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Sunday, February 28, 2010

HP done it again

Allen's job is on the chopping block? they laid off more people Tue's. Allen had just been told his contract was extended to Dec. 31st. He had just recently been pulled over ta team to solve some problems for the Oregon project. The state of Oregon had given HP a month to solve some problems or they wouldn't renew the contract.
He was told later Tue. ,he only has 30 days left on the contract. HP lost the contract w/ Oregon state.If they don't find another project to put him on in 30 days,we can be in trouble. After that they put him on the bench for 30 days,if we even get that now?!!If he loses his job,I'm SOL. I totally dependent on Allen's insurance for my 0-2 & med's.
this timewe have no safety net. We no longer own a hous or have any savings. We are carrying huge credit debt from th last l/off over 6 yrs ago.
PRAYERS NEEDED!!! Will keep posted here as we know more. Got to go to bed,too tired,& it's raining out & I'm in pain.

Patrick needs a transplant

When Allen went to Utah 2 wks ago, he stayed
@ the Hoopes home ,Heidi's in-laws. Bryan, Mark's younger brother has adopted an 1/2 Korean baby boy. He was born w/ what they call short gut syndrome. S/thing happened to to the colon as he was developing as a fetus. he was born w /very little of his colon. He is kept alive by a line running into his neck w/ IV solution. He needs a transplant . The IV feedings put him in the hospital on a regular basis w/inflections. Plus the IV feedings long term can cause liver damage.He's now 15 mo's old. He' trying to crawl on his stomach. He has a backpack on wheels that has the IV mixture in it etc. that moves w/ him as he crawls on the floor.
They need $70,000 in order for Patrick to have a colon transplant. I admire both Emily & Bryan for taking on such a critical need child. They took him home as a newborn knowing he would need 24 hr care ,7 days a week. They must be 1 of the most compassionate & patient parents I know. It must be hard knowing that if UR child doesn't get a transplant he can die.
Allen fell in love w/this little boy. He really pulled on his heart strings. Allen is usually analytical,stoic,not one expressing his feelings. He called me while in Utah telling me about Patrick, even telling me what he was doing on the floor etc.
Patrick's website have more info. on how they are trying to raise more info. on short gut syndrome.
If U have any used cell phones or used printer ink cartridges, U can sell them & donate the money to their fund. This little guy can use our help. Let's give him a chance @ life. @ 15 mo's old Patrick is proving to be a fighter. Maybe giving up UR Starbucks coffee for a week. or a meal out or not going to a show, U could donate that money U saved to their fund.
His pic's show a charming little boy w/ a big smile!

Gluten free mixes test vs recipes

It's getting that time of year in Texas. In 2 mo's we won't be able to turn on the oven since it will be too hot. It's now getting 20- 30 F difference in temp. from the am to Pm. so I need to do my baking in the early am.
It's also time to decide if I was going to do GF baking the time was now. Judy had sent me some GF mixes in Aug. If I don't bake them now,it will be Oct. before I can turn the oven back on. I looked @ the dates on the pkg's for them to be the freshest & not sit in the heat for another summer. I also had found some recipes on gluten free girl. If I was going to try them it was either now or never.
So I baked Mon,Wed.,Fri. & Sat. it's time to put food away in the freezer for June. June is usually our hottest month of the summer. It usually puts me flat down since the heat makes it hard for me to breathe much less try to even cook.
Sat's granola bars was the 2nd batch I made. I need to add more honey & oil to the recipe to make them easier to get out of the pan & also not to fall apart.I used apricots this time. I luv the Cliff bars w/ apricots. I cut up the apricots. I tossed in some tapioca flour on them to absorb the stickiness of the cut apricots so they wouldn't all stick together in 1 big mass. It worked.
I'm really tired today. We have another storm coming in that is dragging me down. I didn't get all the things I had planned on doing Sat. I had to wait for Allen to chop up onions for me. I didn't get my sweet potato nut burgers cooked up. I need to saute the onions & celery to go into the burgers. He didn't get to them to later in the pm. By then my steam had runned out. Plus cloud cover came in & I ended up plowed down in my recliner from 5pm on.
The e/quake had hit Chile & a tsunami had hit Hawaii. Instead of going to asleep in my recliner I ended up on Yahoo checking out videos' & news reports.
My son had called me when I had gone back to bed in am to rest from my early am. jobs. Talking on the phone tires me out. I did enjoy his talk,his insight,fact man commentary & what a humble,conscious young man he's becoming.He's probably the most compassionate young man U ever meet. Also one of my twin DD's called. She had finished painting her 2nd brm. I amazed @ her abilities. She has been divorced for 3 yrs now. She tackles alot of repair jobs herself. She owns her own condo. She lived 1 summer w/ her twin sister to save up money for a down p/ment.She is growing African violets & orchids which are hard plants to grow. She also has a great head for fiances.She's isn't a women who's is sitting around crying "woe is me. She is trying to do s/thing w/ her life. She has a good job as a programmer in medical s/ware for hospital's. She's a team leader who put's in alot of extra time to make sure her team meets d/line even if she got to do the extra work.

Chebe mix

Monday after measuring out flours for recipes I decided to try some of the Chebe recipes.
I made the choc. biscuits w/ choc. chips in them. They were good ,closest thing I'm going to get for choc. chip cookies. Put them in freezer for later so I wouldn't eat all of them.
Made a 2nd batch of dough. made 2 wraps w/ them to use for tortillas when we make taco's The other 1/2 of the ball I rolled out to make Turkey soup. The recipe calls it Dumplings, but it's more like egg noodles, I thickened up the broth w/ potato starch.which said can be used in place of flour for thickening. The soup was good. I use l/over turkey roast in place of turkey.
I had Allen buy me 2 more packets of Chebe to keep in the c/boards. I really like the taste & texture of this product the best of any GF mixes. We can get it @ our local Albertson's

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor