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File pictures

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blogger harder to upload pic' on my blog.

Finally I figured out how to upload my pic's of the kids on my blog.They won't let U upload more than 1 of the pic's @ 1 time. I decided to do it on my side panel. On my blog I have to do an entry for each one. on Flickr I can rotate the pic's up above the pic. I have other pic's but they are turned to the side. I took the pic's that way to get a better pic. Facebook lets me make my own albums.
I had to play w/the application buttons to figure out how to get them all on here. It takes longer here since I had to upload them 1 @ a time & keep going back to new gadget to get the next pic.

another storm coming in?

This will be our 3rd storm in 2 weeks. Last week we had 2 snow storms,which is unusual for El Paso. We generally get just snow flurries. last Mon. as we came out from a dr's appt, our car was covered Allen had to get out the scrapper. We haven't had that much snow on our car in maybe 9 yrs here in Texas. Then we got another s/storm. We had the most snow in El Paso in the NE area. Boy has it done a number on my FM. I'm stiff as a board!! We went from 80F T-giving week to 26F one nite. That rapid temp. change has thrown my muscles into spasms On top of it I had 4 appts I couldn't cancel. My PC dr.which I need my drug refills, dentist appt to put on my perm crown ,3rd appt, going to my DC to put my back & hip in,& a eye appt to dilate my eyes. I finally got my Swine flu vaccine,almost missed it. Mon. I got one of the few left that came in on Fri. I have been calling almost daily for 2 weeks to see if my lung dr. had it in.
I finally got my 2nd s/ment of cards out to Iraq Mon.These are for the Gi's C-mas
day. I got to take a few days off to rest to get this pain under control & ride the latest storm out. I need to blog about my kids trip here before I forget items. I also have my C-mas card to go out to family & my Swap bot friends. I have 2 s/booking projects to start. One for Allen & the twins ones of vacations we took when we lived in Conn in the 80's. I have 4 more pages of Forest b-days to finish up. Jenny,his wife took home 10 b-days she put them in an album for me.
i did get baked a gluten free choc. cake for me to eat plus cooked black-eye peas for supper last nite. I made a 2nd batch of pumpkin custard to eat. I didn't eat the pumpkin pie for T-ving since it had milk in it & pie crust which isn't GF.

Monday, December 7, 2009


I have my 2nd sment of cards to go in the mail this am for Iraq GI's for C-mas day. I couldn't have done this w/o my Swap-bot buddies. I was able to trade some items forC-mas paper which i didn't have in my stash. also an "angel" sent me a box of much needed paper scraps. I have used up all of mine on projects.
i made the deadlines to get both Forest's & Laura's presents into their hands. Laura liked her photo book w/ 110 baby pic's etc.Her sisters also looked @ them. I let her open it up early so other people could look @ them. Jenny took home 10 of Forest's b-days. She put them in an album for since I don't have money for one. I still have 4 more b-days to scrap. I put my ribs out & they went into muscle spasms on me. So MOn. & Tue I was into much pain.
I had to get started on preps. for them to come. I cooked a double batch of tapoica pudding for him for his late b-day cake. I made him a frog b-day card. This idea will get made up into b-day cards for GI's in Iraq.
I mamage to get both b-romms scrubbed up. allen took old computors to Goodwill. I emptied off the card table in the living room for the kids to eaat on.Allen helped me put together a big pot of turkey vegetable soup for Sunday dinner. He also cooked a turkey for us to have sandwiches for lunch. all the girls helped make enchilldas for Wed. nite dinner.

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor