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Thursday, June 11, 2009

The car tithing bought

We had the sonata last week @ Harry's auto trying to find out why the sensors kept coming on. We had to get the car ready for inspection. Allen had to work from home,since the car was in the shop for so long. We were very fortunate Harry is an honest man,he refused to charge us for labor since he couldn't find the problem. Allen called the dealership to take it in. I was sound asleep when he called me it was going to cost $2,500 for repairs.Sticker shock!! More codes turned up & a leaky gasket. We don't have that kind of money esp. w/ a 5% pay cut still in effect.
I called our Relief Society Pres. to ask her if anyone had a used car for sale in the ward. Still kinda stun I commented we have paid our tithing & I just finished my June's VT route.
I was kinda out of it that day,it was cloudy,summer slows me down. I was sleep in my recliner when Allen called from the dealership in the afternoon. He had gotten online to check out cars online w/local d/ships.
I can't believe it he found a Taurus,5 yrs old.We still have a 5%pay cut still in effect. @ 1st the payments came in @$185 a mo.,later the no. came in @ $150 a month. We don't have room to spare w/ medical bills & meds etc. for me. The only way we could have gotten that car is we pay our tithing faithfully. The car had been marked down $ 3,ooo for a car sale last weekend.


Sarah said...

Oh I love your little rabbit! I have been trying to work out how to set up emailing and came up with nothing - if you add the gadget that lists blogs though, it updates everytime the blog it's linked to updates - so you can make a list of the blogs that you like, and each time the author updates it will pop to the top of the list. Hope this helps. Have a wonderful weekend!

glograbear said...

I would like U to click me as a follower. My blog list is /2 the bottom. thanks for UR comment.

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