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Monday, April 4, 2011

My girls came!!

They came & are gone!!Only 3 days. Fri. we hanged out @ the house.Worked on some projects in the room. Jan made my sculpty clay small dressmaker form for me for the button collage I wanted to make.Had fresh tamales & empanada's for supper. Watched "Little Rascal's @ nite.
Mesilla,N.M. Sat @ noon left.This is a historical SW adobe historical town square. My 3 rd time there. I luv the ambiance.The bldgs have twig & stick roofs U can see. They are pretty thick walls.I had to show Laura & Jan this piece of SW history. Billy the Kid was tried in the courthouse, which is a store now.Douglas MacArthur been here. Pancho Villa probably threaten the local cit zens. He was know to go back & forth to El Paso & Mexico.
Jan took us out to dinner @ La Posta,an ancient Mexican restaurant that goes back to the 1930's. It was a bldg that goes back to the stage couch days. It had a big cage of birds in it. I saw a Toucan up close for the 1st time. can those birds screech loud!! Some tanks of flesh eating fish. I always thought they were small. These were pretty big fish from California.
My favo. place is the bookstore that is family owned. They have 4 dogs that greet U @ the door. They carry a lot of books on the west. I have looked @ books on Navajo sign talkers from WWII. w/ their pic's & a brief story .I have seen pic's of early El Paso before cars .I read book on early Jewish Settlers from Germany. They were the 1st bankers , merchants & cattleman in N.M. I loved seeing the early pic's of them dressed up. I would hate to iron those detailed bodices much less try to sew them. also pic's of silver pieces & other items brought w/ them from Germany that they used.
Digging in a stash of books in another small room, I found the book "Seven Crosses" a real story of an escape from a German Concentration camp.I wanted this book for my Holocaust to be saved for my g/kids to read some day, I usually don't pay $17 for a p/back book. This book is probably not @ Barnes & Noble.It's kinda creepy, but this really happened. We need to remember this really happened to people.
I have bought Jap. Kimono's paper dolls for Jan for C-mas from Dover. I also got Emma a horse story & K a Hobbit book. I bought a nice sticker book for the kids for C-mas also there.
I wish I had more money to buy more books. This is 1 b/store I love spending time there. The owners are so nice & knowledgeable about their books.I wish I could hang out their more.
I luv the drive out there. We go by several horse farms @ the 1st of the drive. I wish I could ride h/back again. Just to feel the wind blowing on UR face as U run w/ the horse. We go under a big arch of pecan trees bending over the road before we get to the Pecan farm. coming home The sun was setting in the sky w/ it's orange shades coming thru the sky.I luv my open spaces, room to breathe etc. I never liked be crowed in tight quarter's in Bpt.,Conn
We saw a big buffalo in a lot right before we crossed the river into Texas.

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