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Friday, September 3, 2010


I couldn't believe the e-mail I got a few weeks ago. I was told I had won a drawing for posting the most replies in the Frugal Living community on blog frog.They had started a new community there.Being older & having managed to be a SAHM on 1 income ,I joined in. I just thought maybe if I went back each day, I get a grab @ 1 of the $ 25 CG.I had older women in Utah when younger who had raised families in the Depression.Also I'm a member of the L.D.S.Church(Mormon) which teaches it;s members to be self sufficient. I have learned to make bread,all kinds of home baked goods from scratch,cook meals from scratch,can both fruits & vegetables,make my own low sugar jam,sew my clothes, curtains etc.,plant a garden, decorate a home,ceramics ,candle making,fruit leather,cook diabetic & gluten free baked goods, cook a lot of ethic foods ex. Indian & Oriental types, card making & scrap booking. I'm very visual so if I can see it I can do it. I don't crotchet or knit since I can't pull the directions off the paper. I don't decorate fancy cakes or make h/made candy
I was just adding comments to the posts I read. I have found blogfrog when I went to Modern Molly Mormon blog which I hadn't been on for awhile.
I got to pick my merchants. I picked out $50from Bargain Outlet Catalog,$50,Old Navy, $20,Colonial Candle,$30 Dick Bick.
I had to send an e-mail to the person who sent it to ask if this was real. I didn't want to get my hopes up. i had to wait a w-end for a reply. It was 1 of those early am's where I'm up 1/2 asleep zoning in on the computer when I see my e-mail. Yes it was real.WOW!!!! A shot in the arm. We just had 3 weeks of of 100F in August. My back wasn't healing as fast as I wanted it to. I was spending time crashing out in my recliner etc trying to deal w/ the heat. There has been no extra money in our budget. We still deal w/big credit debt from 7 yrs ago job loss,medical bills etc. Plus we're earning $20,000 less in El Paso as a programmer.any gift money etc goes towards supplies for my GI card route.
I had so much fun going thru the sites looking @stuff. Being as frugal as I'm e/thing is on sale or clearance to get more bang out of my BUCK!
I'm writing a entry on ease of using their online sites & the quality of the products later

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