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File pictures

Saturday, October 31, 2009


New title is Grandmabear49,too many grandmabears!!


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Yea! I 2 pages done

I finally got to s/bk my son's b-day pic's. I got 3rd & 4th bdaypic's s/bk. I got to do 2nd & 5th b-day next. I've lost his 1st year pic's. My MIL is going to send hers to me.
I've been working on journaling Laura's baby pic's .I put my right wrist & hand while stamping the journal stamp. I'm maybe about a 1/3 through. I have to cut some more cardstock for strips to journal on. I'm debating whether or not use Distress ink on the edges
These are their Christmas presents,I need to have them done early. All my kids are coming for Thanksgiving. I want to send them home w/them to save money on postage.

Stampscapes ,finally!!!

I finally got out my Stampscapes stamps Wed. pm. I have to play w/ the Lighthouse set. I put Aileen Tack IT & over on some of the pieces. It takes a while for the glue to set up Boy is this stuff sticky & hard to get off my hands. I tried some pieces w/ the Scotch double sided tape. I stamped up the church in the woods one on the alcohol ink backgrounds I already did. I tried out all my new ink pads.I got alot of more playing around to do. I think I going to do the chapel in the woods for my GI cards. It will be easier to do mass produce for them. I reinked my Staz-on ink pad. I really like them in the monochromatic look. I want to experment w/ them w/ color pencils.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Free Chandmade Christmas cards!!!

If you are my "500 th person" to show up on my blog & UR a follower . I will make U a set of handmade cards,my choice to celebrate my blog count. Being a nongeek,doing this blog was a major milestone for me!!! Leave me a note in my chatbox & watch my counter. I'm starting to make my C-mas cards to go to Iraq. this week.
I hate this when I hit a wrong key on the computor. 2 least I didn't lose my entry. I was trying to type in my labels & hit s/thing on the keyboard.


I luv SWAPS!!! I got my 1st swap of stickers. I got some 3-D ones I can use on my cards. i set out 2 more swaps Sat. I need to do 5 swaps in order to get in some of the nicer swaps & some of the groups. I sent out some 8x8 cardsstock. I misread the part where U could only send 4 coloredpieces out of the 10 pieces. That's all I hadso I sent out 8x11 papterned paper w/ it to coorindate w/ the solid colors. In return I should get some new 8x8 cardstock next week
I also sent out 5 new embellishments. I gotten these free from my Fl. e-friend when a LLS went out of business. I don't like using fabric flowers on my cards etc. so I sent them out. So I have a surprise coming in the mail that won't cost me any money.
3 swaps coming up are anothe sticker swap,ribbon & button one,$1 store trade which U pick 1 item from a list & U send to to 3 people for Nov. This will give me s/thing to look forward to come in the mail Dr's orders I have to stay in the house & out of crowds because the flu is so bad here. With as bad as my asthma as has been I'm @ risk. As it is my lung capacity has been comprised,so Ihave to be careful when I go out w/ a mask etc.

My hands hurt!!!

For 2 days my hands really hurt!!! My D.C. had to adjust my hands & wrists . I put them out working on Laura's baby book. I sorted out her baby pic's from the rest of our pic's during the heat of the summer. I decided to reuse the photo album since the rings were in good shape. I recovered the book in some wild zebra paper. I distressed it w/ Ranger Walnut ink. I then used some of Allen's silver duct tape to bind the paper to the cover. She likes wierd things. I modPodge the paper so it it will wear & not tear. I had to cut strips of cardstock to fit the album so I can journal the pic's. It will hold 3 journal stamp entries. The wood stamp is pretty big for me to press down & stamp. I have over 80 pic's to journal. I got about 60 of them stamped before my hands couldn't take it anymore.
I am making this for her C-mas present since no money for C-mas this year w/ HP salary cuts
I 'm starting to journal some of the entries a few @ a time. I used some old baby stickers I found in my sticker album

3rd box of cards to Iraq

This box took some time to do. I found a stash in my project basket. I must have been reallybeen out of it .I had put my colored botanical flowers on colored c/stock. The problems was I had runned out of blank cards.I was also out of money to buy some more i sold my 1st piece of ceramic Southwest votive candleholder. It's also my last piece I'm doing. I'm giving up my ceramics because of my hand strength. I later bought more blank cards with this..I had spent so much time coloring these flowers this summer I had to finish up the cards. I had to make paper hinges to put the 2 separate pieces of cardstock together. Some were over sized so I had to make envelopes out of 12x 12 paper.Now I have blank envelopes to fit my card template. I'm having to make my own cards to save money so I can make more cards to go to Iraq. There is a learning curve involved in this since I have always used blank cards .
Digging thru one of my bottom drawers I found a stash of old C-mas cards. I have been making my own for 7 yrs so I have no use for them. I jazzed them up w/ my Stickles & inked the edges of the cards for the G.I's to use for C-mas.
I found some more free digi stamps for C-mas & my winter cards.Since there isn't anything I want to watch on TV Mon.& Tue. nite I got out my Prism c/pencils & starting to color some of them. I luv these freebies it helps my limited budget w/fresh material.
Hopefully I can get out my stampscapes lighthouse stamps & play w/them. I guess I'm afraid to try them .They come in piece & U build Ur own scene. Plus I have to try them out since they are unmounted,which is new to me. I do have Aleen's Tack it over & double sided tape. Plus I have new ink pads to try out,

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor