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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Summer at my son's house

I'm going to Ft Worth for the summer.He has central a/c in his house. This has been in process for 2 mo's. My heart dr wants me out of here. It will buy me more time for my heart. My lung dr. said it help my lungs to get down to lower altitude.When it's a hot day, my heart puts me down flat.
I can't handle cooped up in my small bdrm trying to breathe in front of my small window a/c unit. I can't leave the bdrm from 4pm til about 2am.I have spent 5 summers this way. I can't deal w/ the fact of having another bad asthma attack & trying to breathe etc.I have colored digi's w/ my colored pencils. I look @ my card mag's & read books.
I'm leaving Thur. May 26th. It's a 11 hour trip. We're going to break in 1/2,& spend the nite @ Big Springs,Tx.I'm suppose dto get out & walk every 2 hrs tp prevent blood clots. I can't fly since I'm on 0-2.
I cranked out 50 pgs on my mission s/bk since Easter. I'm trying to get the rest of the pic's matted on 12x12 PP. I don't have a lot of room to take extra supplies in the car. I have to take my w/c in the truck.4 cylinders of 0-2 in back seat + the 0-2 making machine to use in the motel in the back seat also.
I'm taking all my ink pads ,markers, reinkers since the heat already hit 2 of my pads & glue sticks. I put the titles,tags & do more journaling this summer.
I finally get to meet my pen pal Rebbecca. She has been assigned as my visiting teacher My DIL made sure of that for me. We're all members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Later Day Saints . It's so nice when U move U can fit into a new congregation & feel @ home.

Squeaky wheel gets oiled!!!

After 2 weeks of phone calls to my dr's office I got tired of being put on hold!! I could spend 25 min's average on hold. Then I would be told the Dr. hadn't signed the paper. I went in Wed. for lab work & signed up to see the nurse practitioner. My BP had been high Tue nite & my stomach looked 3 mo's pregnant.I was patient no.1
She asked me how my power chair was. I said the Dr. hadn't signed my papers. she was really shocked they had sat around waiting for him to sign the.She said I get him to do this right away. They gave me more of a diuretic. It's the heat that does it to me on retaining fluids. I found out he went in to see a patient & not sign the paper . I told them I'm staying until he signs the paper & it gets faxed. I have to have that power chair.I'm going to my son's house & I need d that chair to get around. Istayed there until they faxed it &I got a copy.
I get home & eat some lunch. I call Hoveround on the fax paper work. The Atena form didn't get signed.The Dr. already left. Then he wasn't Thur.Finally on Friday the form got signed after 2 calls, 1 in am & the other@4pm.
Hoveround is supposed to do a demo. Wed. here @ the house for me to try the chair out
Now for Atena's look @ letter of medical necessity & get the final approval.Hopefully I have my chair in time @ Forest house May 28th.

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor