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Monday, September 21, 2009

Wouldn't let me post

I couldn't post my labels so It wouldn't let me publish my paragraph

As U can see I experimented w/ al ot of different media this summer so I could save my sanity sitting in front of my window a/c unit during the heat of the day. I' starting to put some of these together for cards.
i also used some of my b-day money to buy new colors Prism has putted out. W/ Allen's protests I also replaced some of the colors I really chewed up. Dick Bik had them for.95. HL didn't have some of these colors. Their pencils have gone up to $1.49. I had to pay s&h so I want ed to order only once. I had Laura go in w/ me since she couldn't find scratch board. That cut my s&h down in 1/2 to save money.
Now if I can only get some more energy & it cool down I can get my floral cards & finish up my Dustin Pike cards for my swaps etc done then I can start on s/bk projects. Since Forest & Laura have b-days coming up this fall, I can save money on postage if I finish their gifts. Forest will be his b-day fro m 1 to 15 yrs old. Laura's will her baby pic's when we lived in Conn. It will have pic's of her g-father,gr.g/mother & uncle who are now dead holding her as a baby. i just hope my health will hold out so I can record these events for my kids to have. My biggest fear I have brain damage etc, I won't be able to remember the stories behind the pic's. Besides money for C-mas is non exisent so I need to come up items I can make w/stuff here in the house.

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bess said...

Hang in there lady, you're so strong and fiesty! Whadaya say we do another swap - between the two of us? I have some scrapies and ribbons & things I've been saving for you, and a new little bear pattern I've been wanting to try out! Email me!

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor