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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Did U know?

1.That the author, of a BED of RED Flowers is a ''blue eyed'' Persian.!!! I have brown eyes & an Anglo of English mix.
2. She wore French design clothes before the "Taliban clothes" police came.
3.The burqu was not normal for most Afghan women to wear. It came from rural culture.It was seen as as a tool of women suppression. In 1959 women no longer had to be veiled. so she grew up wearing what she liked to wear as for fashion. They had a lot more freedoms before the Soviet invasion & the literal takeover of their lives & the Taliban.
4. Her father was a doctor, her mother a school teacher. The king provided free education for all children before he was ousted. She was very well readed esp. in Persian literature.
5.When the soviets took over the schools, changed teachers,classes etc. One day they brought Soviet made dresses for the girls to wear. The dresses were so ugly after they left. They commented they had no style, they refused to wear, they were used to Western design clothing. Some of the girls burned the dresses off school campus in refusal to bring them home.
Supposed to be 101F today,too tired to type more.

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