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Monday, September 21, 2009

3 1/2 mo's in front of bdrm a/c unit

This has been the longest hot summer for me in 5 years. The other one was in the duplex we moved into in Richland Hills after we sold our home. The Central a/c wasn't efficient & it was a hot summer in DFW breaking records.
I maintained my sanity there by coloring w/ my Prism C/pencils. I will later drag out all my markers,gel pens, Glaze pens & Souffle pens. I colored a lot of Botanical flowers from Dover on c/stock Allen copied for me @ Kinko's. I also have colored graphic floral designs, a lot of Mary Engrebreit coloring pages & now Dustin Pike Halloween images, other free ones on his site.
i finally got my 1st s/ment of cards off to Iraq w/ the botanical cards & other items. They turned out real nice. I luv the how the Prism c/pencils lay down such a nice layer of color. I learned how to layer lite colors down 1st, add them on top & use a stump to blend them. I colored so may pic's I really ground down some of my pencils esp. my green ones. I have followed tips earlier on what colors to use for what & twisted Allen's arm to take me to Hobby Lobby to get some more in bulk for the summer .
I even experimented w/ oil pastels that Laura gave me pieces of she had left over from art. One day I got so bored I started making my own scratch board by coloring layers of color over top of each other & putting a black layer on top. I remembered doing this in grade school & loved doing it. One problem oil pastels stain UR hands & I had plenty stuck under my nails for awhile. The 1st one I put up in my room matted to remind me to keep trying new media & experimenting. Later I got brave & etched the other 4. @ are in the kitchen, the ones that turned out the best. @ are in my bdrm. One is behind our bdrm door, I only see it when I have the bdrm door close. I can't use a fixative since the spray makes me sick. So I decides the put them on our walls since they are bright.
Now I'm working slowly on getting a 2nd s/ment of card ready to go to Iraq. some of the floral designs are bigger than what card stock I had. So I'm having to learn how to do paper-design
card hinges. I'm also working on a Pansy set that has pansy quotes in a vintage 100 yr old little book my swap partner gave me this summer plus I'm working on some of Dustin Pikes digi Halloween cards.
Since I've been getting up early in the morn. since I couldn't sleep because of muscle spasms from having my pillow wedge up high so I could breathe, I've been surfing the web. I like to read the forums threads on several sites for s/bk,c/making etc. I kept running across threads where people would say they had all these brads & fibers sitting in their stashes. I decided why not offer to swap someof my cards for what they had. I'm low on fibers & like them for my collages I like using the brads to attach them to cards etc. DH is so stressed out on money, I get the riot act if I ask for s/thing. So far I have gotten 3 takers from posts on 2 forum will givemes/thing to look forward to in the mail. Being h/bound time drags on & it get's really boring some days.

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