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Sunday, August 29, 2010


August is supposed to be a monsoon month. It did cool off a bit w/ some rain in July. August added to our total of 28 100F days. Norm is 14,usually in June our hottest month.That doesn't count the days we had 98 &99F days.
The heat is just draining me.I don't think my body regulate itself w/ the heat well anymore. I had been getting up early to cool supper in the early am. The last 1 1/2 weeks I have been so wiped out i have been crashing out late in the am. If the kitchen is hot @ 6& 7 am I'm sweating It's going to be a cooker of a day.
I have been spending time in the recliner usually w/ a heat back on my back trying to stretch out my back from being in bed; w/the portable a/c unit & fan blowing on me. when it gets to hot @ 4 pm I have to go into my bdrm & park myself in my w/chair in front of my window unit to breathe the cool air. I have do stay there to avoid an asthma attack. I have ice cold water & jar of snacks in there. I wait for Allen to come home to warm up supper in m/wave or pull a salad out. The kitchen heats up too hot for me to exert myself in it.
I even been going to bed @8:30 pm most of the last 2 weeks.My body just to wiped out w/ the heat to sit up anymore. I wake up w/ Charley horse s/times,since the heat just washes out my minerals & potassium. the heat also makes me retain fluid more. I have to take a water pill this summer. I have to be real careful to stay hydrated. I now keep a frozen bottle of juice water etc. by my recliner to melt so I can fluids down while I'm resting. I've been keeping boiled eggs, nuts & cheese around to eat as quick meals since meat & heat don't mix w/ me. i drank a lot of frozen protein shakes during the heat of the day.
Sept. is predicated to be above norm in temps. & low in rain!!!Oct. can't come to soon for me!!I want to work in my room!!! My frog materials for a set of GI cards is sitting there. My big s/bk project is still on the floor in it's box. Toby my g/son didn't get his present & card. It's just to hot to work in there.
Fri' I had an asthma attack 4-4:30 pm. Our portable a/c unit bearings became noisy. Had to turn it off Fri. a/noon. I put the dogs out & grabbed the head set for the phone. Extertion in the heat triggered it. On top of it I had to get out the door to go to my D.C appt since my lower back was jammed. I was so dizzy I almost blacked out trying to get up out my w/c to go out the front door. Luckly my lung dr. had given me some Predistone, I had on my dresser. Fri. nite my feet were getting ice cold, the coldness started moving up into my calves of my legs. I was afraid an adrenal attack was started. So @ midnite I took 3 tabs/ of it. It can cause insommia. I wa trying to ride out the nite w/ o it. An hour later my feet started warming up.
Allen charged my scooter for me Sat am. He patiently took it apart & put it back 2 times in the car so I could go to the library. I spent 4 hours in the central a/c to get cool air into my lungs.
I was able to work on my Spanish voc. words since my room has been too hot to work on them. I read a Nat'l Geo. mag & quick skim of a craft mag. + I talked to 2 women who sat @ my table. I had the new chicken apple salad @ Wendys since Allen was out of ideas for supper. BEd early &*pm.

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