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File pictures

Sunday, January 25, 2009


My son was surprised I had done this blog myself when he looked at this Fri.
Jan asked me in Dec. when did U do this ?
Also she she helped me set up my Flickr blog 18 mo's ago. Yesterday she helped edit my FB entry. Did a search for c/mates from Rick's College.

A Sucess

My brag book for Mom G was a sucess. She liked it. I made a special section for her @ the end as a tribute to her

El Paso,very warm

We had the front door open yesterday. It was 80F in the l.rm. Really strange. Hate to see what sunmmer heat we'll get. Never really wore my sweats
Allen surprised me. I found a s/shirt in my drawer w/him and the dogs in his lap. Good pic of him I wore it Fri. to doc's office.

Flickr, Pandora,Facebook

Go to Flickr to see my cards I have posted there
i got the pandora site so you can click on a station play what you want
I did a profile on Facebook under Gloria Grabert

Update on run-on labels

Relief Society is the womens, group for the LDS Church.
Mom G is my mother-in law
My snap coat fits and is comfortable and bright
Swat liked my s/flake collage I made for her b-day i made 4 of them using some shiny s/flakes from Rebecca,s/able plastic s/flakes I made
I made up a bunch of s/flake cards w/stamped images from Jenny's stamps, embellishements from Rebecca and Jenny on snow flake cards

Katya' altered box done

To keep busy before the test I made Katya a rock box for her b-day. I used pink,purple Mulberry paper. It took 3 layers,so the cigar box writing wouldn't showup. I Modge Podge some Hello Kitty stickers and cut out b-flies on it.I don't think the box is going to fall apart any time soon . Inside is a polished rock collection I gave her.
Now to come up w/an idea on how to display my seashell collection for Emma for a gift?
Made my friend Swat an Oriental card for late b-day. She called yesterday and said it's was so beautiful. Stamped up a bunch of Oriental images for later use. I finally got out Heidi's borrowed Oriental stamps and my new clear Oriental ones to stamp . Some I embossed to make them look elegant,others I used red ink on black paper since the Chinese use alot of red in their images.
Some I want to go back and color in w/ my pencils on details. I want to make up a set for a b-day gift and another to use myself

Endo. Results

Stomach okay. Candiata in Espogaus. Bitter Nystatin to take. Gone gluten free this week. Stomach feels better. No more Newman'O,h-made bread,cheese cracker snacks. If stops this rapid weight loss it's worth it. Going to have to go cold turkey on this.

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor