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Saturday, April 9, 2011

ABC scrapbook,1973-75

After 3 years of starting on this I now am finishing up vol 1 of it to give to my son in May.I served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter=-Day Saints from 1073-75. I served voluntary w/o pay for 18 mo's. I qut my job as a nurse's aid, left college, told my friends & boyfriend good bye etc, We pay our own way.
O will post a few pic's on this entry & come back later to post more.
The first are reedited journal entries of me leaving Texas to get ready to go to SLC.,Utah. There is a pic of me in the yard in Burton,Tx before a final meeting w/ church leaders in Houston, Tx. My friends from UT @ Austin met us there.I then said goodbye to them. Most of them I never saw again
Entries of me entering the Mission Training Mission . I spent a very intense week of study there. I also attended the historic SLC temple while there.
I then departed for Vancouver, Canada.I met Pres. Weston Killpack our mission pres. I picked up my 1st companion. Sis. K had escaped from communist Poland & came to Canada
We pay our own way,give up TV,our friends,no dating,school jobs, to go teach people about the LDS church.

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