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Thursday, June 4, 2009


Those of U who know me My life has had it's share of adversity. Iwould like to share a talk by Pres. Henry B.Eyring from the LDS church.
It's actually an opportunity for us to face adversity & affliction. that H. Father & the Savior love us.we must prepare for a great trust from them by "passing through trying & testing experiences in mortality." ....."He knows from experience how to heal & help may still test your COURAGE & STRENGTH TO ENDURE.
The disciple who accepts a trial as an invitation to grow therefore qualify for eternal life can find peace in the midst of the struggle.
In Alma 34 the humble poor ,"were sent to do for others what they may have thought was beyond themselves & which they needed themselves. They were to to give others what they would have hoped he would give them."
"Age & illness can test the best of us" that is my daily battle I wage. "endure afflictions,I have fought a good fight I have finished my course. I have kept the faith.......I know from my experience that He can & will give us strength to rise thru every trial"
This i s s-thing I pray for each day, to be valiant in my trials w/this body of mine.I really don't how I'm here, I know I have been watched over. That is the only thing that keeps me going @times.

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