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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Living in El Paso

This is an interesting town to live in. It's heavily Hispanic,also a melting pot of other cultures. Ihave observed how dedicated they are to their elderly parents. They are always there in the Dr's office w/them. Sis. Jensen,our stake president's wife is an excellent example of this. She is a tiny lady,her mother is in a w/chair. she takes her to all of the activities. Plus she's busy w/her daughters & g/kids. Her name in English means angel. I don't think you could find someone else who is an angel like her. I admire her for her devotion to her family. On top of it her husband is a Stake Pres.,this lady has a full tray. She was one of the 1st people to see me the C-mas I was in the hospital ER twice. She came & visited me in my L.Rm. The busiest lady in the ward took the time to come & visit me. This visit meant alot to me.
I live w/chronic health problems,my daughters don't want to deal w/them. My twins turn 30 yrs. old, this July,Laura is 23 yrs old. I'm only 59 yrs myself. In the last 7 yrs I have been on death's doorstep 3 times. The way the Mexicans take care of their parent's isn't lost on me. I just pray that Allen outlives me. I'll be SOL w/out him. No benefits,no insurance ,I get no SSD.I don't want to move,I don't think I can handle another move health wise.
The interesting thing is I worked w/ the Indians on my mission in Kamloops, B.C, Alaska,
Four corners, Utah I substitute taught in the H.S.,driven by the reservations in N.M. & Arizona. The prophecy that the Lamanities shall bloom as roses in the desert is being fulfilled. There are 2 stakes here in El Paso. There is a Spanish speaking ward that meets in our chapel. Juarez , Mexico has it's own temple,not us!
I find interesting after all these years after my mission, I'm here in El Paso. I have seen alot of poverty. We have aways to go to help them w/ literacy. This is their ticket to make a better living for themselves. The LDS Church perpetual education fund is a good start to help them became self sufficent,provide for their families& be able to stay in their countries.
I lost my blog entry on my 1st trip to a reservation in B.C. I'll retype it later.

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