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Saturday, August 22, 2009

60 th birthday gifts

I hadn't had time to mentioned the gifts my kids gave me. Forest gave me a digital camera to use. Now I can post my cars on Flickr. Allen will have to upload the pic's since the memory chip is a tiny square. He's excited since it's a new tech. toy to play with.
Jan gave me Stampscapes early as a surprise when I went down w/ my 3rd really bad asthma attack. She gave me every stamp on my wish list!! I got all the pieces to do a Lighthouse scene for my C-mas cards. Plus trees & the country church to play with. I got alcohol inks & dye ink pads for the background to work on later. I almost didn't see my 6oth b-day w/the severity of that attack. She sent me a $5o check in my b-day card as a bonus!! With HP cutting our salary there is no extra money. I went to the Copper Butterfly in Cloudcroft & bought a blue ceramic piece SW design w/ cutouts on it. It will go w/ my blue Fiesta ware on my shelf. If it cools off enough I can finish the other 2 pieces of SW ceramics I started this spring. Also we had money to go out to eat for my b-day dinner. We ended up @ a new M.E. restaurant on the West side.I had hot stuffed grape leaves w/ lamb & rice which were delicious. They were some of the best stuffed grape leaves I have eaten.I had the chicken kebab,Allen had lamb.they gave the eggplant dip instead of the tabbouleh since I can't eat wheat. The flat bread was fresh & looked so good, I restrained myself & didn't touch it. I have been gluten-free for 6 mo's & don't want to blow it.
Heidi gave me a gift certificate for Ross's. I'm going today to see if I can find a new summer nightgown. A trip out of my bdrm.yea!!! Plus a box is supposed to be coming. Hopefully I will have some fabric scraps for my cards.
Allen gave me a pretty pink flower similar to my African violet. Plus a card that has a smoke alarm sound that goes off when U open it up. Plus he drove us up to Cloudcroft on my b-day & took a day off so we could get out of the heat.
Laur sent me a funny card as usaul poking fun @ my age.

A full nite of sleep in 2 mo's!!

I slept thru the nite the1st time in 2 mo's. Cloud cover came in Fri. pm & cooled us off. 1st a/noon I could rest in my recliner. Yea a day!!! I didn't have to rest in front of my bdrm a/c unit in the a/noon. @ least 1 day's reprieve from the heat. I even got to work in my craft rm. for a short while cutting up my colored images to make into cards. ME colored images will be usedfor my church's mail route. Hopefull I can get my cards off to Iraq soon.

our puppy vistor

our puppy vistor