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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bad fall

It's been almost 2 mo's since I posted here. 6 weeks since I have fallen. I have to take a laxative each week since my colon is so long. s/times the upper colon isn't emptying out so I have to take it 2 days in a row. My other choice is to get stuck w/ a colostomy bag. My skin probably wouldn't like the glue on the bag!! I'm too big a risk for the surgery.
I had been asleep in my recliner w/ a hot pack to my back. I live w/ muscle spasms which can kink my colon down to a total stop. so hot packs & the heat are no fun. My recliner is next to a portable a/c unit in the liv. rm. I woke up hot, needed my inhaler. I was waiting on more inhalers to come,so I had to go into the bdrm to get it. I wa probably also dehydrated& potassium was washed out from the laxative.
My long 0-2 line was on,a big coil of it had gotten wadded up by the door. I was really dazzled when I got up. I didn't realize my foot had gotten caught in the hose. The next thing I knew I was flat on the floor,face 1st. I can no longer get off the floor. I have muscle loss from my post-polio. I was afraid if I tried to pull myself up by my arms I tear my shoulders again. What will happen if I fell again trying to get up? Pain was exploding thru my back & my right knee. I would later realize I hit the left collarbone hard on the foot board of the bed & have a big gash on it.
The phone was in the living room. I had to scoot into the liv. rm from my bdrm on my butt. I had to call Allen to come home & get me off the floor. I had to wait 30 mins. on a hard lino floor to wait for him. I leaned against the recliner while waiting. the dogs came over 1 by 1 to lick my face & comfort me. I think Fluffy after several times of coming over I grabbed her & hugged here & cried because of her concern for me. They helped me stayed distracted from the pain shooting thru me.
Getting me off the floor w/o causing more injury is a feat in itself. I wear full bracing on my left arm & hand,a custom long leg brace on my right leg & a knee sleeve on my left knee. My right long arm brace was off.My joints hyper extend along w/ my post-polio I need them for support. My Dr later said my bracing probably broke my fall. I just know my body took a big jolt when it hit the floor.
Thank goodness Allen had some pain med from a dental appt. I don't usually take pain meds thou I live w/a lot of pain. Tynol wasn't going to cut this pain!!! I ice packed my upper back & my right knee. Allen put me in bed. I would take pain med's for the next day which is unusual for me.
I would later have a 2 inch bruise below my gash( which had 2 holes in it. I also had a big bone bruise which was very sore for awhile. @ days later my whole r. knee had a big dark bruise. After my 1st back adjustment the area around my neck & collarbone swelled up & still has faint bruise.
It's taken longer than I hoped for recovery. the upper back has finally stopped going into muscle spasms & is staying in place better. My lower back is still jamming up on me. My right hip in 2 places is locking up still. the cartilage just tightens up so tight. I'm having to keep a tepid hot pack on 2 places during the nite .then I have to do stretches w/ the legs to stretch out my muscles there.
I'm still going to the D.C 1 a week. I can't empty out my colon if my back is out. the nerve pitch it off.
I still can't stamp my new stamps given to me because the pressure is too much pain my back. I couldn't even color w/ my Prisms for 3 weeks.I had stacks of solored images I couldn't blend w/ my stubbs until the last week Just trying to color w/them put to much pressure on the elbow & pain radiating into my back. I spent 2 days w/ice packs @ 1st in bed or my recliner. Then it's been hot packs in the heat !! to deal w/ the muscle spasms.
Thank goodness for headsets for the phone. 3 weeks into my injury I spent s/time w/ my son giving out family history info. More on this later
Now I leave my front door unlocked on the day i take my laxative. I let my f/ful n/bors Phil & Marie it's Poop Day. That way I have a backup if I have a problem.

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