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Monday, September 21, 2009

Good RN's @ hospital.

My 2nd time in the heart unit @ Las Palamas in El Paso. The ER dr's are good here, they recognize my problems w/ Ehler-Danlos which is a gentic d/order. It causes a lot of organ problems since it;s collagen defect. it also causes my joint laxity problem ,which is why I have to wear all the bracing & shoes I do. it'sis arared/order alot of DR's in other hospitals haven't been aware of. For El Paso I'm surprised so may Dr's are aware of it. It does cause complications.
I had good RN's. Theone in the am ordered me new brft try when it came up w/ 2 bites of eggs, milk.cereal I can't eat. I'm on a gluten-free diet & shee ordered it as that. She even had them send up some extra boiled eggs for me to eat to have extra protein since I'm now diabetic & eat small meals.
The nite nurse was really, inventive. Early Wed. am in the ER. My calf muscles went into terrific muscles spasms& triggers. I turned the morphine down since I get very disoriented w/ it.
On the floor, Mannie took some of the bath wipes & heated them up in the M/wave. I covered them up in the sheet & put them on my calves. I was finally able to go to sleep w/ the heat on them. He would do this for me 2 nites for me so I could give me some relief. The Valium the Dr ordered was cutting it
Allen brought up my calcium & Magnesium citrate for me to take also to help w/ my muscle spasms. These occur when I have adrenal attack start. My body was under a lot of stress,so My adrenal system was probably acting up to
I was nice a/to be able to sleep w/ a/c on. It took about 24 hrsfor a/cto hit my lungs beforeI felt better breathing wise. I finally felt well enough by Thur's am to turn on theTV. Thatwas atreat for me since our L.rm been too hot for 3 mo's for me to watch T.V. They had cable which we don't have. One morn. I watched some cartoons,it wasbetter than the news talk shows. I got to watch White Fang movie,even thought it was in Spanish. The action,dogs & the senery were enough for me to enjoy the movie. I read this when I was in 7th grade & made me a lover of Jack London's books . One nite Allen & I watched SUV & some Nat'l GEo shows. I'm a big fan of Nat'l Geo.
I know I end up back in there again some time. @ least I know I will be be in good hands. I handled this visit better than the last 2 ones. I know my body is wearing out.

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