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File pictures

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Luv my skater dragon!!

Now I have 4 brands of c/p's, my Prisma's.Derwent, Dick Bick's & Poly chrome. The Dick Blick color blending pencils blends so much better than the Prisma one. I now have to use less hand pressure w/the new tech's.This is my tool of sanity. Last Wed. I was still awake @ 4 pm because of a screw up w/ my nite meds. I was in my room coloring since I couldn't sleep & pain was shooting thru my body.

110 cards to Gi's!!

Sat. 3 s/ments went out, 2 to Afghan,& 1 to Kuwait. I broke my own record !!!!!!The most has been 50 cards to go out. These are male themed images I have been working on since May. I have trains, fishing, l/houses theme related cards. A frog series that I had been collecting items for a year,I'm putting together my cards now from coloring w/ my color pencils this summer during the heat of the day in front of my a/c unit in my bdrm.
Look under GI cards on papercrafterplanet .I go by grandmabear. I have 2 albums, GI cards & GI cards, fall that I added this AM.
I couldn't done this w/o my friends on splitcoast stampers, SwapBot & 2 peas in the bucket. Frog stamps are hard to find. People have sent me frog stamped images,fishing items images,lighthouses, horses & military stamped images(which still need to be made into cards) Thanks to all those who have sent me RAK's & have swapped w/ me

Dustin Pike cards up

Finally I got these colored images made up into cards. i really proud how my skater dragon turned out. His s/board has 8 layers on it.The pros@ Scribble Talk have some really good tips. I learned how to color w/light feather strokes, use corkscrew circles & light layers. It takes more time but the colors really pop on the paper.
DH walked by the computer when I was uploading my pic's. I posted my 1st still life card. He said who did this? I did. He was a little taken back. I was a little annoyed. He usually doesn't pay attention since he's a big geek to my work.

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor