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Saturday, August 15, 2009

We saw ELK, ALOT @ THEM @ 9,OO FT!!!

We got a late start out of the door. We went to the shops on the b/walk 1st since they close @ 5 p.m. We ate supper in the car since my knees hurt so bad since some of the shops had steps to get into. The area where the Copper Butterfly is more w/accessible. I was so glad I had our curried chicken salad in the cooler. I was starved,it tasted so good.
We went for a drive in a different direction. We headed up the road to an observatory. along the way there was a turn out we stopped @. I almost didn't get out, my knees hurt so bad from walking. The sun was in the way so we couldn't take a pic. They had some benches there, & I sat down to rest. The West has so much open spaces!!! This was such view,U could see literately see for miles & miles. The mtns seem to roll in wave after wave into the horizon. Massive rows of trees dotted the foreground in greens & browns. I soaked it all in to remind me when I 'm going crazy in my bdrm. Breeze blowing in my face,sun setting in the horizon,peace & quiet.
As we were driving higher on the right we saw what appeared to be deeer grazing. We couldn't stop since a car was behind us.We got up to 9,ooo ft, where the observatory is. We drove into one area about 4 or 5 deer were grazing on the grounds. It was closed, so Allen walked around. He found a piece of bear's bread growing on the tree. The last time I saw that was in Sitka, Alaska on my mission in 1974. It's a fungus which bears like to eat
We turn around to head back down the mtn,it's dusk. On the left, Allen stops & sees what is an Elk. She's too big for a deer,not a horse. I haven't seen an elk since I was 19,20 yrs old in Wyo. or Y/stone.They have a darker brown color up on their shoulders . We drive a little further down the road there is about another 4 or 5 elk grazing on the left.Allen driving ,all the sudden he saids WHOA!! There is this elk w/ a massive rack of horns out in the clearing. I haven't seen one this close up ever w/ this big rack of horns. My father would have loved to see him. He was a hunter,this would have put meat on the table when younger.We drive down the road looking for the area where we saw deer grazing earlier. It was a big herd of elk grazing maybe a dozen of them in this lush green valley.We didn't have a camera w/a telephoto lenses,just a d/able one. It was dusk so the light was bad, plus they were in the distance. I have never seen this many elk together @ 1 time even @ Yellowstone Park or in Wyo.
We're driving down the road, I'm looking @ the side window, when Allen quickly stops, right in front of us,an elk is climbing up out of the brush coming onto the road in front of us!! Elk are big animals U don't want to hit UR car!! She doesn't know what she wants to do. We wait for her to make up her mind on where she wants to go. I couldn't believe how close she was to us. I don't
think I have ever seen an elk up this close before. She back tracks down where she came from.
It's like God pulls out all the stops for me this day to have a wonderful view of his creations for enduring the last 6 wks before my 6oth birthday. THANK YOU GOD!!! for this w/ful feast I saw w/ my eyes & to savor in my memory of UR creatures. What an impressive b/day gift.I can't believe the range from desert, to mtn's full of lush green forests w/ wildlife only 2 hrs away from each other.
All good things have to end,we're back in El Paso where it's warmer. We had almost too cool a breeze @ lunch w/ cloud cover. It's so wierd knowing it could be so cool to eat o/doors in August. Luckily gas is cheaper this year so we could make the 3 trips we did this year. I don't know what next year will bring,it;s a day by process w/ my health problems. It's nothing short of a miracle I even made it to our 31st anniversary in June . W/ the severity of this 3rd asthma attack it has taken over 3 wks to get back on my feet,this trip was a big bonus.@least Allen will have some warm memories of us when I die. Couldn't do w/o his help. We have to take 2 cylinders of 0-2 w/us plus my p/able tank for when I leave the car. He has to put the new tanks on for me in the back seat of the car, open up the valves etc. A VERY GOOD BIRTHDAY,NATURE @ IT'S BEST!!,

6oth b-day, I made it!!!!

We made it to our trip to Cloudcroft N/m. on my b-day!!!I t was an impressive feat getting there. I have had 3 major asthma attacks in July. the 3rd one was the most severe I have had in 5 yrs. It has taken me over 3 wks to get back on my feet from this one. It has taken alot of effort just to make it thru the last 6 wks of the 100+ days here in El Paso.
I managed to pack of cooler of gluten -free food for us to take by doing s/thing small each day.
It's such a relief to know I can still walk around. The cool mtn. air really helped. I have had muscle spasms so bad in my calves the last 3 days from not even being able to walk around the house .
Thanks to my dau. ,Janevieve who gave me a generous check besides Stampscapes stamp earlier, I had some spending money. W/HP cutting our salary theere no rm for extra's. We went to the Copper Butterfly,she has b/ful ceramic collection from local artists, Indian items, rocks,SW items,jewelry etc. I luv the rich colors & shapes of the ceramic's. I had a hard time picking out s/thing. Price wise ,space wise ,I had alot of items to chose from. I got one w/ cuts on
it in a S/w theme. The blue w/ go w/ my Fiesta ware collection. I used to do ceramics, my hands are loosing hand strength & dexitry. They must be using glazes that have bit of glass in it that melts & runs down the piece
We ate lunch in the picnic area,in the town square,there was a good cool breeze blowing. It was so great to be able to sit o/side & eat on a picnic table & stilll be alive. It was such a contrast to being cooped up in my bdrm w/ an a/c during the heat of the day. IT'S BEEN THE LONGEST 6 WKS TO GET THRU THIS HEAT FOR THIS TRIP.!!!!! I luv being able to sit o/side & have the wind blow thru my hair eating my lunch & being alive!!

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor