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Sunday, September 12, 2010

My sale color pencils

I found Caron deAche w/color pencils made in Switzerland @ HL in the clearance section @ $18,a set of 24. They retail for $65,D.Blick had them for $58. I want to use them for w/color b/ground for my c-mas card. also underneath it was a book of w/c paper from France that is rough texture.It was1/2 price. I can cut it up into 4 pieces to make card with. I have really hit it big time in that corner in the 2 HL's here. I only buy my patterned paper on clearance out of season or when the new paper comes out.
Then @ D.Blick I found my 24 Derwent cp's @ 40% off for $20.That was cheaper than Prisma's. A lot better quality pencil made in England . I had a GC from Frugal Living community for these.

New bed cover

Yea! the order was really great from Bargain Outlet Catlog. The bed cover was only $14!!! It looks great ,no problems w/ it. I luv the bright color it brings into the room. things go quickly here. I lost out on the green one i wanted.
My $ 5.00 skirt is lined,no problems w/ it either. It's a size 16 which is hard to find here in El Paso,skirts are far & few to be found on the racks

experiment w/3 brands of color pencils

I bought 3 brands from Dick Blick,Dick Blick,Derwent, & Luminance. I got white & cream colors so it's apples to apples. I colored the toast on the toaster w/them.Close up U can't tell which ones were that different. Luminance is the premier CP for artist. I just wanted to own one to see what they were like. They are $3.33 apiece. Dick Blick is.79 ,1/2 the price of Prisma's/ A better pencil that lays a nice layer of color down smooth;y w/ no wax build up!!!!
I luv my Derwent Colorsoft pencils!!!They lay a great color down smoothly. they blend great w/ the DB c/blender pencils. I will replace my Prisma's w/ bothe Derwent & D,Blick ones. No more Prisma's for me!!!!

This was my GC I won from Frugal Living community on blogfrog

Dick Blick Products

i will buy more Dick Blick color pencils to replace my Prisma color pencils. They blend smoother,lay a nice layer of color down & 1/2 the price of Prisma CP's.
They are made in Czech Republic.
I bought their new color blending pencil. It blends much easier than the Prisma ones, Less hand pressure, blends the colors in layers,
no wax build up. I didn't even have to use my stump afterwards.

Dustin Pike Trucks

I will be putting Keep on Truckin on these for my GI cards/

Scribble Talk

This is a professional pencil artist site. I look 2 the color pencil artist section. WOW the works done in CP are awesome. i learned some tips from them. 2 of the images from Dustin Pike are my 1st experiments, I learned to color in small cork screw circles. Use a light feather like touch,lightly touch the paper.Use layers from light to dark. Very little hand pressure on these,saved a lot of hand pain.
The colors really popped out on these images. Takes a little longer ,WOW look,less hand pain.
I relly luv the skater. Hiss/board has @ least 8 layers

blog error

should bring the site upIt is @ Go to the right side of the page & click on photo's. I use grandmabear there.

Frog cards up

Go to to see my new frog cards I made. grandmabear is my name there.Look @ the top right area & click on photo's to bring them up. It's too hard to load them on multiple sites& time consuming. I so proud of them .I used alcohol inks for my b/grounds for these. These will be going out in 3 s/ments of cards to 3 GI groups, I in Kuwait,2 in Afghan. soon in the mail
I couldn't had done this w/o help of my fellow stampers & c/makers. Frog images are hard to find. Several people sent me frog stamps & frog paper.
This project has been in the works for over a year. I colored a lot of the images in the heat this summer.

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor