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Friday, September 3, 2010

Mother's Prayers Answered

Last year I almost didn't make my 60th b-day. I had 3 major asthma attacks in July 2009. I made 3 visits to my lung. dr. trying to get the 3rd attack under control. I ended up in heart floor for 2 1/2 since my BP went sky high. I slept most of Sept. I couldn't talk on the phone to my kids till Oct.
Heidi later called us ask if she could come out & see us for T-giving. This was a good carrot to dangle in front of me to fight back so I could see them. S/how all 4 of my kids came,from N.C, Denton & Arlington Tx. Heidi has 3 kids,so 5 plane tickets,Jan works full time, & Allen had to schedule time from his project that had d/lines. Forest never been able to get off enough time from the Dallas library since there was no one to take his place for 5 days. Laura works @ Block Buster,low paying job. It's a 10 hour drive from DFW to get here.We all hadn't been together for T-giving since 1997.
What concerned me most as a mother if I died what would happened tom my youngest DD.All of my other 3 kids had done well for themselves. L. never st goals in H'S, It was like pulling teeth to keep her motivated. I know ADD,depression & puberty had made things rough for her. But my son had ADD & dyslexia,we had learned to set goals etc w/him to stay on track. She didn't take the ACT's @ all.she graduated w/ a good B+.(In our family U lose privileges ex phone, systems,dances etc. if UR grades drop down. U only get them back when the grades go back up in the next report card)
I started praying for her 2 years ago to get some direction in her life. I asked Heavenly Father to watch over & let her know she was loved by us &by HIM. She was just drifting thru life,path of least resistance. If I was to die ,who was going to watch over her. What happened if she losses her job w/ no job skills or ed?
She not a bad kid,not into drugs or had kids out of marriage etc.Just working a boring job & hanging out w/ kids that use her it seems like.She ha taken AP art & had art from grade school on she excelled in.she's a really good w/ little kids.Had been b/sitiing @ a young age. had worked in our church nursery since she was 12 . Even was a Nursery leader when out of HS The kids adored her & clung to her when she came Sun's. she said she didn't have the patience to teach kids today. Not taking the ACT stopped her from enrolling in 1 teacher'school.
In Jan.she posted she wanted to set some new goals for the New Year.
She needs to take a driving test w/ a friends car to get her Driver's licence
Early August she posted on Facebook she was going to enroll for Criminal Justice. A big move for her. she's very private person w/ a big personal place, she had been trying to get into animal rescue work thru an animal shelter or Humane Society. Lack of a car has made this goal impossible to obtain.
She wants to get involved in enforcing the laws for animal cruelty. I encouraged to start @ the community college instead of the expensive program @ Phoenix Univ. program. so she applied @ TCC in 1st of Aug.They didn't send her a letter telling she had been accepted to late Aug. she went to register. A very RUDE lady told her she hadn't taken the placement test. It was TCC fault they sent notice out so late she missed the last test. No school till spring,that sucks for a kid who's trying to put her life together. She turn 25 yrs old this Oct & wanted to get started w/ online classes this fall.
This was a big relief to me to know God has been watching over & she started in the right direction to be able to know where to go in life.
i was really touched when she went out her way to get her Dad a get well card. He ended up in ER room w/ chest pains. I'm the one w/ the problems,Allen is my caregiver.They scheduled him for an emergency angioplasty the next am. They had kept him in ER all day waiting for a room. I was unable to be w/him because of my fatigue from the heat.
It was a roller coast ride for me,since I'm now dependent on him.
Of all 4 kids she sent him a get well card. she doesn't have a car so it meant she had to get s/one to take her get a card & get some stamps.Knowing this really touched my heart on the extra effort it took for it to get to him.

Luckily the heart is fine,no blockages. they sent him to the GI for an end scope.
GERD can cause chest pain.They changed his reflux med. The scope showed he's a genetic d/order which causes rings in the esophagus. This cause hisesophagus to narrow which has caused food to get stuck. They give him an inhaler to relax the muscles

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