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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Emma,my love bug.

I haven't had the opportunity to see Emma as many times as Katya. Last time she was only 3 yrs old. They have been in NC for awhile. When they lived in Colorado,Jan lived in AZ ,I saw Katya more often.
She was the one who would run into my arms w/ a big hug & her trademark big smile. They were here 4 mornings. She always give me a big hug in the morn & when they left for the nite to go to the motel.
She loved working in the folder I gave her. I d/loaded items for the girls to color,word searches,mazes etc. I noticed in walking by her on a word search she could read all the words in a weather search. She started K this year & is in the same gifted Magnet program Katya has. She is in some enrichment programs this year.She loved the extra long bright pencil I found for them @ the Solar observatory. I had little treats for their folders each morn. to use. She seemed to enjoy them the most. I also found her a pony book to read @ nite time. She is pony crazy.
She seems to respond to animals the best. She & Toby couldn't get enough of petting & hugging Fluffy.@ 3yrs old she would quietly go up to Fluffy,gently petting her. She like petting the mini donkeys@ the petting zoo. The Shetland ponyies ran away from us. She loved scraping corn of the ground to feed the donkeys w/Katya.
Fri am we b/sat the kids so we could play w/them. I let the girls use some of my stamps & paper to take home items to make cards for their cousins. I also let them go thru some of my stamped image folders to take home to use for their card also.Emma stayed w/ the stamping longer than Katya. She would later send me a letter using some of these, thanking me for my folder I gave her. I was so ticked w/this, it sits in my room. The letter is on my bulletin board. Her stamped images are in my windowsill. @ least another generation know how to write thank you notes.
I loved getting to know her personality better this time. She has a different tempermanent than Katya. She is quieter,maybe more of a people person. She has the flaxen hair like her Dad.

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