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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

An angel on Swap Bot

A good thing came about posting on theForum on SB. 1.the flaker will be known,2 I was invited into a group which I couldn't get into till I had swapped 5 swaps w/ 5 rating. S/one read my comment I had been flaked 2 in 1 week. 3. Someone angel me Sat. I got an e-mail saying a package was coming. It came Mon. It had a red Sharpie in it since my red marker ran out. I got a charcoal Cat Eye which I like to use for my cards edges. A bunch of snowflake stickers which I can use for my winter cards for Iraq G's. Plus it had other goodies in it. The envelope was packed full of items.
Plus I got my $ 1 swap from Newfound. It had a NF postcard in it. Plus a bunch of Hello Kitty & teddy bear stickers in it. I was outof both of these. H.Kitty stickers are hard to find here. I have 3 DD & 2 g-kids who luv those.
I think I'll stick w/the sticker,smal s/bk items & p/cardswaps there.


Southernbelle said...

Love your blog! :)

Anonymous said...

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