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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Loya buddiesl

Fluffy gets the most loyal dog of the year award.She watches over me.No one comes in my gate w/o my approval. It's amazing how dogs know when U are having a bad day. Taco comes to my b/rm door & scratches on it to get me up.He has kept me moving this winter. His face washing perks me up when I having a bad day. He's dragging socks out of my clothes basket & into the l/rm. He drags a blanket off the futon when he can get up.He's the 1st in the kitchen when I go in to cook.
George runs away when Allen starts frying in the skillet. He knows the smoke alarm is going to go off.He just shakes &shakes when it goes off. He gets traumatized so easily. He's still my loyal Velcro lap buddy when I sleep in my recliner.
Taco is getting more tan hair on his neck & top of his back.brindle I think they call it.
They are like my spoiled kids. They give me hours of company,loyalty & devotion.

Down time ahead

Time of year around the corner I have to gear down. Trying to prepare for the heat ahead. Finished up last of my baking till Oct. Need to finish up Jan's s/book project for b/day. Got cards to do for my VT route for April & May to do.Have 7 Mother's Day cards to make. Trying to finish up my last ceramic project. Started on it last year. I can't hold the tool to do my design work.Got to do o/lines w/ black paint. Then goes in for 1st firing. Then I have to do my glaze work. It's an Indian wedding jar. It was supposed to been for our 30th anniversary last year. Want to give my ceramic paints to a friend who is leaving.Finally have the closet cleaned out. I also have my corner drawers set up for my paper projects. Have e/thing organized. Traded stuff in my stash on Swap-Bot.Have cut back on my Iraq GI route. My hands hurt too much. Chronic tendinitis in elbows & hands from joint laxity. Colon kinking up bad on me. 2 days of laxatives this week on top of s/storms makes for a bad week!!
Not on computer much since it hurts to type.Heat will push me into bedroom in a/noon to breathe. Luckily x-rays no stress fractures, Lab work negative for Sojourns Syndrome. Time coming up to put eye plugs in again for dry eye.

Spring in Texas

We have had temps from 86F This last Thursday. 2 nites where it dropped down into the 30's YO_YO weather here.
Fans on this week. Allen put my bdrm a/c unit in my window today. 2 nightgowns on bed,1 for cool nites, another cotton one for warmer nites.
Bracing for more sandstorms to come our way this week. May will bring 90's.Hope no 100's till June.I hate the heat!!!

Bad Sandstorms!!

Ate dust Friday,Allen was off. So bad we had to stay in house. No Zoo for us.Car in shop. Lucky on this one the spring broke on top of the rocker arm that goes to a valve.Labor costs from taking all the stuff on top of the engine.Spring broke in 1/2. Luckly we have a honest mechanic.
Alot of damage in NE,where we live. Gusts up to 50 to 75 mph,sky full of blowing sand. Have had to clean the floors x3 this last week. Just cleaned out the back window siils,had to clean them again Mon. Got more cling d/rags to pick up the sand.
Wind so strong it peeled a roof off a house like a can opener,tipped a semi over on f/way by us,blew down a series of power poles on Mc Combs,power out for 6 hrs in that n/hood, blew down a canopy @ a repair shop.
Another set of storms coming in Mon. & Tue. More dusting ahead.


Catch up time between sandstorms
1.last baking,oven off till Oct. Allen got his last loaf of banana bread. Finished up GF baking mix.
2.Ate up egg rolls for supper,had French Fries early b/fast. Emptied frezer out.
3 1 more batch of egg custard. Lived on it this last week. Bad week,colon kinked up.
4 2 more batches of GF graham crackers in T/ware container for snacks. Allen helped me roll them out.
5. Allen had GF choc.chip o/meal cookies in lunch.

1. Yea I did it,it took me 2 weeks to do it. I got out my brayer & Stampscape stamps.HARDEST project ever. About gave up on brayer,watched video's & practise & practised. Finally figured out it, worked good on rolling ink on the stamp. Tried inking it w/pens & pads kept leaving a blank space.Used Memento Tuxedo black ink to stamp DIRECTLY on the glossy cardstock. Used spong around edges w/ another gray on c/stock for l/house stamp.Made 3 Sympathy cards. A friend of 35 yrs Mom died. Had to be a special card. Been in their house about 35 yrs ago.S
he was always generous to us,1st me,then Allen & my kids when we lived last tome in Utah.

2.Easter Cards
Used my brayer w/3 dye inks. I luv the peach one for the skyline. I used about 3 dye inks on them.Made my grass w/green felt-like paper. Colored digi bunny w/ eggs w/ Prism pencils.

New Contract

Allen is now on Florida Medicare project for HP.I believe it's managed care.

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor