File pictures

File pictures

Monday, January 31, 2011

Laura's wierd card set

These are ATC's I got in a swap. I made them into a card set for my DD's late C-mas gift. I used my new watercolor crayons on them for my b/ground. I luv how easy they color onto the media c/stock. Then I put a small amount of water on them w/ a small paint brush to blend the colors. I luv the vibrant colors I got. a little goes a long ways. I took care to paint from the inside out so I didn't get a muddy look. I had a scrap of paper on the edges to brush off on when doing the border.
I cut open a bottle of Stickles to get dwon to the last of it & put it on the black witch card for a sparkly effect.

Altered box

I took a candy box & used beach paper & a SU set of stickers of kids @ beach playing. I Modge Podged it on so the box would wear w/ use. The sides have blue wavelike paer on it.
It holds a set of flat seashells in it.
A pic. of her @ the beach playing w/ a sand castle inspired this project.

Emma's shell gift

I Modge Podge mulberry paper that had leaves & coconut fiber in it on the can.My friend Russ gave me these scraps & it sure fit my beach theme. It really gave the can a textured feel.the can holds small seashell collection.

2 corner tables

I remembered these were stuck in the corner in the storage room. I had DH unplug the dehumidifier & push it under my card table. He took a big box out of the room. Now I can open the drawer up & store less used items in this big drawer.W/ the tables I have access to them underneath to store my paper scraps,12x12 box of paper,my 8x10 card stock. The 1 table next to me is my project table. It gives me extra room to put items on while I'm working on my card table.
I've 2 portfolio's w/ filed card stock scraps by colors under the 1st table. 2nd table has card stock & my 12x12 box of patterned paper under it

1st set of drawers

I had to clean up the 1st of drawers since I did the other set. I moved my Distress inks to a separate drawer. My 1st drawer of inks was to crowed to close the drawer. I also pulled out a tin of foam stamps. They are now on my shelf since I don't use them that often. I have my acrylic blocks & Tack & Peel in that drawer.I pulled out some 1/2 empty pen plastic boxes that were jamming my drawers.I now have my watercolor crayons in that drawer also. I just found my lost new woodless color pencils in there now.I moved some of my C-mas items out of the drawer into a C-mas portfolio pocket.I now have a big misc. drawer.

Tipped Drawers

This set was tipping to the side. DH took the wheels off the bottom set & put it on the top. Put the wheels on the top one & then it was the bottom. That messed up my order of the drawers. I had them as I use the most on the top & the least on the bottom. It meant I rearrange every drawer. It meant my big drawers were in the middle now.So I sorted thru e/thing. It made clean up my drawers. I put labels on them so I knew exactly what was in them. Now I can't just throw stuff in the drawer.I also pulled some stuff out of drawers & stored in an other area so it would get used more.

Magazine holders

DH gave me 6 of these for me for C-mas.My friend Russ from NYC sent me 2 Priority boxes of card making mag's to me. some of them will go to Relief Society activities to be used for classes. I have a full holder of Rubber Stamper he gave me.I really luv this mag's & I finally getting up to speed on their advanced tech's.
Since I have gone thru a lot of our family photo books for s/booking for the kids I have room on top of my file cabinet now.
When Jan comes she will be taking baby photo's of them as twins. That will get down 2 albums+ she'll take the vacation photo albums

pictures of my craft room

Shelf DH put up T-giving w/end as a surprise for me. He wanted my piles of boxes etc. off the floor.Now I have 2 boxes off the shelf that had PP & c/stock scraps in it to sort thru. It took 6 days to do that.

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor