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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

H.P. cuts salaries 15% for April

This Sucks!!! We're back to where we were 3 yrs ago. I really hope this is for 1 mo. only. I don't have a fancy living style,we have kept cutting corners but w/ my medical bills,hours Allen work for them,he under alot of stress

Salary cut

Trying to use what I have in the house, meal wise & using my stash. I can't even go in the stores because I will be tempted to see things I can't have.
I finally pulled together my botanical cards. I colored the botanical flowers from Dover last summer with my watercolor pencils. I cut them out of the c/stock they were printed on. I didn't know what b/ground to mount them on,so they sat in my file on my shelf.
One afternoon I decided to get out my alcohol inks & glossy card stock & play w/it. I luv putting drops of the ink on the c/s & picking it up & let it run in different directions as I turned the c/s. Then I took the applicator w/the blending solution & began pouncing it to blend the colors. I made orange ones w/ 2 of theRanger colors. I really liked making the purple ones with the blue @the yellow inks. I added some pearl& silver late to them. I made sky color ones by adding blending solution to the c/s to get a cloud like look I luv the pink b'ground I made with the red pepper ink by adding blending solution till I got the color I want. The carnations look so great on this pink b/ground. I spread them out on the table to look @ when I walked by them.
Later on I was bored,I sat down & was looking at them , I grabbed my folder with the cut flowers in it. I got out some green cards in my drawer, placed some of the green alcohol strips on them & placed one of the flowers on it. It was amazing what a b/ful contract the a/inks made for the flowers. I also laid out some on white cards. I'm out of blending solution,I've to wait before I can make some more b/grounds. It's taken about 10 mo's to pull together my orginal idea for these cards. I want to get some more DewDrop pads to use for my card edges. I love these since they are small enough for me to hold onto while inking card edges. I also don't get ink on my hands or places where I don't want on my card. Plus the cost means I can have more colors of ink pads on my budget. I like these better than the Color Box Cat Eyes. The pad is better,I had to glue down the sponge pads on the Cat's Eyes This is 'on hold' for right now. I'm wondering if some of these will be masuline enough for my Iraq card project
I have other clip art copied for me to color this summer. When the heat hits here In June,I can't work in my room. I pull up to the potable a/c & color. Allen gave me a new set of Prism w/color pencils that match my Prism pencils I found 2 books on Amazon @ C-mas for .1 plus s&h. to color this summer. I really like how my whimiscal c/art turned out w/both of the pencils. I used the pencils for the outlines. I used the w/c pencils for areas I want to blend & shade.

George and the fence

George became obesessed with the rabbit. He would go crazy seeing it on the other side of the fence. One day I put him o/side to the brm. in the front yard. A little while later in the back of the house I see him in the back yard barking. It was"how did you get in the back yard?." There is a tall gate between the the 2 yards. He would do this a few more times & we couldn't figure out how he was doing this.
One day Allen noticed George was chasing the bunny in Robert's yard when he was outside.He yelled @ him. We figured out he had found a low place in the front yard where the wire fence &
the stone wall fence had a low spot.He jumped over that when he was in the front yard. He found a gap in between wire fence & would get under that & come back into the back yard. Now this is a ways up on the fence. How he jumped up & squeezed in that gap we don't know. He can jump as high as a Jack Russel. ( We had one,she was stolen the 1st Tue. we moved to El Paso)
We don't how many times he managed to get to Robert's yard to chase the rabbit. I t must have s/thing to do w/him being abandoned in the desert ,had to fight for survival. He was found almost dead. Did he have to chase s/thing to eat? He goes crazy when food is around,he's afraid he won't get to eat again. We have had him 3 yrs,he still like this.
When we would put him out later to the brm. if the rabbit was out, he would look at us, we say to him "no George U can't jump the fence". He would look @ the rabbit & then look @ us. The 1st few times we would have to call him back over in to the yard,then he realized "oh! I'm not supposed to be in the yard. "
This dog cracks me up,he deftly has his own mind. That's why I call him "Curious George",he gets into as much mischief as the monkey did.Then he give U those pathetic eyes,he melts UR heart,how can U stay mad @ him

George and the Rabbit

Our n/bor had a rabbit in his yard, it drove George crazy. One day I went to put the dogs out to the brm. I had opened the door & happened to turn around. I saw the rabbit in the yard,about that time the dogs saw it. My 1st question was"what is the rabbit doing in our yard!" I was standing in the d/way in my n/gown,had my old legbrace on( which is full leg,harder to move around in,which I use @ night to get up in a hurry to go to the brm.etc.) I only can get a little ways into the yard, I start yelling @ the dogs to try to call them off. It's crazy, the poor bunny is running frantically for his life,the dogs are chasing it in circles in the front yard. George by this time is in survival mode,his legs aren't even touching the ground, he has them folded behind him in racing form. I have never seen a dog so sleek & trim in a running form as he was chasing this rabbit.
My n/bor hearing me yelling,comes running into my yard & starts running after the dogs. This is the funniest thing I have ever seen. He is bent over,running in a circle w/his hands outstretched & has a burning cigarette flapping in his mouth. Interesting that the cigarette never fell out of his mouth during this chase. I finally got Fluffy (poodle-terrier mix) to stop chasing t rabbit. George is oblivious to both Robert chasing him & me yelling @ him to stop. The poor bunny is running for his life. I'm amazed the rabbit didn't have a heart attack & drop dead from the shock of being chased etc. I don't know how long he chased that rabbit, we finally get him off the rabbit. Robert had a hard time trying to get the rabbit. Robert would move to where he had jumped to & would be gone by the time he got there. Finally the rabbit was safely caught. Robert found a hole in the fence where the rabbit had gotten in to our yard
Sadly the rabbit would get hit by a carlater,when it got out of the front yard

I luv my Iggie!!

Curious George is a character. I've never had a dog like him. He definatly has a" Mind of his own" Usually dogs have a pack mentallity. If they know You're the boss,they heed UR voice when spoken in a stern voice.
He definatly loves to get on the bed. I keep the doors closed most of the time since I have allegries. When I'm in my craft room,s/times he tries to sleek by my table @ go in the brm. door. One day I was in the room putting stuff away,when I had my head turn,he was up on Allen's side. I told him to get down,turned around he was on the bed again. He did this 3 times in a row!! Then I tried to tell him to get out of the room in stern voice. He digs in & refuses to budge. I move over to the side of the room, he finally gets out. (I usually have to be careful w/raising my voice to him since he has been a traumatized in the past)
I have never had a dog that perches up on my shoulder when he needs reassurance.Being so leggy as an Italian Greyhound he folds himself up& cuddles up there. When I come home from an errand etc.,he goes crazy for attention,it's like I'v deserted him & he needs my reassurance.
Those eyes of his always nail me,he looks so patheic,"I need UR lover,pet me,pet me!!

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor