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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fluffy good guard dog

When the maintance guy had to come & check out th brm heater,he called me he was coming. I saw him drive up to the gate & opened up the front door. The screen door is a old wooden one that doesn't latch. Fluffy saw him coming to the gate,she barreled out the door. when he opened the gate,she was ready to let him know he didn't belong in the gate. It took me 3 times to call her name to let her know it was okay. He had put his boot out in front of him,which she already had grabbed.
@ least I know she will probably die trying to protect if s/one attacks me.
The other nite I had her o/side running around. The p/man had been coming late ,it was after 5:30 pm. I didn't think my arm brace was going to be delivered either since it was getting past 6 pm. Then I get this phone call from a cell phone w/ a guy telling me he was o/side my gate w/my brace. Fluffy was barking,growling & jumping up & down in front of the gate. The man was trying to talk to her. U could tell by the sound of his voice that he was scared of her. By that time George had gotten out of the fence & can spring up 1/2 of his body above the fence barking also.
We get alot of foot traffic in this area during the day. We are a thru street w/ 2 very busy streets @ each corner of our block.It's good to know they aren't going to let s/one in the yard w/o a good fight to watch over me.

Black mask

Taco has a black marking over both of his eyes that reminds me of the face mask the Lone Ranger used to wear. He's incognito, a Musketer in training.
He loves to wrestle w/ them. He darts in & out nipping them w/his tiny sharp teeth.

Smart dog

Despite his small size Taco is making himself known. He really cracked me up the
other day. I had put all 3 dogs outside. I still had the front door open. I heard his little bark. I looked o/side, here is this little tiny pup barking @ the Lucky a big Heinz 57 dog next door. Its was like he was saying "this is my yard!"! A few minutes later s/one walks by the fence,&he starts barking @ them running down the fence line.
He challeges Fluffy & George now. He'll stand up on Fluffy's back & try to bite her ears w/ his sharp little teeth.Now both Fluffy & him run out the door together when the door is opened. He goes out better to the brm than George does.
He also know now to come into the kitchen for supper since there will be real food!!
George was never intested in either rawhide bones or dog chewy toys until Taco came. George has taken them away from him repeatly!!

Gluten free Pizza for Supper!!!!

Allen actually found Chebe mix in our local Albertson's. It has no corn,dairy or soy,which are other food alergies I have beside being Gluten intolertant. It's made w/ tapoica flour. It was so good, I can't believe I actually got to have pizza for supper. I loved breads in any form so it was really hard to give it up. I had to go cold turkey last year. It was either all or nothing. I've been GF for a year now. It's been worth it since the gut pain,terrible gas rumbling thru my gut is gone, & no more sudden weight loss.
It's colder this winter than last year. W/ my FM I carve carbs.I got a big box of GF mixes from my s/in/law for my b-day. I finally getting around to trying some of them. I did bake thecinnamon raisin bread by Bob's Red Mill. It's a very heavy cake like,almost like old fashioned fruit cake. It made 13 slices.I bagged of some of them in baggies & dropped in a big ziploc bag to go into the freezer. It took 1/1/2 hours to rise instead of th 30 min's as therecipe said. thiswas in front of a warm oven w/ a bowl covered w/ a towel. I found on a link not to use the vinegar,it may rise better w/o it. It does have sorghum flour in it. I have to eat it again when I haven't eaten lentils the same day. I had terrible gas that day. I did rinse off my lentils after soaking them.
I didn't like the chocolate cake by Red Mill. It was NASTY,NASTY,tasting. The fava beans gave it a bitter taste.I pawned them off on allen so they weren't a total loss.
Elana's Pantry has a better recipe for GF choc. cake w/bananas & egg whites. It has a mousse like texture. It's my favo. recipe,a life saver for choc. craving. The choc. brownies are made w/either cashew or almond butter. It's better if U use the dark choc. chips. I cut them up into small squares,put them in baggies in the frezer in a big ziploc bag. I then have a treat for when I'm craving brownies. Warming them up in the m/w for 15 seconds melts the choc. chips which tastes better. These are very rich because of the nut butter. also very expensive since they take a a 1# of nut butter.About $10 for a # of it. Her recipes are good, I haven't ran into a bad recipe of all I have tried.
Will make granola bars w/a recipe I found on another GF site this week.

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor