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File pictures

Sunday, February 14, 2010

15 pages done!!!

I finally got started on the twins scrapbook project. I had taken all the photo's & p/card from the 1st magnetic photo book. E/thing is falling out of the book. That's how I got the idea to scrap it , I figured if the kids starting pulling the books out,stuff would fall out & get lost.I was supposed to do this for C-mas for them. Dec. was so cold,we had snow,my FM kicked in & my hands hurt so bad this winter so e/thing got delayed.
In filing my paper away I ran across paper I had forgotten about in my stash. I have been collecting items for 2 yrs to do this project Jan had gotten some collages for her b-day last year. I used some really cool travel paper that went well w/ some of my pic's. An Ephderma book I had bought for 1 project,I found some wooden looking paper to go w/ Plymouth Platation pic's. I had filed away a paper w/water on it. I was doing a pic/ that had water in a Lock. I remembered that paper, I pulled it out,it really set off the pic. well.
It really speed things up having the box of mat size colored c/stock on the table. All I had to do was flip thru the colors & pull out the mat size I needed.this is why I have 15 pgs of pic's matted on my patterned paper. I have ran out of Yes glue right now so I'm waiting on an order to come in.
I also used my Distress inks to ink some of the edges of my cards stock mats to age them a little to go w/the pic's I was mounting. Also I was glad I had a spare of Herma tabs in my drawer to use on my photos,
i have pulled the 2nd book of vacation photo's to sort thru & start mounting the pic'swhen the Yes glue comes in.

paper sorting

It took 3 days off & on to sort thru my new box of patterned paper. I sort it by size & color.I have them sorted by floral,geometric etc in color families. While I was @ it,I mended my 12x12 box w/glue & duct tape. I reorganized the paper in there before I added the new paper. Now I have Vellum paper up front, my Easter & spring next so I won't forget to use it,floral,geometric ,western,patriotic paper @ the back of the box. I found some paper I used on my new project that had gotten buried in my stash.
I dumped out my box of colored card stock on the table. It had been in a box laying flat. I had it organized but I hate rummaging thru it looking for a size I wanted.I have 2 JoAnn C-mas card boxes that now have mat sized pieces in it. I have it in color order, white .red,orange ,yellow pink,green,blue,brown grey & black, This paid off Fri. while s/booking. All I had to do was just flip to the color I wanted for a mat. My L/O's worked up so quick this way.
The problem is w/the bigger pieces.I used a tall priority mail box for these. the tall skinny pieces are in color bundles w/a rubber band around it. I was afraid if I just put the bigger pieces in loose even in color families I still have a mess finding them I 1st started using the big black clamps w/ 1 color family. I ran out of them. I tried using smaller paper clips since I out of the bigger paper clips. I noticed later when I was thru the box,the paper clips were coming off.
I have ATC size pieces sorted out & put in my drawers w/rubber bands. Some of them are going to a Swap-bot buddy
I have a flat box on the floor w/odd sizes of patterned paper sort by sizes.

15 # of paper!!!

I got a Priority box full of paerr scraps & 12x12 paper in the bottom. In Oct. I posted a request if anybody have any paper scraps.6 people on 2 Peas in a Bucket,replied only 2 people sent. A women sent a PM saying she had her mother in the hospital etc. I told her not to worry about the paper ,take care of her mother was the most important thing.I checked in w/her on T-giving time to see how her mother was doing. She is in the final stages of Parkinson's & not expected to live much longer.A fewwks ago I got a PM from her requsting my address,she had a box on the floor.She went thru her stash some more & pulled out some 12x12 paper. An unopened SEI pak was in there. It will match the geomotric theme I'm using for my mission s/bk. I have enough 12x12 paper, it filled up the rest of my box.
What amazed me it was a total stranger on a s/bk site who shared w/me.It made up for the money I spent in sending a pkg to Denmark for a Swap-bot buddy.

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor