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Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I fell in love w/ onee of my neighbor's puppies. I know I have 2 dogs already. Allen had told me the puppies where playing outside the other day. Marie hada litter of 5 chihuahua pups in Oct. The mother had been so protective of them,I haven't been able to see them.4 are a biege color & 1 was a black tan & white color. I asked Marie if I could hold him. When I looked @ him he reminded me of Taco, a chihuahua,Toy Manchester mix. He died of a heart attack a few C-mas ago. He had the same markings on his eye area Taco di. He started licking my face. The next thing I know is I 'm asking her if I could have him. Marie is very attached to these puppies. She wasn't going to give any of them away. Then I turn to my husband & ask him if I could have another dog. Our contract saids 2 dogs on our house.
I really want to have a puppy before I die. Allen never had a pup as a kid.Taco Jr been over 2 to visit. We wanted to see howGeorge would handle him. George is my very traumitzed Italian Greyhound/Chihuahua mix . He's my Velco buddy. I had both George & Taco in my lap on the 1st visit. I petted both of them & let George know there is room enough for both of them on my lap.Taco is a liitle fur ball w/ the wettest tongue.
Sun.Taco came over for a 2nd visit. I think Allen held him more than I did. It had been a ? whether Allen would let me get the pup or not. Marie hadn't planned on letting Taco go for another month. I took pic's of the pup & Allen Sunday. This man amazes me s/times.He really got into playing w/this pup. He is usually "Mr. anylictal" coming to emtions. When I put the pup on the floor,he would walk over to Allen & stand up & scratch on his leg to be picked up. He would give Allen a face wash. He must had like somesmell on his face. He kept climbing up on his shoulder looking over.Allen bought him a puppy collar Sat. Taco ate a doggie stick in his lap. Allen saids while I'm in the kitchen,"he needs a chewie toy"
I plan on keeping him in a doggie kennel when I'm not around. I don't trust George when I'm not around. He still pretty small,almost 3 mo's old. Puppies chew on things,so I don't want him to get into s/thing. That is how I got Lady in Utah. 2 puppies had chewed on s/thing & got caught in the colon. The person didn't pay the vet bill. Dr. Parrish kept the 2 pups in his kennel for 6 mo's. His wife told him he couldn't bring anymore dogs home!We went to pick up our cat. My son wanted to see his animals @ the clinic. He let out Lady & I picked her up. He told me I could have her if I would give her a good home. He threw in the shots if I would take her home.
I'm stuck in the house for the winter because to avoid exposure to the Swine Flu. Allen never had a puppy. I haven't had 1 since I've been 8 yrs old. This is 100% chihuahua,so it should be intersting what charactertics of George is what breed.Iggies came jump like jack rabbits,so that's not Chihuahua. Taco ears go up like Radar,it's so funny. If he didn't look like Taco so much, I think we name

I DID IT!!!!

My neighbor Marie has a 2 mo. old litter of 5 chihuahua pups. She couldn't find any puppy coats small enough for them. It's been getting down to 26F the last couple nights. We have snow on the ground this morning. It's not to get above 40 F today.I love watching them play outside,they are so adorable. Sat.nite when I was falling asleep,an idea came to me on how to make them. I asked Marie to bring Taco over Sun. for me to measure him. I figured out I could make a flap type jacket. I took a flat pattern class @ Ricks College when younger. I cut a pattern out of brown paper bag. The 1st piece I cut out wasn't wide enough, I put it aside. I took a cheaper piece of fabric to cut out my 2nd proptype after adjusting my pattern.
Mon.after cooking supper, I went into my room. I stay stiched the proype top. I was waiting for Marie to come back from an errand to see where to attach the velco strap underneath. I didn't want the coat to get wet when the boy pups peed. My "I know I can do this" got to me. I want to see if I could really do this. I wondered if my machine would fit all all 3 layers would feed it thru. This summer it wouldn't feed the flannel thru when I tried to machine quilt my lap quilt. Marie had given me a fleece cover to use for the back piece. I had l/over quilt batting. Heidi,my dau. had sent me some sewing scraps. Rudi is the tinest of the litter. He needed a coat 1st. I decided I use the 1st piece @ add a small strip on the side to make it a little wider. I was really amazed that it took the fleece w/ the quilt batting on it.So I tried stiching all three together. It worked!!!I sewed the velcro on for the strap.
Later Marie came over w/ Rudy & Taco. We kept having to trim the fabric down for him,he is so TINY!! He is all wrapped up in it. The protype for Taco worked. I went into the room to sew the 2nd piece of velcro on for Rudy's coat so he could have it Mon. nite. I thought hmm! I better cut out Taco's coat while my hands will let me hold a pair of scissors . This storm may really knock me out Tue. I cut out & sewd his jacket in an hour! I gave them both to Marie @ 7:30. We see how the coat fits on him thru the nite. I have 2 female coats & 1 more male coat to make. Marie is going to help cut them out for me. Taco & Rudy got green sewn stripe fabric. I have enough apple fabric for 2 girl puppies & Mamma's coat. The last male will get a blue plaid coat. The fleece is a bright green color.
My flat pattern teacher @ Ricks would be pleased on my inguenty. Necessity is the mother of invention.I'm so tickled I pulled this of!!

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor