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File pictures

Friday, November 26, 2010

Mess is off the floor

Allen surprised me T-giving AM. The shelves he bought put in my room. My stuff that has been in a corner started growing out into the middle of the room.A lot of it is projects in process. 2 boxes of paper scraps I need to sort thru. Now it's all in a tall stack instead of of in a mess on the floor. It does look a lot neater.
I have used up a lot of items in my stash for my C-mas collage cards. I sorted out a lot of card making magazines that were given to me. I passed them onto the Relief Society Pres. for the women in my church to use for ideas for their C-mas projects They had a big super Sat. activity that they could pick them up.
I have books that I have read that will go out when we have a book review @ church.
This house is just to small to keep a lot of stuff in it & be able to move around in
Allen also got me a new watch to stretch over my new arm brace on my right arm. the new brave extends down to my wrist to support it whem I stamp in my room or I'm lifting items in the kitchen. I couldn't wear my watch w/ the strap since it wouldn't fit under my brace. Pendant watches were too expensive!!

What a relief!!

I actually pulled it off!! It took 3 weeks to do it. I made 53 collage C-mas cards to go to Kuwait for C-mas day.My Vertigo messed up my time line for cards for them to send home to their families.I had to change my plans of time constrains. I was working on color pencil for a sky b/ground. I had surfed the web in trying to keep still the 2nd week of my Vertigo. I printed a lot of free digi's & b/grounds I found on line. It was a lot of cut & paste this year. Jan saved me alot of time by creating a file of titles w/ words in font's of candy canes,trains,ivy & berries & script Merry C-mas. I colored a lot of items in @ nite w/ my glaze pens etc. while T.V.was on.
i did alot of Vintage cards. I used Distress inks, Old Paper & Vintage photo & my tear ruler & Vintage pic's I d/loaded.
My heart is slowing me down so s/things were done in 20 min's etc.Dr's appts just wipe me out. Cooking supper when I get up means I usually have to rest in the recliner.

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor