File pictures

File pictures

Friday, February 5, 2010

Signo white gel pen

I have been looking for months for these. I have seen them talked about on s/bk threads I finally did a search for them online since I can't turned them up in El Paso. I needed a white pen to finish up Forest pages. I didn't like the Souffle white pen,it takes too long for the ink to come out. Plus the refills are hard to find w/o buying the set. The white Glaze pen is too transparent to write with on tags.
I'm pleased they write real well, don't skip,leave blops of ink behind,doesn't take forever to write with.They write like a regular pen,the flow is good,leaves a thin line since it's fine point.
I also ordered the gold pen to try it out. I have had a hard time finding a true gold ink in a pen,not a felt marker that leaves a wide line. Again it flows smoothly,writes a thin line.
I used it also to outline some die cuts to make it stand out. I like the way the white ink set up when dried

The Monkey is off my back!!

FINALLY I finished s/bk Forest's of all the 15 b-days. I didn't get the last 4 b-days done to give to him when he came @ T-giving time. After 5 mo's of having Forest's birthday pic's in a red envelope sitting on my table & a stash of paper etc sitting on the dehumidifer,the stash is gone!!!
Scrapbooking is like a puzzle to me. It seems like I have to get all the pieces together 1st. It seems like it all has to gel together before I can plunge into the project. If I'm stressed out or have other deadlines to meet I can't scrap book. I can come up w/ideas easily enough for my cards. It's been 2 mo's sinceI last s/bk this project. I even had the paper picked out to make mats w/it to go w/ the photo's etc. I had the color theme picked out for each year w/paper clips & notes for what year etc.
I finally made myself sit down w/my lightbox on,start making mats for the photo's. This winter has really made my hands hurt. Somedays I can't do things that take coordination etc. It rained all day Wed.,it was gray,cloudy etc.I lose those days w/pain & fatigue.I put in 2 big sessions this week so I could put the pieces under the book press after using Yes Glue to dry overnite.
Last nite after sleeping for awhile in my recliner, I went into my room. I wanted to make sure pages weren't stuck together. after looking @ them I decides I wanted to put Stickles on some of the places. The pages have to dry s/where so the Stickles doesn't get smeared before it dries. I usually do this so it can dry overnite w/o smearing the wet Stickles.I then wanted to take pic's of them to upload on Flickr. 1 page still have some needed embellishments to balance out the page.
I have any l/over stickers back in my sticker n/book. Scraps are in my file folder. Whole sheets of paper are back in their spot.
My effort on cleaning up my room & swapping items in my stash has paid off. I forgot about the b/ful colorful fibers I got last fall in 2 swaps.I can find things now when I get in the creative mode wherre e/thing starts flying.Now I don't have to go digging thru items thinking I kanow I have this s/where. that really stresses me & I lose my creative edge when I can't locate the needed item.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Finally room is getting clean

Got some books out of closet,Laura has them. Katya birthday presents are in the mail. Finishing up Forest's b-day s/book pages on my table. I have had a pile of stuff sitting on the dehumidifer for over 2 mo's. I started sorting thru the pic' 5 mo's ago. when I finish it,I can file away the items I was using. I've cleaned up the stuff pushed back on my table. All of my V-tine cards are done. I made 35 for Iraq,5 for my women on my churches mail route. I tucked the leftover supplies into an envelope to give away to a Swap Bot buddy for her to use.
My stash of stuff I have been trading with is about gone. I sent all my sticker stash out of my notebook to a Swap Bot buddy in Denmark. I had given some to my grandkids a while back. Very little is left in there now. I also sent her some patterned paper left from a card making kit. That ended up[ costing big bucks to go to Denmark. Won't do that again. @ least she have plenty of supplies to make ATC's. I have traded alot of stamps,wooden ones I wasn't using or didn't want out of my stash. I have gotten some new ones. I like the new ones,clear to use for Easter & spring cards.
I have been on the computor,uploaded my new cards onto Flickr. I worked x2 days on Swap-Bot. I have all my swaps done I signed up for. I cleaned up my profile this a.m.,rated my partners on my swaps,sent out Pm 's for tags & swaps I got last week. I deleted alot of favorites off my file I didn't want anymore.I also have an updated look for my blog so I should be set for the computor for clean up also
Next is to get outthe twins vacation pic'sas kids to sort thru them to start s/booking them for a late C-mas present.Jan sent me a big photo book. I got the 1st photo album down from thefile cabinet. Allen has to scan in 100 baby pic's of them. I plan to put them in the album for Jan.I will make journaling strips to go w/ them of dates,places we lived,their ages. This will be their b-day present for them in July. Heidi wants a digital copy,Allen will have to burn a CD for them. This will be a presentthat won't cost any money just our time
Now I can spend sometime working in my room w/o any deadlines over my head.I don't have stuff in my face that I can no longer do or not being used sinceI've cleaned it out.I want to do some projects just for me I haven't had time for.I 'm tired of making cards,I've been making them since Oct, I have sented @ least 4-5 s/ments of cards to Iraq. I made 95 C-mas cards last year. I have made winter & Valentine cards. I made 35 V-tine cards to go to Iraq,5 for my VT route, 1 for Allen

Valentine & winter cards on Flickr

I finally have my new cards uploaded on Flickr w/ tags & titles. These are my V-tine cards that got sent to Iraq Jan.20th. Hopefully they will get there in time for them to be able to send home to their sweet hearts.
The winter ones are for my church route for Jan. I colored the digi's w/ my Prism color pencils.
I finally got out my new Scor-pal I got for C-mas. I made about 10 gateway folds w/it. I made some of them into my Feb. Visting teaching cards. I didn't take pic's of them since I want to get them in the mail early this month.

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor