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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Toby,my SILLY BOY!!!

I only had seen him 1 time @ 8 mo's old. He's now 2 yrs old. He's all boy!! He loves to run around the L.rm @ nite in the circle playing tag. His shrill was ear piercing @ times. He would run up to me & tag me ,yelling & runnin another loop around. His 2 sisters were in hot pursuit after hime. He shrieked in delight w/this. U got retagged each time he came around.Sadly he fell & hit his head the 1st nite. Offto the motel in tears.
He cracked me up in the German cafe. We ate their for lunch Tue. @noon.They served us soup,bread & salad while we waited for our food. Their were 11 of us for lunch. S/one took us a pic of him stuffing an oversized piece of bread in his mouth. A true Grabert male!! They had a habit of piling their plates high & seeing how fast they could eat it.They are German,so that's why we wanted to have German food .
We had them Fri. am before they left on the palne forN>c. I had allen get out his matchbox cards for him to play with. He was the 3rd generation to play w/the. He has a name for them I don't remember. He loves the trucks & fire trucks ones. The nite Jenny gae the kids her C-mas presents,he became very insistent. She had given him a small backpak as a gift. His mom said maybe U could put Ur trucks in there.OOPs!!big mistake,he started crying to go to the hotel to put his trucks in their right now!!!He became very UPSET,he wouldn't quitet down!! He carried on like this to the point they were about to leave early then he quieted down uot of the blue.
He love the ice cream so much @ l/time,he licked out the cup to get the last drop.I let him eat the animal cracker crumbs out of th bag. I had empyied them into baggies for the rest of them to go in their b/packs to go on the plane. H e didn't wast a crumb. He has the sweet tooth of the 3 of them. When Jan babysat them when He wasyounger. He knew the candy was on top of the frig. He knew his snack was in the pantry,he got 1 a day. He also got upset when Jan didn't give him more ice cream when he finished his up 1st before the girls did.I did let him have a little bit for 2nds. The girls turned down 2nd's on ice cream.
He was a little boy after grandma's heart w/his funny antics.
I was lucky i had the energy to play w/him 1 nite. The girls were in the kitchen fixing dinner after we came home form the petting zoo.He wanted his mom's attetion @ 1 point. I asked Jenny,my d-law to put him on my lap in my w/chair. Off we went for a ride around the circle. He beep-beep when ever we go around the corner. When we come into the L.rm he wave & say hi to e/one. I make a loop & go back into the hall. I got him to say w/me going into the kitchen,lady driver coming thru.He thought this was great fun riding in g/mom's w/chair. He was laughing & talking up a storm. I was so grateful to be able to have the air to propel my w/chair for a few laps. This summer my asthma was so bad I was gasping for air.I have such wonderful memories of being able to play w/him & hear his laughter & chatter. I'm so thankful to have this chance to get to know Toby.

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