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Saturday, August 15, 2009

6oth b-day, I made it!!!!

We made it to our trip to Cloudcroft N/m. on my b-day!!!I t was an impressive feat getting there. I have had 3 major asthma attacks in July. the 3rd one was the most severe I have had in 5 yrs. It has taken me over 3 wks to get back on my feet from this one. It has taken alot of effort just to make it thru the last 6 wks of the 100+ days here in El Paso.
I managed to pack of cooler of gluten -free food for us to take by doing s/thing small each day.
It's such a relief to know I can still walk around. The cool mtn. air really helped. I have had muscle spasms so bad in my calves the last 3 days from not even being able to walk around the house .
Thanks to my dau. ,Janevieve who gave me a generous check besides Stampscapes stamp earlier, I had some spending money. W/HP cutting our salary theere no rm for extra's. We went to the Copper Butterfly,she has b/ful ceramic collection from local artists, Indian items, rocks,SW items,jewelry etc. I luv the rich colors & shapes of the ceramic's. I had a hard time picking out s/thing. Price wise ,space wise ,I had alot of items to chose from. I got one w/ cuts on
it in a S/w theme. The blue w/ go w/ my Fiesta ware collection. I used to do ceramics, my hands are loosing hand strength & dexitry. They must be using glazes that have bit of glass in it that melts & runs down the piece
We ate lunch in the picnic area,in the town square,there was a good cool breeze blowing. It was so great to be able to sit o/side & eat on a picnic table & stilll be alive. It was such a contrast to being cooped up in my bdrm w/ an a/c during the heat of the day. IT'S BEEN THE LONGEST 6 WKS TO GET THRU THIS HEAT FOR THIS TRIP.!!!!! I luv being able to sit o/side & have the wind blow thru my hair eating my lunch & being alive!!

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bess said...

Happy Birthday! And what a wonderful trip, I'm glad you had such a nice time! I would love to take a trip out west with my family.

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