File pictures

File pictures

Saturday, March 12, 2011

K's scrapbook cover

It's only been 6 wks since K's 9th b-day. I finally got her cover made for it. I took my water mural down. I gave K the pic's for her . I had pic's of her playing in the water since she was 18 mo's old to 4 years old. I also put pi's she colored & mailed to me.I couldn't throw them away& had saved them
I got the fabric from a swap w/ my Swap -Bot buddy. I luv the kids playingon it.

Outlaw's CAS card

I'm posting this 1 for this Sunday's challenge. I took 3rd place in the western challenge. the card w/ the saddle is here on my blog.
I made a set of these cards for my Relief Society Visting mail route for the LDS church

Thursday, March 10, 2011

An update

I'm glad I followed the impression to work w/ my son last summer on my family lines. It was correct, that we wouldn't get the time to do this again.
My health had gone down hill w/ my heart. My pumping capacity has dropped down to 40%.I get tired out much more easily on exertion I have also lost lung capacity which affects how long I can talk w/o getting tired.
I'm @ peace knowing that another generation has all the correct facts.
Also when my son & his wife came for a family visit T-giving 2009 I gave him 2 thick binders from my parent's line's of prints outs from LDS Family History lib ray in Utah.It was full of family generation sheets
He would later find these valuable in his search for info. He found out online a lot of info was missing & we had it.

He kept His promise.

Last June my son got laid off from his job in Dallas. He's a contractor for Dallas managing the city's library computer's data bases, repairs etc. He didn't have the seniority etc for a cut back.
He doesn't get paid holiday's etc. They had planned financially for emergencies. Coming home that day he felt impressed that if he worked on his family history & went to the Dallas LDS temple he would be watched over financially.(we're members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints) He told me of this & said he give me a call on ?'s for me to answer.
Shortly after wards I got an impression that I was to work w/ Forest on this that we wouldn't get the time otherwise in the future. He called me the 1st week asking me ?'s on my family history that he needed details on. We decided I would make time to go thru my file cabinets that hold family records, birth, deaths etc .
This is where a "Small miracle" came into play.We live in a 1950's old house in El Paso that has no central a/c. This was in July. Usually I can't be in the middle room since it's too HOT to be in there in the middle of the day.Also my asthma is so bad in the summer s/times I can't talk on the phone.
I have a "Harris" line from Maine that we only had a few generations on.2 Harris married each other. 1 is from Pembroke,Maine, 2nd came from Nova Scotia,Canada.
We spent 2 days next week w/ me wearing my headset going thru each file giving him info off the birth certificates to compare to the new Family Search the LDS Church has available.I have a lot of divorces etc, so we had to double check we didn't miss children by what spouses, divorce dates etc.I was reading thru letters that had been written to me to look for additional info. to put into family info. etc.
I was reading thru 1 of my mother's letters. Her h/writing is small & can be hard to decipher. There it was a letter with info her g/father Harris we didn't have.Forest took that info. & found his parents were in Mass. He was tracing the wrong "Frank Harris"!!!!
Later after many days of doing searches online on the Harris line,he found s/one w/ similar info. He e-mailed him. He found out we were related. His info. took us way into the 1500's.
Now my son has my line's family history w/ fact's as correct as I can get them.
Later in August we would have 2 1/1 weeks of 100+ heat waves. We would hit 110F. We had 2 cool weeks of weather in July which is unheard here. I was able to talk on the phone for hours to him which I normally can't do esp. w/ my asthma.
He spent hours on the computer doing data searches for family info. He received an impression that the work he was doing would affect generations of time both in the past & into the future for him.
That as bad as he wanted children,there were parents who had waited longer to have their children sealed to them. He had spent time going thru census etc & found children that we weren't aware of they had have,Wrong dates, birth dates, death dates etc were all jumbled up that didn't make sense,he was able to find correct dates.
He & his wife were able to take a lot of names to the LDS temple to be sealed. Enough names for baptism for an Youth trip for our Mutual youth to do baptisms @ the temple.
He later got his job back.His contracting co, actually called in Sept. & begged him to come back. They gave him a raise!!! The library director begged them to bring him BACK!! He can do the work of 2 people. The guy that took his place gave up,he said it was too much work & couldn't keep up ,needed more people. My son had been doing it before by himself w/ no problem!!He had a big mess when he came back to work, the guy had been doing a poor job. So many people were excited when he came back to work.They commented now things will get done.

Katya's scrapbook gift

her book also has early pic's she made for me that i saved from her recieved in the mail
I only 6 weeks behind on finishing up her gift. I took my water mural down from my living room wall.K is is the main star on it. She loved the water as a toddler.The pic's were too cute to keep in a book. I came up w/ the idea to put them on the wall in s/book form 6 years ago. Now that is a hot item to do. Now they will go to her.
I had to clear off my table of card projects to make room for my sewing machine.
i see why i don't sew anymore. It's more demanding brain wise to concentrate. U have to be very precise sewing vs c/making.
I got the fabric of blue Toile like fabric of kids playing from Glenda,my NH pen pal for a swap. It took me longer than planned. should have made a paper bag pattern 1st but didn't
Also patched up my dress that super glue broke the fabric o. Don't spill a bottle of Super Glue on UR clothes. I tried getting it off w/alcohol. Washing it turned it hard. The fabric later became brittle & broke up. Now it's getting hot & I'm short on clothes so I had to fix it.
My Swap-bot buddy June Moon gave me the fabric to patch it. She sent me enough to make new Chef's apron that rotted out.

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor