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Friday, May 20, 2011

OPERATION:Get me out of the heat

COUNTDOWN,6 days til our drive to DFW. It's an 11 hour drive.We're breaking it up into 2 days. We're spending the nite in Big Springs,about 1/2 way. I'm supposed to get out to walk @ 2hours prevent blood clots,
This is a MAJOR trip for me since i haven't done this w/ carrying my 0-2 this distance.We have never spent the nite away from the house.
This trip has had 3 mo's of preps for this move. I'm spending the summer @ my son's house to go into his central a/c.MY asthma & heart can't handle another El Paso summer.Our house gets baked w/ the heat in the a/noon so bad I have to camp out in my b/rm. I end up in there from 4pm to 2am. I can't handle another summer cooped up in my tiny room trying to breathe from my window a/c unit.
Gas is sky high that prevent us making monthly trips into the mtns to cool off. Those trips have saved my sanity by getting outdoors.Eating our picnic meals means more to me than a 5-course dinner in an expensive restaurant
Sat. is our dry run day to see what fits into our car.I have to take my 0-2 making machine,3 cylinders of 0-2 for to use in the car & my backpack 0-2 when out walking to go into the backseat. We ordered a roof bag,which supposed to hold as much as a truck. My w/c has to go into the truck fkat 1st,
We looked @ prices for pods,trailers & a small truck. I wanted to take my lift recliner w/ me since I can't get out of regular chairs. I was going to take a dresser since they didn't have one. It would cost from $900 to $1100!!!!
I found a new lift recliner for $600+ NEW!!! It's supposed to be delivered to F's house soon.
I'm also in the process of getting an Hoveround chair. It's a power chair that will replace my w/c. I got to ride on 1 Wed nite. I love it!! It really can turn in tight circles. I even did that in my tiny bdrm. Now I'm waiting on p/work @HA. F has carpet in his liv. rm.W/a power chair it will give me some of my Independence back I have lost w/ my PP muscle weakness etc.
Allen has to figure out how to get a boxful of journals,craft supplies,clothes, med's &some GF food in the car also.
I already have A VT assigned to me. It will be my pen pal Rebecca ,F's neighbor.she's been h/bound w/ her feet since Jan. she's an expert on family history, another scrap booker & card maker. This will give me a buddy,some needed company.
Allen will return back here. He has resumes out to find a job that pays better.
I have most of my craft rm packed up. Allen asked me to that.
I have all my 3 mo's of Dr's visits done. My cleaning @ the dentist was done this week. I go to the DC to get my bak adjusted today. New eye plugs for dry eye go in Tue. I have 3 dr's records. 2 of my dr's lost my signed medical release,I have to resign them.GRRR,these were my heart & lung reports which are crucial.
All of my med's for 3mo's have new scripts & in process of refilling some to take w/ me.
Next I have sew new velcro on my knee sleeve. If I have time put elastic onto 3 skirts to wear. My Thai friend gave me these as dress ,too small. I was able to take out the fabric. There is enough fabric to make new skirts for me. I had to throw away some of my clothes that were worn out.


I got all of my pic's out of the photo book from my mission onto L/O's now. I started Easter w/end when DH was in Conn.I finished last week. I have them all matted & placed on PP. I will do more titles & tags this summer.
The big key was organizing my paper scraps in Jan. into sizes & color families. I was able to walk to scraps to mat most of my pic's w/o having to cut the mats out. Other mats were easy cut from scraps that were a little bigger. I saved a lot of money here since I didn't use new sheets of c/stock.
I chose what type of PP to use thru the book. This saved a lot of decisions & agonizing over L/O's.STICK TO THIS!!! It will help on speeding up the process.
I only used seasonal paper for holidays etc. I used floral PP for Butchart Garden tour in Canada.
I made some of my own PP using some of my stamps in my stash.This stopped me from trying to hunt the theme PP in a store or online.
I used a tip from Splitcoasters to mix different types of lettering on a title. It gave me a way to use my lettering in my stash. I also got some cool effects doing this.I also got out my stencils to make letters I didn't have. I filled in the outlines w/ Glaze pen,Stickles ,glitter or embossing powder.
I CAN'T BELIEVE I PULLED THIS OFF!!! I started this project 3 years ago. It got shove away for a year on a shelf.Vol I is done & packed to give to my son for a late gift.10 years ago I would had laughed @ s/one if they told me I would do s/thing like this. "Old dogs can learn new tricks",3 cheers for me.!!!!
Resources on the web have been my teacher since I'm housebound .Learning to think outside of the box is a big key. Using UR scraps & items in UR stash is another key. Oangizing UR supplies so U know where everything when the creative juices get going.

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor