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Friday, June 26, 2009

Real RAIN & it was so cool!!

My FM kicked in so we were late getting out the door. The weather & the pressure had changed that night,so muscle spasms woke me up early in the am. I had to go back & get 2 more hours of sleep. As we turned off on the road, the clouds were getting heavy. We did get to have our picnic,but it was a quick one. We were headed next door to pick up my pistachios when it started pouring rain. We looked around for a little bit while it rained. Then we went o/side to sit on the benches & just watch the rain fall. We have seen so little rain this year,it was so peaceful to just sit there & watch it rain. Allen & I don't get many moments like this. It was our 31st anniversary. We were lucky we got this year because of my health problems.
It rained pretty good as we headed into Apache reservation land.By the time we got into Ruidoso it had stopped. The town reminds me of Jackson Hole,Wyo. when I was younger.
We stopped @ a Indian store. Rather I made Allen turn around. I had the biggest selection of various tribes work in it. They had Navajo rugs including asimilar one from my c/hood which I called the Corn people. My father owned 2 big Navajo rugs,1 was a grey,black & white design,the other was more colorful . There was an interesting board w/ what plants they used to dye the wool . For some reason Apaches in that area don't do much work so I didn't get to see any Apache art. There were 3 chief head dresses. One was was a full one to the ground. Must of have seen too many Westerns as a kid, I could see an Indian chief sitting on his horse wearing one. Or him sitting smoking a peace pipe wearing one of them or posing for the camera in the full h/dress for Nat'l Geo.
There were alot of jewelry in display cases which I can't afford on HP's paycut .Some of the work was Zuni & Navaho pieces. One case has some carved small pieces in it. 1 was a little bear holding a fish in his mouth. It was carved of Alabaster,sticker shock, $69 He was so cute but that could buy a bigger set of Prism color pencils
The place was more like a musuem the way the items were displayed,probably the best collection in one place that I had seen
We took 3 cylinders of 0-2 w/ us plus my portable tank. allen was so good to help me w/ all my potty stops, hooking me up to the cylindr when we got back in the car etc.

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