File pictures

File pictures

Monday, December 20, 2010

Big & Juicy pad

I luv how quickly these brayer onto my card stock. They are so hard to find
even on the web. It wide enough I used 2 brayers so I wouldn't mess up my ink colors.I needed a quick sky for my cards. Originally I was going to watercolor w/ my w/color I lost Oct. & I lost time to experiment w/ the w/color pencils for a wash b/ground for the sky.
U can see how I did the trees for my collage.

Mark's card

This idea got tabled in Oct. because of health problems. I only made 4 of these.
i used a brayed ink w/ Big & Juicy ink pad to make my sky b/ground. I cut out the trees from some stamped images. I put the big one in the front & the group of trees in the b/ground. I cut out the moose stamp. I popped it up w/ a 3-d foam dot. I added the wood pieces as an accent
I put Peace on Earth on tags as a greeting.

Mark's card

Jan is a Hello Kitty fan. My 1st easel card. It took me 2 years to finally do this card. I had to print out the directions for it & follow it step by step. after I saw it, then i could visualize it.
I dyed the dew drops w/ alcohol ink to use as a stop for the card to keep it opened.

Toby'schipboard book

This is a pic of the whole book I made for his present.The whole project is on my flickR tag w/ more pic's & descriptions of the project. It took 6 days to complete

Judy's card

I used a M.Engrbeit piece for this card


Katya's card

She loved to dance to the N/cracker ballet as a young child when she visted us in DFW area

Emma's card

I luv the naughty & nice ribbon in my stash

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Forest's card inspired by his love of the Nutcracker. Dustin Pike digi

Allen's card,inspired by Polar Express

This was supposed to be my theme card for this year.I lost Oct. to health problems. I only made 2 of these cards

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor