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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gluten free graham crackers.

I had the ing.'s measured for these since Mon. I mixed them up 1st since the dough has to be refrigerated for 30 mins before rolling out.GF girl spent alot of time perfecting the right balance of the flours on these. I can't find Amaranth graham crackers out here. I thought I would give a try to this.
I didn't have parchment paper in the house. I dug out my old Tupperware plastic sheet to roll them out on. She was kind of vague on the directions on what size of cookie sheet & how to roll it out on them. She was only using 1/2 ball of dough@ a time. The dough ball isn't that big. I got out my biggest cookie sheet to use on it.
I actually kept the dough in the frig for the next day since I got too tired.then U have to refrig the dough on UR c/sheet in the frig for 15 min's while the oven is preheating. If U want cinnamon sugar on them, U put it on now. I followed the baking directions, 15 min's in the oven,let it cool 30 min'ss on the sheet. Also U scored the crackers before bakeing them. I ended up putting them back in the oven 3 times w/the crackers separated. The middles were still raw but edges were done .GC''s are suppose to have crunch. I don't know if I make these again or not. It hard on my hands & shoulders to roll out the dough. The dough has to be cold in order to roll it out. That means stiff dough for me to try to roll out =pain in my hands!! GC's are okay but not like brownies or chocolate chip cookies for me.
The taste is good,they have butter & honey in it so they are rich tasting. C/sugar on top is nice addtion.I prefer her granola bars better which I can't resist

Gluten Free Girl recipes

Wed. was the day I finally got to bake the recipes I had found on the Gluten free girl site. I had measured out all the flours Mon. I got to wiped Tue. from Monday,it got delayed
I decided to try 2 of her recipes I found on her site.She is very precise on her measurements. she saids the flours have different weights. She actually used a scale. I won't be getting into it like she is. My major baking days are over. It's also to hot to bake 4 mo's of the year here.
I tried the sandwich bread.It has alot of different flours in it. These flours aren't cheap. I decided I want to try the taste of GF baked foods vs a mix. Some of the mixes are nasty in taste.I saw her pic.on the blog & comments. I followed the recipe to the "t" on directions. I didn't want to waste these expensive ing.'s.
I let the bread raise for over an hour. I had preheated the oven for it to be a little warm for it to raise quicker in it. GF breads are cake like batter in texture. U will not get the stretchy pull of the dough like w/wheat dough. That is what gluten does it becomes stretchy. DO NOT use cider vinegar in UR recipe even it calls for it. GF Girl said it kill the yeast.
We ground up our own white rice four since Allen didn't find it @ Sun Harvest. I remembered I had millet in our c/board. Allen cleaned up our old grinder we used to grind whole wheat into flour.
I put an egg wash on the top of the bread. I put in the ice cubes in the pan @ the bottom rack.I let it set up 10 min's in the pan after it came out of the oven. I put it on my towel to cool off,upside down. My curiosity got to me,got a knife out to try a piece hot out of the oven. I grabbed the butter & took a bite. WOW WAS I SURPRISED! I didn't expect the crunch & texture I got from it. It's been the closest thing to real bread I have had in over an year. I forgot to say she uses stiff egg whites in the recipe plus 2 whole eggs.I couldn't believe this wasn't real bread. It even has air holes in it likewheat bread. The taste was great.The bread does take alot a time to make it but it sure is worth it for it's taste & texture. I have to make 1 more loaf to put in the freezer before it get's too hot.

Gluten free mixes test

Judy gave me some Bob's Red Mill mixes last Aug. for my b/day. I looked @ the sell by date on the pkg. It get's too hot to turn the oven on after May here.I have been baking GF this week.I had a bread mix up in my Tupperware box. I can't eat it because of the fava bean in it. For some reason dried beans in mixes make me sick.Maybe of the starches my body can't break down.
I decided to make it for him to eat for lunch. For a diabetic the bean actually slow down his blood sugar vs white flour which raise UR blood sugar.
I no longer have my bread mixer or bread machine which the twins have. I haven't eat bread substitutes since I went GF over a year ago.
I did what GF girl suggested vinegar added in the bread as in the recipe. I got a higher volume loaf w/ this mix than the 1st mix I did 2.put a pan of ice cubes in the bottom of the oven to make a steam in the oven for the bread to bake in. It seemed to work. I also covered the top of the bread w/ al./foil after 20 min's. It takes minimum of 60-65 min.'s to bake GF bread or it will be raw in the middle. GF bread will not have the texture than wheat base bread have.The batter is more like a cake batter. It does not have the stretchy pull yeast dough w/ wheat have.If making GF bread from a recipe be exact in UR measurements of the various flours.Follow the recipe to the "t" It doesn't have the give of working w/ the recipe like bread recipes do. Making wheat bread in Utah was different in feel then in Texas. When I moved to Texas since it was more humid in DFW I had to use more flour than in Utah.
Anyway this will be good for Allen's diet. Until we get more precise allergy testingfor him,I can sneak more GF food in his diet. I can't eat the mixes so I let him be the guinea oig & he's no wiser. It means he's going to be eating more of my GF food .
I made pizza for him for supper as a treat Fri. His job is up in he air right now. so we're watching our money. I made him a GF pizza from the fava bean mix from Bob's Red Mill. He liked it before. I's better for a diabetic than white flour crust ,it has more protein & fiber in it. I used so some Polis sausage on it,last of the cheddar cheese & black olives in the frig. I put a whole onion fried on it since he likes onion.
So he had fresh pizza for supper & we watched a funny DVD for a date nite @ home.

FRENCH TOAST for breakfast!!

To be Gluten Free U lose alot of UR fav. b/fast foods.Wheat allergies take alot of foods out.My favo. b/fast was toast w/ nut butter. It was quick & nutrious to get me a start for the day
I made Gluten Free s/wich bread Thur. I had to have some French toast. It actually holds up better in the egg wash. I probably soak it longe next time. I cooked it on slow heat,that's how Mark,s/law makes his yummy toast
I even indulged on more Rasberry jam than usual on it. I found l/over frozen Turkey bacon to go w/i warmed in the m/wave/This was pure heaven for me.

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