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Monday, May 10, 2010


I walked into the kitchen Sun.@ 1 pm to discover a quart jar of rust color roses w/yellow centers sitting @ my place mat. I asked Allen where they came from. He said "me". Mr. Analytical is not a romantic. I can count on 1 hand how many times he has given me flowers. NEVER on Mother's Day!!!! In the past he would say "you're not my mother",so I never expect anything from on this day.
Sometimes he really amazes me after knowing him 32 years.
We went out to breakfast @ O'clock cafe. They have a swamp cooler, I can't breathe w/those on in the summer w/ my asthma.I wanted bacon & hash browns for breakfast & didn't want to cook it. Last week I lost,got really stressed out w/ Medco, on deny me 1 of my medication etc. I wanted a trip out of the house to do s/thing fun. It was to celebrate my "new look" .
Next stop was to get my hair cut. Alica couldn't believe me when i told her I wanted it cut off. I said as "short as U can get it". "I can cut it any length" she stated.No, I want it as short as UR's

Wigs for Kids

Did a search online to see who I could donate my hair to. Wigs for Kids makes sure UR hair gets to the kids. I grew mine out for disorder where they lose their hair to baldness.
Locks of Love has some problems where their hair is going. Are the kids really getting the wigs that people donated hair too? They have been known to sell some of their hair that was donated. Their power structure seems too big to me. I had been growing my hair out for 7 yrs. This was a once a lifetime shot,i wanted to make sure a girl gets my hair.
I had 18 inches cut off,the longest my hair has ever been.I will post pic's later. I now have a new look for Mother's Day!!!

18inches gone!!!

HAIR that is cut going to Wigs for Kids.I now have a new look. My hair is tapered. Allen's calls it a "boy cut" To me it means no more hair getting caught in my sleep mask,0-2 tubing,food getting in my hair. It was taking to long to get out of the shower. I have to comb all the snarls out before I get in the shower, &time to put condtioner in it. My scalp has itching so bad w/the heat & I can't get the medicine down to the scalp
another item off my bucket list. It's been 7 yrs growing this out. It took 2 yrs, to grow it out 1 length from a layered haircut. It takes 7 ponytails of hair to make a wig. Now a little girl w/Apchia

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor