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Monday, June 29, 2009

My opinion of the role of women

I want to talk about this issue since I want to talk about Afghan women roles in a book I read. I think my father treated his horses better than his wives or kids. In his opinion women were made to wait on him hand in foot. Jump when UR told to jump & high how high on the way up! My parents divorced when I was 12 yr. ol. By the time Iwas 13 yrs, that summer I had to learn how to cook for a haying crew. Iwas told not asked. I was also responsible for my 2 bro's 5& 7 yrs, if they got in trouble I got in trouble. I was responsible for the laundry ,cleaning the house, plus mantain my grades in school. I was allow to voice my own opinions, talk back etc or I get a swift kick or a slap in the face!
After I watched my g-mother,g-aunts wait on the men etc. I was determined to get a college education. I didn't want to live my life this way. I married Allen when I was 28 almost 29 yrs old. I married a man as different as my father as I could. We have been maried 31 yrs this week.
I feel women should have a say in the house,be an equal partner in the r/ship. women are not sex slaves,property to be owned,dominated or abused.

thank goodness for Elana' Pantry

http://Elana's PantryAm I 'm grateful for this gluten free blog. I finally got to bake my brownies w/ the almond butter. It takes a full pound. I had to use a mixer because of my hands. U will have to use a spatula to take the excess off. I cleaned them off 1st before I put the dough in. I also made her flour less choc. cake. I luv it ,Its so choc. flavor,it's has a mousse like texture . Use fresh bananas,not frozen ones or it will be too soft. Now I have brownies in the freezer when that choc. carving hits, its hard for treats when U can't have any cookies or cakes.

It finally rained here,all night. I got up @ 2am,the computer was slow? I realized I probably wouldn't get another cool am. like this. Sat. it was 90F in Liv. rm. Camped out this w/end after 2 pm in my bdrm. Had the kitchen door open w/ fan sucking the oven heat @

Every recipe Elana has posted I have tried has been good,Allen even eats them & no complaints.

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor