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Monday, September 21, 2009

Wouldn't let me post

I couldn't post my labels so It wouldn't let me publish my paragraph

As U can see I experimented w/ al ot of different media this summer so I could save my sanity sitting in front of my window a/c unit during the heat of the day. I' starting to put some of these together for cards.
i also used some of my b-day money to buy new colors Prism has putted out. W/ Allen's protests I also replaced some of the colors I really chewed up. Dick Bik had them for.95. HL didn't have some of these colors. Their pencils have gone up to $1.49. I had to pay s&h so I want ed to order only once. I had Laura go in w/ me since she couldn't find scratch board. That cut my s&h down in 1/2 to save money.
Now if I can only get some more energy & it cool down I can get my floral cards & finish up my Dustin Pike cards for my swaps etc done then I can start on s/bk projects. Since Forest & Laura have b-days coming up this fall, I can save money on postage if I finish their gifts. Forest will be his b-day fro m 1 to 15 yrs old. Laura's will her baby pic's when we lived in Conn. It will have pic's of her g-father,gr.g/mother & uncle who are now dead holding her as a baby. i just hope my health will hold out so I can record these events for my kids to have. My biggest fear I have brain damage etc, I won't be able to remember the stories behind the pic's. Besides money for C-mas is non exisent so I need to come up items I can make w/stuff here in the house.

3 1/2 mo's in front of bdrm a/c unit

This has been the longest hot summer for me in 5 years. The other one was in the duplex we moved into in Richland Hills after we sold our home. The Central a/c wasn't efficient & it was a hot summer in DFW breaking records.
I maintained my sanity there by coloring w/ my Prism C/pencils. I will later drag out all my markers,gel pens, Glaze pens & Souffle pens. I colored a lot of Botanical flowers from Dover on c/stock Allen copied for me @ Kinko's. I also have colored graphic floral designs, a lot of Mary Engrebreit coloring pages & now Dustin Pike Halloween images, other free ones on his site.
i finally got my 1st s/ment of cards off to Iraq w/ the botanical cards & other items. They turned out real nice. I luv the how the Prism c/pencils lay down such a nice layer of color. I learned how to layer lite colors down 1st, add them on top & use a stump to blend them. I colored so may pic's I really ground down some of my pencils esp. my green ones. I have followed tips earlier on what colors to use for what & twisted Allen's arm to take me to Hobby Lobby to get some more in bulk for the summer .
I even experimented w/ oil pastels that Laura gave me pieces of she had left over from art. One day I got so bored I started making my own scratch board by coloring layers of color over top of each other & putting a black layer on top. I remembered doing this in grade school & loved doing it. One problem oil pastels stain UR hands & I had plenty stuck under my nails for awhile. The 1st one I put up in my room matted to remind me to keep trying new media & experimenting. Later I got brave & etched the other 4. @ are in the kitchen, the ones that turned out the best. @ are in my bdrm. One is behind our bdrm door, I only see it when I have the bdrm door close. I can't use a fixative since the spray makes me sick. So I decides the put them on our walls since they are bright.
Now I'm working slowly on getting a 2nd s/ment of card ready to go to Iraq. some of the floral designs are bigger than what card stock I had. So I'm having to learn how to do paper-design
card hinges. I'm also working on a Pansy set that has pansy quotes in a vintage 100 yr old little book my swap partner gave me this summer plus I'm working on some of Dustin Pikes digi Halloween cards.
Since I've been getting up early in the morn. since I couldn't sleep because of muscle spasms from having my pillow wedge up high so I could breathe, I've been surfing the web. I like to read the forums threads on several sites for s/bk,c/making etc. I kept running across threads where people would say they had all these brads & fibers sitting in their stashes. I decided why not offer to swap someof my cards for what they had. I'm low on fibers & like them for my collages I like using the brads to attach them to cards etc. DH is so stressed out on money, I get the riot act if I ask for s/thing. So far I have gotten 3 takers from posts on 2 forum will givemes/thing to look forward to in the mail. Being h/bound time drags on & it get's really boring some days.

The O'clock cafe

We went there for allen's 4th ofJuly brft.It was to hot in the L.rm to write about it. It was like going back to the 50's. I remember places like this when I was a kid. Where people would go to have a cup of cooffee to catch up on what was going on in town. Where the waitress knew who U were. It reminded me of where Fonzie would hang out.
Somehow I mentioned it was Allen;s b-day. The young waitress whispered s/thing to me. Later on a bunch of them came to the table & sang him Happy B-day in front of everybody!!!They even brought him a piece of choc. cake Allen was embrassed since he doesn't like attention drawn to him. That was our 1st time there, yes we will go back again. Our b-fast got delayed,23 people came in 1 group. The waitress told us of the delay,she brought me a glass of apple juice since I'm diabetic & I wasn't charged. People were so friendly there, we had a great time. I will defitly bring all of our kids for brft there when they come out. the food & service were great.

Lung Dr's report

My follow up w/Dr Q was this,my asthma is an inflammatory process. My lungs may be thickening up which isn't good. I've never gotten up back on my feet from the 3rd asthma attack.
I'm to to turn up my 0-2 to 4 liters for a shower. 3 l's for me to move around the house to get moving again. I have had to much fatigue upon exertion & dizziness @ 2 l's. I stay on the Spirva& Xopenx. I'm hoping if it cools off enough I pace myselfI can eventually get off the Xopex again & just maintain it w/ My Symbcort.
I know I have lost ground .I can't walk around the house @nite w/ my 0-2 line w/o getting dizziness & have a hard time keeping my bedtime r/line in order. i 'm getting wiped out too easy trying to do r/line items. I forget what I'm doing when I get tired. I slept for almost 2 wks after coming home from the hospital. I haven't been able to read books this summer like last year. I only made it to the library 3 times &Allen had to take me. Last yr. I rode the Para transit almost every Wed. for 3 1/2 mos' to cool off in the library.
It's been a very frustrating time. My girls,3 are in denial in what is happening to me. No cards,phone calls to ask how I was doing. My son is the only one who will talk to me.

Good RN's @ hospital.

My 2nd time in the heart unit @ Las Palamas in El Paso. The ER dr's are good here, they recognize my problems w/ Ehler-Danlos which is a gentic d/order. It causes a lot of organ problems since it;s collagen defect. it also causes my joint laxity problem ,which is why I have to wear all the bracing & shoes I do. it'sis arared/order alot of DR's in other hospitals haven't been aware of. For El Paso I'm surprised so may Dr's are aware of it. It does cause complications.
I had good RN's. Theone in the am ordered me new brft try when it came up w/ 2 bites of eggs, milk.cereal I can't eat. I'm on a gluten-free diet & shee ordered it as that. She even had them send up some extra boiled eggs for me to eat to have extra protein since I'm now diabetic & eat small meals.
The nite nurse was really, inventive. Early Wed. am in the ER. My calf muscles went into terrific muscles spasms& triggers. I turned the morphine down since I get very disoriented w/ it.
On the floor, Mannie took some of the bath wipes & heated them up in the M/wave. I covered them up in the sheet & put them on my calves. I was finally able to go to sleep w/ the heat on them. He would do this for me 2 nites for me so I could give me some relief. The Valium the Dr ordered was cutting it
Allen brought up my calcium & Magnesium citrate for me to take also to help w/ my muscle spasms. These occur when I have adrenal attack start. My body was under a lot of stress,so My adrenal system was probably acting up to
I was nice a/to be able to sleep w/ a/c on. It took about 24 hrsfor a/cto hit my lungs beforeI felt better breathing wise. I finally felt well enough by Thur's am to turn on theTV. Thatwas atreat for me since our L.rm been too hot for 3 mo's for me to watch T.V. They had cable which we don't have. One morn. I watched some cartoons,it wasbetter than the news talk shows. I got to watch White Fang movie,even thought it was in Spanish. The action,dogs & the senery were enough for me to enjoy the movie. I read this when I was in 7th grade & made me a lover of Jack London's books . One nite Allen & I watched SUV & some Nat'l GEo shows. I'm a big fan of Nat'l Geo.
I know I end up back in there again some time. @ least I know I will be be in good hands. I handled this visit better than the last 2 ones. I know my body is wearing out.

Shower triggered 160/100 BP

I have had problems w/ showers for awhile. It takes me all day to rest just to have energy to take one. Allen has to help me since I have to take all my bracing off. I no longer have strength in my knees to get off the bath stool since I have lost muscle strength because of my post polio. I'm really wiped out from 2-4 hrs a/wards. I have been getting dizzy from the shower @ times lately & tell allen to get me in & out quickly. As it is I'm down to 1 shower a week. Thank goodness for baby wipes ,sponge baths etc. when hot.
I decided after the 1st day in the hospital when I slept all day, I ask for help w/ a shower. I had a good nurse's aide. I was behind on taking a shower because I didn't feel good. I told Alllen if I ran into problems I was already @ the hospital. After I got out of the shower, we used my w/c to take me to bed ,I didn' walk back to the bed. I told her I feel really dizzy,U better take my BP. I had warned her before hand I had been having problems & would be really wiped out & I would need her help. Luckly the other aide was coming around taking them. It had soared up to 160/110. That am w/ my new BP med it was down to 115/84. Needless to say they wouldn't let me up for 3 hours out of bed. They made me use the bedpan. This time a heart Dr. came in, shortly, a new team this time,he saw what was happening. Finally s/one saw the problems I have been having.
An echo was ordered,which later came back good. My valves aren't leaking ,which happened 5 yrs ago w/ my 1st trip to the hospital. My pumping capacity is @ 59 % which is better than 5 yrs ago @ 30%. He later told me my high BP is a result of my lungs not getting saturated enough w/ 0-2. If we don't get the BP under control it will affect my kidneys next!!
I left the hospital w/ Spriva,a broncial dialtor,a new BP med. TheRN told me to turn up my 0-2 to 4 l's while taking a shower.

2 1/2 weeks of bed resting,BORING,BORING!!

Finally I can move around a little more around the house. This summer has been the worst for heat. It's now the middle of Sept. we're finally getting cooled off. It's just been the last week I've been able to come into the living room. The heat & the asthma have taken a big toll on my body. I never recovered from the severity of the 3rd asthma attack.
A Thur. nite I was trying to get ready for be in my bdrm, I've to take off my 0-2 to clean my face etc. I started feeling really bad, then dizzy. I 'd been in my a/c bdrm but just hadn't felt good that nite. I finally told Allen to get my b/p cuff. My b/p was 160/100, I didn't wantto go to ER. I wasn't having chest pains. I told Allen I get in bed, put my c-pap on ,get on bed rest. The next am My b/p was down. I spent the w/end resting in the recliner w/ my feet up. Mon. I went to the my D.C. to get my back adjusted to see if I have a/thing w/ my lungs or heart pinched off. I was out in the back & had some ribs out of place. Tue. I rested most of the day, part of the time in the time w/ my feet in the recliner. tThe ATENA nurse chewed me out for not going to the ER. Allen came home late for supper. I had managed to cook chicken breasts that am for chicken salad. I went in to help tear up the lettuce for salad. I started feeling real bad & told Allen I;m going back & put up my feet again .I took my BP,it was160/100. I took my BP med.,told Allen if it wasn't down in an hr. we go to ER. When were finishing up eating our salads I got feeling worse. I was getting really dizzy,bad h/ache ,getting disorietened& my legs & R arm was beginning to feel funny. My BP had soared up to 170. i insisted he take me to ER,I knew I had donee/thing Icould @ this point. I didn't want a stroke. all my kids FINALLY decided that they would come out here for T-ving. Last time was 1996 since we all have been together.
I didn't start having chest pains till going to ER from probably have to extert myself getting out of the house trying to get to ER. The admitted me @ 3am to the the Heart floor for observations. I would end up spending 2 1/2 days there. I was really surprised they kept me. Last time I had a hard time getting Dr's to believe me. I have different dr's this time.


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