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File pictures

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Actually on SCHEDULE!!

March was gluten-free baking month. Time to try recipe vs mixes before the heat hits. Ate some of the graham crackers tonite. Getting to bottom of the box.Needed to use up these GF flours since they are so expensive,so the heat didn't ruin them
April was cardmaking month. I have my VT cards done thru August made. I made Mother's Day cards for Heidi,Mom G,2 of my sisters, a set for a GI. I got 2 b-day's cards made to save.I have some summer cards done. I just made up a batch of summer thank U's w/ stamped images I had w/ w/melon's etc.
May's goal was to finish up H&J's s/bk present on v/tions. Now I have to take pic's of it & put it in page protector's. Mending next. H&J's b-day card needs to be done
Cook supper when I get up when it's cool to put in the frig. That way Allen has supper to pull out in the hot house @ nitewhen he comes home.
Net Flicks is about to expire. The l.rm will bw too for me to watch TV for 3 mo's. Lost will be over. I'm losing all my favo. shows,No more Law & Order,W/O a Trace is gone, Numbers,LOST. No more Heroes for Allen.

Battle Plan

100F days are going to hit any day now. I have a summer menu written out in case the heat puts me down to fall back on.The v/tion s/bk will be the last major project till the heat dies down in Oct.
2. Mending pile next! Allen been patient on this. Got to get the machine set up. the pile is in my mission s/bk. I can't drag the box out till I get the clothes out of it.
3. H&J's b-day card needs to get done. I want to try a new idea of sewing fabric & paper on my machine. I got a piece of charming Hello-Kitty fabric from New Zealand I want to make a card with. They both love Hello Kitty!!Again This is a card needs to be done ahead.I was down the week of Mother's Day & Mark H.'s b-day. All Allen had to do was go & take them down off the bulletin board. I never know when my body is going to throw a curve ball @ me.
4 I did get the ceramic S/W Indian piece done for Allen. I need to go back & touch up the branches of it w/ some brown acrylic paint. A year late for our anniversary. @ least we almost had another year.
5. Print out some of the digi's i have been surfing for on the web to color in my bdrm when it gets too hot.I have been looking for free dig's to color to save money. I put them away to make cards when it's cooler. some of the images I want to make for my GI card route.I luv coloring w/ my Prism color pencils. I got some watercolor paper to print some on so I can use my w/color pencils Allen gave me.

More PICTURES!!!!!

When I was going thru photo books looking for some v/tion pic's from our trip to Canada I realized just how many pic's we had. There is almost a full book of Niagara Falls pic's. I can't find a/thing for that theme either!! That doesn't include the British fort pic's we went to.There is a lot of Hill Cumorah pic's ,LDS Church historical sites & w/falls in N.Y. YIKES!!! Too much overload!!!Sent the posse to Jan & said help!!! I'm not scrapping all these pic's. That doesn't include the ones to Zion & Grand Canyon
Orginally I was going to do them all & split them up among the kids. Jan thought she would have them scanned in & CD's burned of the pic's & each kid gets a copy. WHEW off the HOOK!! I started these pgs on Feb 14th when Allen went to Utah for Katya's baptism. I just got back to them 3 weeks ago. I told her I still have 75 pgs of my mission s/bk in a box I haven't gotten back to in a year. I need to put journal tags & titles etc. on them. Forest is supposed to get this when I die.It includes 50 pgs of my journal edited & rewritten. I need to get back to it.
I'M SO RELIEVED THIS IS DONE !!! THIS WAS SUPPOSED TO BEEN a C-mas present!!! I had too many projects on the burner.

It's really done!!!

I beat the heat,yea!! I got the twins s/book project done w/ pic's from v/tions when we lived in Conn. It's 38 pgs s/booked for their July 14 th b-day.
My craft room gets too hot in July to work in it. I have to work ahead for b-days etc in the summer. I have 8 b-day's from May to Aug.
I'm so excited on how the project turned out.The idea hatched about 3 yrs ago.Some Safari paper triggered our visit to Animal Safari in Ontario,Canada. I even found wild animal stickers.The idea was a gift for Jan originally. I had picked up a book of ephemera paper that had vintage like paper in it. I used some of the wood grain pieces for some of the Plymouth Plantation pic's & Paul Revere house.I got some travel paper w/ road maps, road signs etc in a paper packet from a catalogue.I even found some tokens today to go w/ a pg where H&J rode the subway to in Boston.A friend gave me a stash of letters to use for titles,also she cut out some tags for me w/ her Sizzle-it.I distressed some of the tags etc. w/ Ranger's inks.I have been collecting items for this for 3 years. I traded cards for fibers last fall.I just bought safrai brads & buttons from Oriental Trading Post order. I used up a 1/2 jar of Yes glue on it. I got another jar from H&J for Mother's Day.
Now my next job is to take pic's of it to post it.1 problem is the batteries on a digital camera say "low battery" real quick!! I have 38 pgs to photo,both as full 12x12 photo & some of it's interesting pieces.This means the batteries have to be recharged & I've multple photo shoots. I don't know how we're going to do H's part. She wants things digitally etc. Jan sent me a 12x12 s/book to use for both v/pic's & the baby pic's.

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor