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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Fluffy LAP DOG of the MONTH

I had a bad fall in July. My dogs are best,loyal buddies.Fluffy senses when s/thing is wrong w/ me.
When I fell,I couldn't get myself off the floor. I had to scoot into my liv. rm from my bdrm to get to the phone to call Allen. I leaned against my recliner to wait for Allen. @least a 30 min wait on a hard lino. floor .Pain was exploding thru me. Each one of my 3 dogs took turns coming over to lick my face to show concern. I only cried when Fluffy had come over several times. She has the most expressive brown eyes when she's concerned.
Needless to say I spent a lot of time in my recliner. I couldn't press down on anything since it made my back & right arm hurt.
Fluffy, a terrier-poodle mix,saw the recliner going up for me to get into it,would come & stand by. She would then jump up in my lap after I got into a reclining position. She would climb up into my chest & put her head down on me. It was just a comfort to pet her.It helped to pass the time. She would then turn around & lay down between my legs. S/times she go down by my feet & go to sleep. If I slept too long she would climb back up into my lap & lick my face or put her paws on my chest to say"Are U okay?"
If I stay too long in my bed,my dogs are scratching @ my door until I get up to open the door.They all run in "Mommy are U okay,getting up? We miss U!!"
Fluffy has been good compaionship during this time. Being housebound sucks as it is but being down w/ a back injury & the heat has even been harder.
George my Italian Greyhound mix has his own mind. S/times he come & lay down w/ me. Fluffy lays over my lap preventing George from having room to jump up. When he did he have to perch up on my shoulder all folded up like a fold up s/case. He makes a certain sound when he's content being petted up there. when he ready he comes & lays down on a spot on my left side of my recliner. This is his permanent parking space reserved for him. It's too small for Fluffy to fit into. then he leaves if he feels he's too squashed w/ Fluffy up there.
Taco,my chichihua pup is my face washer when I hold him in my lap. He;s too active to be a lap dog. He luvs to play tug of war & pull of my socks. George & him s/times wrestle over who should have the sock. Both socks have to be pulled off!! The job not done until he licks my toes. It's so funny both George when younger have to shake the sock like they're breaking it's neck.

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