is a good co. to get a good buy & bargain. Things go quick here. I went back to my cart later, I lost the 1st bed cover.
They were easy to shop online. I'm a non tech geek,I was able to get around & find the items.No problem on checkout w/my G.card.
For a 1st time buyer I give them an "A" on customer satisfaction

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor