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Sunday, December 13, 2009


I never thought I would hear this from my DD Laura,my youngest. She was the biggest junk food eater of all 4 kids. She would climb up into the cupboards in Utah when I was asleep after school.I caught her many of times sneaking into the cookie jar since I would hear the ceramic lid clinking. They had after schools snacks to eat When Allen payed her to mow the front yard,she came home w/ junk food from the vending machine@ the middle school.She would be on a sugar high & then plunge down into a crabby girl. She had low blood sugar & I pulled teeth trying to teach her to eat better.
I was totaly shocked when she turned down a piece of chocolate cake. I was so tempted myself it looked so good. I'm on a gluten -free diet & this was even hard for me to turn down. She said if things are too sweet ,they hurt her teeth. She even turned down ice cream!!! She used to work @ Braums in Ft. Worth area,& always was bringing home ice cream for her & her dad to fill up on. She had a stash of food in her room.She wasn't supposed to keep food in there since it would attract the roaches. That was until she woke up once w/ a roach in her face. I made her clean up her room super through & put roach traps in her closet. That stopped her from keeping a stash of food in her room. She would do any chore @ times if she knew she would get chocolate or some treat in return. It was a carrot I could use for years until she had spending money.
She did eat the last piece of pumpkin pie.
She seems to have settle down & appears more mature. She was so good w/ Toby. She was so patient changing his diapers & pulling his coveralls on & off that didn't have snaps to open them up. He just adored his aunt Laura. She always been good w/lttle kids even when she was younger. I wish she would go to school Or find s/thing to do w/ kids. Instead she still works @ Blockbuster w/no benefits. She relly needs to get in & get her teeth checked out.
She is turning into such a beatiful young women. She didn't go to the show T-giving nite. She stayed & played the WI & talked to me when I wasn't sleeping in my recliner. She even spent time w/her dad looking @ a photo album of her gr-g-mom's pic's. She has never been interested in the past w/family photo's. She was a daddy's girl when younger. It was nice to have her spend 1 nite here while waiting for her twins sisters to come from NC.She shared a room @ the motel w/ Jan. They left early for Heidi to put the kids to bed. I wouldn't see them until late the next day since I would get up early & them go back to bed in early am & sleep in since I would be tired out from the previous day's activities.
She has a handsome young BF,going to UT in Arlinginton in marketing. They have been dating for over 8 mo's. He's motivated to go s/where which is good for her. It was really good to be able to see her & give her a big hug again
She did like her photo al;bum I made of her baby pic's. I also made her a ice cream float from the last Braum's mug we had when I made candles last spring. She asked where they had gone to when the twins left. so all my hard work she appreciated. Now she has a memory of her years in Ct. in photo's of her Nanny Gert, Poppy & her Uncle Mark who all have died.She was dearly loved by them & the pic's show their devotion to her.

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