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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Rolling blackouts in El Paso,Tx

We had 3 days of these. Our generators instruments were frozen & they couldn't generate power. So we had rolling b/outs. We must had been in the non critical grid of 17 areas. 35 grids.Frozen water pipes. We did have a share in a nuclear plant in AZ which we could buy power from.
I was prepared. Luckily I have a 2 big tanks of 0-2 I can fill up my portable tank with. When the power goes off an alarm sounds. My recliner doesn't move when it hits. so I made sure I had a flashlight, matches & my liquid paraffin candle handy . We have a gas stove,had to light the burner 1st. I learned to cook my supper during the daytime or to cook it be before the b/outs were scheduled to start.
I wore my Damart thermal long johns I got in Conn. They are nice & warm.I haven't worn them since Utah. Kept my double lined wool socks on my feet. My feet get cold & they stay cold.I layered myself. The dogs & I slept in the recliner w/ my warm lap quilt I had made.
We put an extra wool blanket that was my g/mom's. U can beat wool for warmth. I insisted w/ Allen when we moved from Utah to Texas to keep our warm clothing etc. Ice storms in North Texas can snap power lines & be w/o power for days.
50 power plants in Texas got hit. We're not equipped for such cold weather.A big cold Arctic front pushed all the way into North Mexico.some animals,snakes etc died in a Mexican zoo when the power faile
The day we had $f here,Anchorage AK was 18F. WOW zero F was warm there in the winter!!

3F in El Paso,Texas!!!

Broke a record set in 1956. 2 nites of 4F before that,record broke from 1962. Was in Ft Stockton,west Tx in 7th grade. Don't remember that,just the blowing sand in our faces @ lunch time.
Our houses aren't build for this kind of cold. Wind caused a lot of chill factors. My craft rm temp. got down to 47F Wed. when the storm came in.The wind just blew thru the glass. The walls were cold to touch. House built in early 50's,no insulation.
Luckily our pipes are all on the inside of the house. So we had no frozen pipes. @ of our chapels had frozen pipes.
Hondo Pass was supposed to have a Stake broadcast Sun. am. It had major flooding so moved back to the Stake center. Our had some minor flooding.Albertsons was closed Fri. nit from part of it's roof collapsed from a frozen pipe in the ceiling broke.

water restrictions

Now it's our water supply that's having problems related to the cold. It now has been extended to Mon. No school for the 4th day. they had to reduce power usage from the 3 days of blackouts. Reservoirs are too low No showers,laundry,etc.We're to boil water.
Do have water to drink,water by toilets, outside H2o may be frozen. Will use paper plates etc.Baby wipes for hands & face. No shower for me today.
So far so good. Mac Simpson from coon Relief society of the LDS church taught us to be prepared.Need to update my 72 hr kit meds& put GF food in it.

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor