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File pictures

Monday, May 3, 2010

A cooler April

We have alot of dust storms coming in w/ winds from 55mph up to 75 mph. It has brought cooler temps. a few times. I take the cool days all they will give me. I even made egg custard 3 more times than normally I can make it. I luv eating it for an early am treat when I put the dogs out to the brm.
I made 3rd batch of granola bars. I tried choc. chips, macadamia nuts chopped up,(got too fine), & dried cranberries. They are yummy. I had to hide the 2nd tin of them in the frig. I ate about most of the 1st tin.
I also tried chocolate truffles made w/ cashew butter ,agave,& cashews. Didn't like the taste of them rolled in cocoa powder. It could Penzeys cocoa pretty strong vs Hershey's
Glaze put on my last cearmaic piece,goes for 2nd firing. It's a southwest Wedding jar I started a year ago for Allens gift for our 30th anniversary. My friend ,Summer helped paint the tree branches. Then this week she glazed the top part for me. I gave her all my underglazes, Sandstar paints & glazes. This way I won't be reminded of what I can't do anymore. Sadly this will be our last time together. Her DH is leaving the Navy after 10 yrs. They will be moving up to Oregon w/ their 5 kids. I will really miss her,the time we spent together,tals on the phone & her kids.

Google acting up this am

1st it wouldn't let me in.It wouldn't take my e-mail address, made me change my p/word to get here. I hit a wrong key & it wouldn't let me edit my last blog.
I want to do our trip to Ontario,Canada. I have collected alot of items for these pages. I have really cool wild animal paper,zebra stripes,tigers etc, buttons & brad
I also haven't worked on my 75 pgs I started of my mission s/bk. I have to do titles,journal titles & details etc.I haven't worked on this for a year.This is a major project for me. I still have about 25 more pgs to s/bk of my Alaskan part of my mission. I found some stamps on a site selling to use Alaskan items of on my pages.
I also have the twins b-day card to make up. I want to do a Hello Kitty card with s/thing from my New Zealand penpal sent me
It supposed to be 90F Tue. so my time will be limited to working in there very soon. Also my TV watching time will be cut down as the liv. rm heats up. We have been watching NetFlicks when our shows have reruns etc.

Beat the heat

May is going to be my scrapbook month. I got to finish up the twins vacation pages I started.I got 15 done w/ the layouts.I di the the journal tags last week. I'm working on putting titles,brads,stickers etc to finish up the pages. Thses are vacation pic's of trips we took when we lived in Conn.I'm hoping I can get to the afrfrican Safri

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor